Influencer Marketing Vancouver


Vancouver is known for amazing sights, food, lifestyle and home to some of Canada’s best influencers and brands. The Influence agency connects Canadian brands with the right Canadian influencers. We’ve built relationships with influencers from Vancouver to St. John’s, which allows us to offer national, regional and local influencer marketing Vancouver campaigns.

Influencer Marketing Vancouver


The average Canadian is presented with thousands of sales and advertising messages every day. As a matter of survival, we’ve learned to auto filter most messages. The demand to create the right impression by delivering content that wins attention has never been greater.

We work with brands and agencies to identify their ideal audience online and reach them through the right influencers. Whether that’s on a blog, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or somewhere else online that has eyeballs, we strive to deliver a message that cuts through the noise.

We’re able to offer an unparalleled level of service and attention to detail because we offer a white glove experience. It starts from concept development, audience identification, influencer selection, managing execution and reporting.


You may already have a defined concept that you’re looking for us to execute, but more often than not brands come to us with an idea for refinement. The Influence Agency will work with you to come up with different themes, messaging and deployment options.


Prior to looking at the different influencers available, we’ll be sure to understand the different markets and demographics that are most likely to take a desired action.


We believe brand safety and selection are never at their best when limited to a platform.

The Influence Agency work with our pool of influencers or tap into the pr agencies, talent networks and sports firms to get the right people. In all cases audience are vetted to determine authenticity and audience compatibility.


Imagine managing campaign with 10 influencers producing 5 pieces of content each. That’s 50 pieces of content to manage. Imagine that content comes in the form of blogs, images, or video that have to go onto a variety of social media platforms that also need to be measured. This could take you hours, but not when you hire The Influence Agency. Our experience, relationships and process make for smooth campaigns and meaningful reporting.

Vancouver Influencer Marketing Agency


Prior to launching the influence agency, the founding partners were trying to find influencer marketing solutions for their own digital marketing clients. We found platforms with limited influencer selection, audience vetting, and large minimum fees. We knew there had to be a better way…We wanted to take influencer marketing to a new level through offering a customized service that is thoughtful and transparent.

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