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We offer an extensive list of influencers in all categories with identifiable brand affinity. This means connecting you with influencers that fit perfectly with a brand image – creating a more authentic Influencer Marketing campaign.

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We provide online influencers with unique business opportunities to leverage their following, in order to promote and endorse some of the biggest brands in the world, while getting paid to do it.

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By leveraging online personalities who possess audiences that match your key demographic, we create life-time brand ambassadors that promote your business to the masses through Influencer Marketing.

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As Influencer Marketing has grown to be one of the most popular, and cost-effective forms of media advertising today, many businesses have already realized the potential that it has to drive both awareness, as well as sales and growth for their business.

We are a boutique Influencer Marketing Agency located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Our team is comprised of highly talented digital media professionals, with vast experience in executing large scale marketing programs for some of the biggest brands in the world. We understand that success from an Influencer Marketing program is not only measured by impressions – it’s about encouraging meaningful engagement and action from your business’ key demographic – which we achieve through our four step delivery method:

Our approach first starts with in-depth discovery and research, in order to gain a thorough understanding of what makes our client’s business unique, as well as what their consumer profile looks like.

We then propose a strategy and select influencers that fit within those strategies who will not only pair well with our client’s brand, but also who’s social following matches their target key-demographic.

From there lies the execution, in marrying a unique creative ad treatment with calculated execution from our influencers. We manage each program from start to finish, working with our influencers to uphold the highest quality in their postings, and ensure our clients receive key deliverable updates every step of the way.

Once a campaign has wrapped-up, we deliver in-depth program insights and analysis, in a language that is transparent and showcases ROI –  detailing a customer’s journey from impression to conversion.

We believe in Influencer Marketing strategy that is as impactful as it is measurable, which ultimately leads to clear, definitive growth for your business and brand. This belief is the foundation of our business approach, and it’s not only why we’re trusted, it’s why we are changing the standards and of Influencer Marketing as a whole.

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