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Influencer Marketing

Eco-heroes are on the rise. This high-speed revolution is giving hope for the planet and impacting consumer decisions. In fact, research shows that almost 80% of consumers are looking to make a difference in saving the planet for future generations — and sustainability influencers are among the key drivers accelerating this transition. 

The Influence Agency helps brands successfully deliver their messages of sustainability by matching them with the right influencers who have a similar vision. Through sustainability influencer marketing, you’ll be able to reach your key demographic and inspire audiences to make more eco-conscious decisions. The Influence Agency is here to help sustainable brands spread the word with compelling campaigns that saves the planet one click at a time. 

Sustainability Influencer Marketing with Results 

Sustainability influencers are fighting for a cause that affects everyone on earth. They’re using their voice to make a positive difference, and it has turned them into immensely influential figures who are worth looking up to. Their influence benefits the greater good — this is why they resonate emotionally with such a wide audience of every age group. With the hashtag #Sustainability garnering over 9.3. million uses on Instagram alone, it’s clear that the going green movement is definitely going places.

Through their content, these social media personalities encourage their audiences to make environmentally conscious decisions. Whether they’re discussing clean eating, eco-friendly appliances, sustainable fashion, or how to live plastic-free, they successfully manage to enlighten people on how to reduce their carbon footprint and carry out everyday activities in more responsible ways. Anyone who is willing to adopt a green lifestyle can count on sustainability influencers to show them how to walk down that road. 

A partnership with these influencers has the power to paint your brand in a positive light. Studies show that 69% of organizations agree that sustainability initiatives increase brand value and recommendations. Through sustainability influencer marketing, the eco-friendliness of your business becomes highlighted by the well-loved eco-heroes themselves — and instantly connects you with their attentive audience.

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How Using Influencers Can Benefit Your Business

Going green is a flourishing trend that’s bound to never go out of style. In 2018, spending on sustainable fast-moving consumer goods in the United States hit $128.5 billion. This number is expected to reach approximately $142.4 billion to $150.1 billion by 2021. 

Consumers are willing to go the extra mile to contribute to a healthier planet, and this reflects in their purchasing decisions as well. 90% of millennials say they are willing to pay more for products that contain environmentally friendly ingredients. At the end of the day, consumers will choose brands that align with their values, because sustainability can be practiced no matter what the industry is. Surveys reveal that 66% of people choose to buy products/services based on their “environmental friendliness.” 

When it comes to finding these ecological brands, sustainability influencers are often the top reliable sources for recommendations. Their loyal followers trust their opinions and suggestions — and through sustainability influencer marketing, you can quickly put your brand’s name out there and earn that seal of approval. 

All these statistics play a huge role in businesses shifting to making decisions with sustainability in mind. Studies show that 77% of organizations agree that eco-friendly initiatives contribute to increasing consumer loyalty. Sustainability influencer marketing is one of the most efficient ways to emphasize your brand’s dedication to the environment. With a strategic campaign, you’ll be able to boost brand awareness and engagement like never before. 

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What Makes Us Different 

At The Influence Agency, we consistently design incredible influencer marketing campaigns that resonate and engage. If your goal is to boost brand awareness to epic heights, we’re the team that can make it happen. Having the largest database of influencers in North America enables us to assist brands in finding the perfect ambassadors. Our team works hard to produce influencer marketing campaigns that wins over the masses. 

In the crowded world of social media, convincing consumers to double-tap and engage with your brand has never been more challenging — but The Influence Agency makes it an easy feat. Our expert strategies are the digital marketing breakthrough you’ve been looking for. 

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Want to Learn More? 

With The Influence Agency, influencer marketing is a simple process that delivers astronomical results. We’ll match you with the right sustainability influencer so that your brand’s vision becomes visible to your target audience. This is how we create campaigns that are authentic and magnetic. 

Take a look at our case studies for a more in-depth view of our work with previous clients. Connect with us today to get started on your sustainability influencer marketing campaign! 

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