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Influencer Marketing

Cut through the noise with a music influencer campaign that never misses a beat. 

The global music industry revenue skyrocketed to a total of $61.82 billion in 2021 alone—that’s a lot of people influenced by the power of great music. Because the world is all ears when it comes to this particular industry, it’s no wonder that music influencers are among the most popular figures in online spaces such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.  

Through The Influence Agency, your brand can secure a partnership with the world’s top music influencers. Creating campaigns that are tailored to the interests of your target market is a breeze when a skilled team of digital marketing experts is right behind you. After all, why dance to the beat of traditional advertising when The Influence Agency is here to help you cut through the noise with your own smash hit?

Music Influencer Marketing with Results

Music influencers have built massive communities of followers thanks to their catchy content and pulse on the industry. Whether it’s song or dance covers of the hottest hits or viral TikTok videos with catchy background tracks, these social media influencers continue to successfully capture the attention of audiences with a similar interest. 

From staying updated with the latest songs worth listening to or the newest apps, gadgets, and technology in the music scene, the followers of these influencers are constantly tuned in to what will be posted next—and if you leverage the right strategies, it could be your brand they post about. 

Brands who establish partnerships with these music influencers will be able to gain access to this large network of attentive audiences who trust the opinions and recommendations of these social media celebrities. Connecting with your target audience is made simple with music influencer marketing.
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Music Influencer Marketing with Results

How Music Influencers Can Benefit Your Business

Statistics reveal that a person spends an average of 26.9 hours a week listening to music. At the same time, 68% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 years old listen to music every day. With so many people consistently tuned in to what this industry has to offer, it’s no surprise that music influencers continue to rake in more followers each day. 

TikTok, which is one of the most popular platforms for music influencers, experienced an explosive growth of 75% in 2020. The onset of the pandemic has resulted in a constant search for entertainment—and music just so happens to be a popular solution. By 2023, the music industry is projected to have a global revenue of $65.17 billion

The elements that these social media personalities have influence over aren’t limited to the music industry alone. As well-rounded artists, their fans and followers all over the globe also have a keen interest in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle aspects of these stars. Ultimately, this has made way for endless marketing and advertising opportunities for various brands. 

Just like how music succeeds at connecting people with similar interests across the world, music influencers have the ability to connect you with your key demographic. Brands who are quick to take notice of this will be able to put their marketing efforts in the right place—music influencer marketing.  
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What Makes Us Different

When you marry the right social media personality to the right brand, the result is a smash hit campaign that engages the crowd you’ve always been aiming to connect with. The Influence Agency features the largest database of influencers in North America who are key players in promoting businesses to the masses through influencer marketing. They’re top-choice brand ambassadors because of the strong connections they’ve built with their massive communities. 

Convincing consumers to turn their attention towards specific brands continues to be a challenge across various industries. But with The Influence Agency’s team of experts who specialize in designing campaigns that are relatable and engaging, you’ll quickly be on your way to a whole new level of brand recognition. 

When Universal Music teamed up with The Influence Agency in 2019 to promote Taylor Swift and Brendan Urie’s newest track, “ME!”, music influencer marketing was the strategy that built awareness and generated plays and downloads. We partnered them with 16 influencers from our database who produced 28 engaging Instagram stories. The result was over 102K impressions and an audience reach of over 92K!
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Keep audiences hooked to the rhythm of your brand through The Influence Agency’s music influencer marketing services. We do this by connecting you with music influencers who match your business’ vision, resulting in hit campaigns.

Create influencer marketing campaigns that never miss a beat and always stay on key through The Influence Agency. With our team behind you, your brand is about to be off the charts. 

Click here for a closer look at our previous work and case studies. Connect with us today!

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