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Life style influencer- Luna Lindsay

Life style influencer- Justine Brouillette

Life style influencer- Danya Hasan

Life style influencer- Terry Go

Life style influencer- Dave Pereira


Influencer Marketing

We all live lifestyles of our own, but how many of us are actually living our lives in style?  It’s important to live in a style that’s all your own but adds value to your life at the same time. Everyone deserves a life full of good things and extraordinary highlights – and lifestyle influencers are pros at highlighting these elements of their life on social media. Their diverse range of social media content has connected them with an extensive audience – making lifestyle influencer marketing one of the most sought-after strategies for countless companies. 

The Influence Agency understands the ever-changing landscape of influencer marketing and is committed to partnering your brand with the perfect lifestyle influencers to boost awareness and engagement. Our database of influencers paired with the expertise from our digital strategists are the building blocks towards immense social media visibility. We design campaigns that exceed expectations and stand out with stellar style. 

Lifestyle Influencer Marketing with Results

Lifestyle influencer content encompasses almost every aspect of life you could possibly think of from food, fashion, beauty, fitness, travel, parenting, business and entrepreneurship, music, dance, athletics, to so much more! Lifestyle influencers are pretty much your one-stop content creators for tips and recommendations on almost any topic. With over 1 billion active Instagram users worldwide, these influencers are versatile and can speak to a number of different topics and audiences.

The point of view of these influencers is highly trusted by their loyal followers. The way they live their lives is something their key audience takes a lot of interest in — and it’s because they do so effortlessly. Lifestyle influencers have a way of portraying their life as being easy, fun, and exciting 100% of the time — a style of living that grabs the attention of the everyday person. Their expertise in personifying this “perfect life” is an exciting quality that keeps their followers on the lookout for what they’ll be posting next. 

Businesses looking to breathe life into their brand should collaborate with a well-loved lifestyle influencer. Through lifestyle influencer marketing, you’ll gain access to their audiences, widening your reach and raising awareness of your brand. These communities trust and value the sentiment behind a notable lifestyle influencer, meaning they’ll care about what you have to say. 

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How Using Influencers Can Benefit Your Business

The value of the lifestyle industry is pretty massive. Fashion, health, food, physical fitness, and travel are all billion-dollar industries on their own but have come together to form what’s known as the “lifestyle industry.” It’s a trade of epic proportions and a literal industry force to be reckoned with. Lifestyle influencer marketing has become a go-to strategy because of this.

The health and wellness industry was worth $4.2 trillion in 2017; a number that continues to grow with the rise in awareness surrounding better mental health. This also accounts for the industries of personal care, beauty, fitness, tourism, and more all with the common goal of wellness. This shows just how many people are looking to add value to the way they’re living their lives. People are constantly seeking a lifestyle that brings them happiness. Whether it’s through life hacks or a monumental trip, these lifestyle changes contribute to better wellness and self-care. In their own ways, lifestyle influencer marketing promotes this way of living. Because of this, millions of people are keeping their eyes on lifestyle influencers to spark inspiration.

The lifestyle industry is here to stay, and lifestyle influencers are some of the key motivators behind this growth. The brands that leverage the voice of these personalities through lifestyle influencer marketing can quickly reach their key demographic and amplify their company’s visibility. 

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What Makes Us Different 

Everything you need for your next campaign is right here. The Influence Agency can secure trusted partnerships with the right lifestyle influencer that personifies your brand. With the largest database of influencers in North America, we provide brands with a lifetime ambassador that resonates with an audience. Our digital strategists will help you build a lifestyle influencer marketing campaign that will leave remarkable impressions – exceeding expectations is our mission.

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Through lifestyle influencer marketing, you’ll be connecting your business with an attentive audience. We’ll match the right influencer with your brand to step up your advertising game. 

Jamieson Vitamins teamed up with us and we connected them with the most fitting influencers from our database. We succeeded in encouraging Canadian women aged 25-45 to #OwnTheirHealth with the regular intake of vitamins and supplements. The campaign organically reached 1.8 million people with an 11% engagement rate!  

The Influence Agency can build your next thumb-stopping lifestyle influencer marketing campaign that will ensure reach, engagement, and growth of the client’s own social media profiles and pages. For more information about our previous work, browse through our case studies, then, contact our team to start leveraging the power of influence!

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