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Food&Drink influencer- Victoria Hui

Food&Drink influencer- harbour 60

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Influencer Marketing

The food and beverage industry will continue to thrive, no matter what. When Millennials say “food is life” they mean that wholeheartedly. What started as everyday people snapping photos of their food evolved into what we know today as food influencers. In fact, people aged 18-35 spend five whole days a year browsing food inspiration on Instagram – and 30% of them would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram presence was weak. If you’re a food and beverage brand, people are already looking for you now you just have to make yourself visible.  

At The Influence Agency, we have the perfect recipe to boost your brand’s online visibility through foodies influencer marketing. Our team of marketing experts will help you build a powerful campaign by partnering your brand with the most suitable foodies influencers from our extensive roster. It’s our mission to deliver results and build better brand awareness that puts the spotlight on your company. 

Foodies Influencer Marketing with Results

Foodie influencers are perceived as experts in their field; their content can range from sharing recipes, meal plans, product reviews, restaurant critiques, and more. The demographic of foodie influencers is one of the most diverse on social media. When it comes to food, people are looking for modern lifestyle content that they can implement into their daily life – this type of content usually comes from other people, not brands.

These foodie influencers have built a community of food-loving individuals who value and trust their opinion. Being able to tell a story, such as where their food comes from, is as important as how it photographs and tastes. Audiences increasingly demand food and beverage content that is wholesome in its nutritional value and authentic in its cultural roots; something that foodies influencer marketing excels at.

Your brand can leverage the power of these platforms to create an impactful campaign. With the food industry being purely visual, foodie influencers have the upper hand when portraying your brand’s message through social media. By teaming up with the right foodie influencer, you gain access to a like-minded audience that will have a strong interest in your content rather than just swiping past it.  

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How Using Influencers Can Benefit Your Business

The food industry has gone through a vast expansion in recent years. Nowadays, you’ll find that a variety of different diets have surfaced including gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, or veganism. With the increasing popularity of mindful cooking, social media has also seen a spike in influencers who cater to such content. Through foodies influencer marketing, you can rest assured that your brand is reaching these immensely specific demographics.

With the global food and beverage market expected to be worth $7,527 billion by 2023, standing out in this extremely competitive market can be challenging. Taking these statistics into account highlights how vital it is to utilize the right strategies to enable your brand to stand out, which includes foodies influencer marketing.

Seventy-one percent of consumers are most likely to make a purchase if it was recommended on social media. There’s no better way to convince consumers to trust your company than by being recommended by someone with expert taste buds. Food influencers have a voice that their followers listen to and what they come across on their newsfeed can effectively dictate their next food and beverage purchases.

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What Makes Us Different

At The Influence Agency, we believe that pairing the right brand with a fitting influencer is your ticket to a powerful campaign. Our roster includes nano, micro, and macro influencers, media personalities, TV Hosts, professional chefs, and more. With the largest database of influencers in North America, we’ll help you find the perfect brand ambassador who appeals to your key demographic. 

We don’t just think outside the box. For us, that mythical “box” never existed in the first place. Our campaigns are creatively built on the idea of infinite possibilities. With our advertising expertise, your next foodies influencer marketing campaign will make waves on social media.

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We make foodie influencer marketing easy. Our goal is to connect brands and foodie influencers with a similar vision; this way, we form an unstoppable team that resonates across a relevant demographic. 

Harbour 60, a premier steakhouse in Toronto, counted on The Influence Agency to increase brand awareness and web traffic. With the help of our marketing expertise, the brand saw a 152% growth in its Instagram following and a 162% increase in website visits. 

Strengthening brand awareness among an audience makes way for a network of loyal engagement. We don’t want your brand to just be seen by the masses, we want it to be remembered. Take a look at our case studies for more details on our past work and connect with us to learn more about where the power of foodie influencer marketing can take your company.  

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