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Influencer Marketing

Celebrities always have been — and always will be — among the world’s most influential figures. Whether they’re pop stars, actors, models, or athletes, they’ve attained fame because they excel in their field. The world knows their names, and these names work like magic in the marketing game. Studies show that celebrity endorsements increase a company’s sales by an average of 4% relative to its competition.

Through celebrity influencer marketing, you get the chance to put your company in front of a global audience. At The Influence Agency, we connect businesses with some of the world’s biggest celebrities to produce powerful digital marketing campaigns that elevate brand awareness. With the right team behind you, your brand can reach the celebrity status you’re aiming for.

Celebrity Influencer Marketing with Results 

We’ve watched their blockbuster movies and played their hit songs on repeat. People all over the world have been captivated by the work of celebrities, and tapping that follow button on Instagram to catch a glimpse into their daily lives solidifies their status as a fan. Celebrities are “living the dream” and crowds everywhere are fascinated by this idea no matter how real or exaggerated it may be. Millions of people across the globe look up to these stars and as a result, celebrities have become the most followed personalities on social media. 

Celebrities don’t just post about their work and projects on social media. To keep their followers engaged, they share even the most random yet interesting details about their lives. Now more than ever, the public has been given a first-hand look into the everyday lives of our favourite personalities – a glimpse that feels authentic and achievable.

Whether it’s their favourite moisturizer that keeps their skin looking radiant, or their go-to shoe brand that completes their cop-worthy OOTDs, celebrities relate to their fans on many levels. This amount of relatability has opened up a spot for brands in the Instagram feeds of these stars and has become a massive opportunity for brand discoverability. Research shows that celebrity endorsements increase a company’s stock value by 0.25%. After all, these followers trust and have a keen interest in what their idols have to say. This is the value of celebrity influencer marketing. 

For decades, the trust that these fan bases have in celebrities has been leveraged by diverse brands across the globe. The world is looking at these stars, and businesses who collaborate with these personalities through celebrity influencer marketing open up endless possibilities for their brand. 
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How Using Influencers Can Benefit Your Business 

A celebrity’s influence, when leveraged strategically, can catapult any brand to stardom. According to consumer behaviour reports, 85% of people say that celebrity endorsements enhance their preference and confidence in choosing products. The influence of these personalities spans various industries. Whether it’s fashion, skincare, electronics or automotives, a celebrity’s opinion has the power to make a huge impact on consumer decisions. 

Thanks to their widespread popularity and broad appeal, celebrities have always been top-tier endorsers. Not only can they successfully spread the world to massive audiences, but these stars have the power to give brands that “unforgettable” quality. Studies prove that consumers show greater recall of products that are endorsed by celebrities. Collaborating with a celebrity whose image aligns with your brand is key to creating a campaign that truly resonates. 

Celebrity endorsements have the most impact among Generation Z (16%) and Millennial (14%) audiences. For brands who are looking to connect with this key demographic, your next campaign strategy points into a clear direction  — celebrity influencer marketing. 
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What Makes Us Different 

A successful influencer marketing campaign results when businesses partner with the right social media personality who synergizes with their brand’s image. This is how you create advertising content that comes across as relatable and authentic — and this is what The Influence Agency continues to help some of the world’s biggest brands achieve. 

With the largest database of influencers in North America, our team matches businesses with celebrity influencers who will connect you with an interested and valuable audience. An audience that will, in turn, value your brand. 

The everyday consumer is never easy to convince. Through celebrity influencer marketing, you get to associate your brand with a star who’s already earned the trust and interest of the crowds. The convincing power that this strategy holds is undeniable. 
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Want to Learn More? 

With The Influence Agency, celebrity influencer marketing is a simple process. We connect brands with celebrities who can speak to your mission statement and represent it with authenticity and relatability. Helping brands stand out by building awareness amongst your ideal audience is our strong suit. 

For a more in-depth look at our work scroll through our case studies. To kickstart your celebrity influencer marketing campaign, connect with us today! 

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