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Influencer Marketing


Influencer Marketing For athletes- Justine Dufour Lapointe

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Influencer Marketing For athletes- Penny Oleksiak

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Influencer Marketing

Sprint your way into brand recognition by teaming up with the world’s premier athletes. These professionals aren’t just ruling the playing field, they’re dominating social media platforms as well. Long gone are the days when their influence was leveraged only within the athletics industry, even brands beyond the sports scene like those in lifestyle, fashion, food, travel, and gaming are turning to athlete influencer marketing for their campaigns. 

The Influence Agency can help you jump-start a branded partnership with the biggest names in the sports industry from our extensive database. We understand the power behind securing trusted partnerships, and with this knowledge, we continue to provide companies with epic digital marketing campaigns that stand out. In such a competitive industry we’ve got you covered for your next knock-out athlete influencer marketing campaign. 

Athlete Influencer Marketing with Results

The fitness industry is growing like never before; more and more people are motivated by those they see on their feed working out. Athletic influencers are a key representation of what it means to be #FitnessGoals. Their content is often the subtle push people need to get up and get moving. Athlete influencers aren’t just engaging their audience, they’re shaping the world into a healthier place.

Athlete influencers utilize a wide variety of platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to share their message with their audience. Because being fit involves more than just sports and exercise, the followers of these athlete influencers have a huge interest in all aspects of their lifestyle as well. This can range from the type of equipment they use, to what they wear, what they eat, and what they drink.

The rise of interest in health and wellness is quickly becoming a universal goal of every age group, and because of this, athlete influencers find themselves reaching a demographic composed of all ages. The personalities of the influencers themselves are the visible product of what living a health-conscious lifestyle can lead to. This is why millions of people trust what they have to say. Businesses looking to build a partnership with the right athlete can quickly shine the spotlight on their brand through strategic athlete influencer marketing. 

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How Using Influencers Can Benefit Your Business

The fact that the sports industry is worth an estimated $500 billion is clear proof of how many people are on the edge of their seats in excitement for athletic content. Since 2014, the industry has been growing at a steady rate of about 4.3% each year. Fitness facilities, equipment, and sports apparel largely contribute to these numbers. A lot of the industry’s success is owed to a spike in female participation in athletics – in fact, 84% of athletic sponsored Instagram content was created by women in 2019.

In the past decade, the global sports apparel market has not once seen a dip in its revenue. In the United States, 64% of adults say they choose sportswear and athletic shoes as their go-to everyday clothing. This rapid transition of athleisure wear becoming a fashion statement has had a big hand in the booming numbers of the athletic industry. The modern generation sees the importance of dressing comfortably without having to sacrifice aesthetic value. On social media we see countless athletic influencers elevate their sporty fashion beyond the playing field and transform it into their daily look. This ease in style encourages their followers to make the athletic transition not just in terms of physical activity but in their wardrobe as well. 

For decades, the sports industry has continued to thrive amongst a huge demographic. Businesses are taking note of this success by partnering with the diverse personalities of this industry to boost their brand awareness through athlete influencer marketing.

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What Makes Us Different

Equipping your brand with the right brand ambassador can increase your company’s visibility exponentially. At The Influence Agency, we understand the importance of creating strong partnerships with people who match your business’s image, tone, and demographic. With access to some of the biggest sports agencies in North America, we can help your brand connect with players from the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, MLS, MMA, race car drivers, Olympic athletes, sports media personalities, and even retired athletes.

Our marketing experts understand exactly how to leverage an athletic influencer’s preexisting, loyal fan base to drive user engagement. With an effective athlete influencer marketing campaign in place, your campaign is sure to beat out the competition. 

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Our athlete influencer marketing strategy is an effective and straightforward process that we’re excited to help you with. We’ll work to connect you with the right athletic influencer from our roster to amplify brand awareness to the campaign’s targeted audience.

Six Star Pro Nutrition, America’s number one selling sports supplement company, wanted to inspire people to fuel their workout with their products. The Influence Agency helped execute an influencer marketing campaign by partnering their brand with 13 of our micro and macro-influencers to educate and inspire Americans looking to build muscle and increase strength. The result: a reach of over 1.6 million people, 2.1 million impressions, and 147,000 engagements.  

You’re just a few dribbles away from scoring superior visibility for your own brand through athlete influencer marketing. If you’re ready to make a 3-point shot in the marketing game, we’ll help you pass the ball to the perfect teammate. If you’d like to see more of our previous work, check out our case studies. Then, contact us to kick off your next slam-dunk campaign!

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