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Influencer Marketing


Fitness influencer- Thirmizi S.

Fitness influencer- Alejandra Martinez

Fitness influencer- Alex Lovsin

Fitness influencer- Karin Keller

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Influencer Marketing

People are no longer making excuses to avoid a workout session—they’re now willingly stepping up their fitness! Studies show that since 2020, people are working out more than ever. This sudden spark of interest in fitness is partially due to increased accessibility to workouts via live streams and video content created by none other than fitness influencers. On platforms like YouTube and Instagram, these social media personalities have become the inspiration for millions of people who are looking to stay fit from the comfort of their homes. 

Due to their undeniable popularity, fitness influencer marketing has become a reliable strategy for companies in the fitness industry. At The Influence Agency, connecting brands with their next endorser is our expertise. With our team’s exceptional knowledge of digital marketing strategies, you’ll be able to take your influence and brand awareness to its fittest state yet.

Fitness Influencer Marketing with Results 

Fitness influencers have become popular public figures because of how easily people can identify with them. They offer transparency in their daily routines like meal preparation, nutrition, customized workout plans, exercise techniques, and rest and recovery makes fitness seem like a goal that’s actually attainable. Their followers trust what they have to say because fitness influencers themselves are tangible proof of what can result from these routines. In the fitness industry, they’re among the biggest inspirations and key motivators for people to get up and get moving. 

Ultimately, there’s more to fitness than just working out. It involves a carefully planned diet and balanced lifestyle. With fitness spanning such a broad range of topics, these personalities are also top-choice endorsers for companies looking to influence food and drink choices as well. The reach of these influencers can benefit a ton of industries. 

With millions of people scrolling through the valuable content of fitness influencers, it’s no surprise that fitness influencer marketing has become a game-changing strategy for brands all over the world. Collaborating with a trusted fitness influencer will increase your visibility to an audience who’s enthusiastic about products and brands that can contribute to their fitness goals.  

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How Using Influencers Can Benefit Your Business 

Fitness is quickly earning its place at the top of people’s priority list. The global health and fitness club market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% until 2025 with over 184 million people worldwide already members of at least one establishment.

The global online fitness market has become one of the fastest-growing sectors of this industry. With everyone stuck at home due to the pandemic, virtual workouts are taking over the fitness scene; around 56% of individuals now say they exercise at least five times a week. This has contributed even more to the popularity of fitness influencers who are the go-to source for routines that actually work. With the hashtag #FitnessInfluencer used almost 400,000 times on Instagram, you just know that social media pays close attention to these public figures. 

Fitness influencers have simultaneously turned into style icons by seamlessly transforming trendy athleisure wear outfits from sweat-wicking to trendy on-the-go looks. At the end of 2021, the athleisure industry is expected to be worth $83 billion. Working out in stylish, but comfortable clothing is clearly an industry trend that continues to innovate. 

As the celebrities of this ever-growing industry, fitness influencers are the in-demand endorsers for brands as they have a wide reach in the world of social media. They’ve gained the trust of the public because they aren’t just telling us to aim for fitness, they’re showing us how to achieve that goal. Research backs this up in that fitness was the category that showed the biggest growth in branded posts in 2018 at +7.6%.

Businesses are now ramping up their advertising game by turning to fitness influencer marketing. By utilizing this strategy, they gain instant visibility to the fitness enthusiasts who follow these influencers. 

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What Makes Us Different 

Influencer marketing produces astonishing results when you match a company with the most suitable social media personality. This is what The Influence Agency does for countless brands across diverse industries. We’re here to help you create fitness influencer marketing campaigns that capture the attention of your target market and leave a remarkable impression. With the largest database of influencers in North America, we have what it takes to connect you with your next brand ambassador to create engaging content that will build up your brand’s reputation. 

In such a competitive market, catching the attention of your key demographic has never been more challenging. With fitness influencer marketing, you get to build a strong connection with your target audience on a variety of platforms, such as:

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Want to Learn More?

Finding the perfect fitness influencer to promote and endorse your brand starts here, with The Influence Agency. Through fitness influencer marketing, we create campaigns that are fun, dynamic, and relatable for your target market. 

When America’s #1 selling sports supplement company, Six Star Pro Nutrition, teamed up with us for influencer marketing, we connected them with 13 social media personalities from our roster. The goal was to educate people on the importance of taking supplements pre- and post-workout with entertaining content. The campaign was a massive success with over 1.6 million people reached and over 2.1 million impressions – resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 10%. 

Your brand is only a few steps, lunges, or jumps away from successfully working its way into the fitness routine of the masses! Learn more about our work by visiting our case studies page, then connect with us to start leveraging fitness influencer marketing for your company. 

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