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automotive influencer Dylan Hebb

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automotive influencer Dylan Hebb

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Influencer Marketing

It’s time to step on the gas pedal and rev up your next campaign with automotive influencer marketing. These influencers have millions of people following their engaging content online; covering everything from events and rallies, to vehicle reviews, to stunt driving. Automotive influencers have a deep understanding of the most intricate details and mechanisms of vehicles. Browsing through their content gives you a closer look at the most phenomenal automobiles ranging from luxury, to electric, to race cars.

An automotive influencer marketing campaign is one of the swiftest ways to gain visibility to your key demographic. At The Influence Agency, we’ll put your brand ahead in the race towards social media recognition by helping you secure a partnership with the right automotive influencer. With our large-scale database of influencers and our marketing expertise, driving your campaign to success has never been so easy. 

Automotive Influencer Marketing with Results

Social media has become an effective tool for the automotive industry as top brands turn to platforms like Instagram to reach their core demographics. Finding the perfect ride is not an easy task – that’s why an automotive influencer’s followers rely on their expertise for some honest insight. Through extraordinary graphics and videography, we get to explore the specifications like never before. These influencers provide the information we need in the most engaging ways possible.

Instagram and YouTube are two of the most popular platforms utilized by automotive influencers to connect with their audience. In addition to car reviews, their posts featuring car-related events and rallies are causing significant social media traffic as well. The reach of their content knows no limits. Impressive cars are exhilarating for everyone, regardless of age or gender. 

Purchasing a car isn’t a decision to be taken lightly; it’s a huge expenditure that requires a high level of scrutiny. Because of this, the public turns to these reliable influencers for a deeper dive into the specifications. They possess an opinion that their millions of followers trust. Through automotive influencer marketing, you’ll be partnering your brand with a dependable point of view that adds up to the credibility of your company. 

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How Using Influencers Can Benefit Your Business

Electric cars are quickly taking over the world as an eco-friendly automotive alternative. Soon, self-driving cars will be a mainstream choice too. With the innovative evolution of car models, the automotive industry as a whole continues to soar as well. In fact, the market size of global automotive motors is predicted to grow from $20.3 million in 2020 to $25.7 million by 2025. This exponential growth can be attributed to the rapid technological advancements in the car industry. 

Gen X currently accounts for 38% of the total number of car purchasers; Baby Boomers make up 32% of these purchases, and Millennials fall at 23%. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of social distancing protocols, the automotive industry saw a surge in car sales among people aged 18-35. Automotive influencers have had a big hand in contributing to these numbers, as their following is also highly composed of this age group. These influencers are reaching a large demographic with their engaging content and are encouraging the younger generation to become part of the conversation on cars.

Each year, auto manufacturing drives an average of $953 billion into the economy. These numbers are a clear indication of how utilizing automotive influencer marketing campaigns can help you engage with your target market. 

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What Makes Us Different

At The Influence Agency, we believe that partnering your brand with the right automotive personality can be your high-speed drive to social media visibility. With the largest database of influencers in North America paired with our expert marketing skills, we’ll help you build an automotive influencer marketing campaign that will elevate your brand awareness. Getting your message across to the right audience is critical in the saturated world of social media. Our team has what it takes to create a campaign that resonates with consumers and drives ROI. 
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Automotive influencer marketing is simple. We work to match qualified automotive influencers based on the brands they already use with brand deals that make sense for them. We did this during #TruckSeason. We partnered GMC with our influencers to drive sales of their newest collection and increase awareness about the truck’s benefits. Our influencers drove the GMC trucks for two weeks and documented their adventures on social media. This resulted in artistic and entertaining content on multiple platforms that reached thousands of people and successfully drove sales.

Let us drive you to the engaging crowd your company is looking for! Take a look at more of our previous work on our case studies page, then connect with us to start planning your next campaign.

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