12 Asian Influencers & Content Creators to Follow

Kayla Mandel
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Kayla Mandel
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Feb 09, 2021
A collage of five Asian influencers

Sure, Valentine’s Day is coming up, but there’s something else you should mark on your calendar that’s absolutely firework-worthy. On February 12th, we’re going to be ringing in the Lunar New Year! After all, we could all use a little more sparkle right now. 

Immersing ourselves in the culture of others makes us realize that the world really is a huge space full of knowledge and inspiration just waiting to be discovered. You can count on these Asian Influencers to give you a closer look at just how diverse the Asian community really is. From your favourite MUAs to fashion icons, get ready to be influenced by these Asian social media personalities that’ll make you hit that follow button!

1. Thanh Phung – @loveandsundays 

Thanh Phung is a content creator with Vietnamese roots who shares her ideas on food, style, and home decor online. A few scrolls down her Instagram feed, and you’ll find yourself wanting to redecorate your house into a soft, pale palette paradise. If you’re into baking and tacos too, you’ve found the right influencer. Did we mention that she has two adorable little girls who help her out in the kitchen? You are not prepared for this amount of cuteness.

2. Marcela – @mexicanbutjapanese 

You can never go wrong with vintage fashion and glowing skin. Marcela happens to combine both these elements on her social media platform. She even posts beauty content featuring her mom! #MotherAndDaughterGoals. Whether you need inspiration for your next OOTD or just want a few secrets to perfectly dewy skin, Marcela has got you covered.

3. Jocelyn – @heartsandkrafts 

We’re pretty sure that the Instagram handle @heartsandkrafts deserves a standing ovation.  Jocelyn is owning the title of “Boss Mom” with her own line of apparel while producing content on lifestyle and parenting. She designs the coziest basic wear with pieces that let moms and kids nail the twinning game. 

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A post shared by JOCELYN (@heartsandkrafts)

4. Aileen Christine – @aileenchristineee 

Aileen Christine is quickly taking over Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Together with her boyfriend, Deven Chris, they’re redefining what it means to be #CoupleGoals by sharing hilariously amusing content online. If pranks, unconventional challenges, and food reviews are your cup of tea, get ready to laugh out loud with these two! 

5. Wendy – @thekwendyhome

What’s so endearing about Wendy is how a lot of her posts share stories of her family traditions and the Chinese culture. Just looking at the interior design of her house makes you feel right at home. Also, you’ll be replicating her almond cookies and chocolate-covered strawberries recipes in no time. Add the fact that she has a geeky sense of humour, Wendy is an Asian influencer that’ll add some bright rays of sunshine to your social feeds!

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A post shared by Wendy (@thekwendyhome)

6. Neil Shibata- @neilshibata 

Neil Shibata’s comedic sketches on TikTok served as the initial ticket that skyrocketed him to social media stardom. He’s since branched out into Youtube vlogging and modelling for a number of high-profile brands. With his aesthetic feed and e-boy OOTDs, he’s one of the most popular Asian influencers on Instagram. 

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A post shared by Neil Shibata (@neilshibata)

7. Samantha & Madeleine – @caleontwins 

Samantha and Madeleine are proving that twins aren’t two times the trouble. Instead, they’re two times the fun! Their TikTok videos don’t just showcase their dance moves, but they also squeeze in some hilarious skits in between. The crazy antics of these Filipino sisters will have you wishing you had a twin too. 

8. Mel Hwang – @melhwang

We’ve all reached a point where we just don’t know how to pose in a photo. I mean, how many different poses could you possibly achieve without accidentally pulling a muscle? Good thing Asian influencer, Mel, shares the tips and tricks for these crucial situations. Aside from these how-to guides, the travel and lifestyle content creator also spills secrets on how to achieve the perfect lighting and create more interesting videos. 

9. Dani Roche – @daniesque 

Dani is winning at life through her countless collaborations with some of the world’s biggest brands. She’s made a name for herself as a pro strategist in the world of digital marketing. Her vintage retro Instagram feed and fluffy Chow Chow are more than enough to make you want to follow this Asian influencer and entrepreneur.

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A post shared by DANI ROCHE (@daniesque)

10. Nina Huynh – @yourgirlneens 

The sign you’ve been waiting for to dye your hair blue is here, and it’s come in the form of Nina Huynh. This Asian influencer is like a pop of colour on the platform with her bright tresses and vibrant fashion choices. Through her podcast, “Between Neens and Deens”, the Vietnamese-American-Canadian mom shares tips on how to navigate parenthood.

11. Mei Pang – @meicrosoft 

If there’s anyone who stands out in the world of tattoo art, it’s Mei Pang. It’s not easy to pull off a huge collection of tattoos, but Mei Pang does it flawlessly. Aside from her content on artistic ink, she’s also slaying the game as a makeup artist with her #OnFleek tutorials.

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A post shared by Mei Pang (@meicrosoft)

12. Wendy – @withwendy 

We can’t count the number of times we relied on Wendy to save the day with her genius sewing skills. She’s a content creator of Chinese ethnicity who shares ideas on thrift flips and teaches people all over the globe how to make their own clothes. With almost 1.4 million Youtube subscribers, her quirkiness and couture expertise have turned her into one of the internet’s most loved DIY queens. 

Who Else Should We Be Following? 

The world is way too big to stay in one place. Thanks to social media, we can get a bit closer to each other with just a few taps. These influencers show us that there’s just something about cultural diversity that makes the internet a much more vibrant place. 

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Whether these Asian influencers have given you a new OOTD idea or an awesome new recipe, that’s the power of influence. Get to know more about the importance of influencer marketing with The Influence Agency !


  • Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

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  • Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

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