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Top Canadian TikTokers[UPDATED]

Kayla Mandel
Written By
Kayla Mandel
Published On
Feb 11, 2021
Top Canadian TikTok Influencers

Is it no secret that TikTok has taken the world by storm. From being #BoredInTheHouse to the Ratatouille Musical and baked feta pasta, TikTok has created some viral trends and worked its way into so many of our lives (and hearts). The platform is not just for your cool younger cousin, but users of all ages are finding themselves spending more and more time scrolling through the For You page.

Here we share with you some of our favourite Canadian TikTokers and their TikTok accounts!

@jaydecandance 3 million 134.6 million
@jasminevx 83.8 thousand 1.7 million
@makaylaanisa 2.7 million 50 million
@tristanmaclean 676.2 thousand 29.4 million
@1juanromero1 976.7 thousand 15.9 million
@sophieesuchan 76.9 thousand 2.1 million
@nadiyuhz 169.1 thousand 7.4 million
@caleontwins 3.5 million 148 million
@yourgirlkarly 274.4 thousand 6.1 million
@dancerjules 1.2 million 29.1 million
@josh.zilberberg 2.5 million 85.4 million
@everything_delish 2.5 million 28.9 million
@matt_and_omar 1.1 million 58.1 million
@naomileanage 499.5 thousand 21.4 million
@joelleanello 13.4 thousand 366.1 thousand
@katherinewants 726.2 thousand 14.9 million
@isabelleheikens 872.1 thousand 10.7 million
@basicswithbails 32.5 thousand 281.3 thousand
@missvancityfoodie 56 thousand 1.8 million
@canadiantravelgal 84.5 thousand 2.4 million
@sopheats 68.2 thousand 1.8 million

1. Jayde Vincent | @jaydecandance

Follower count: 3 million 

Meet Jayde! Jayde is a Calgary-based TikTok influencer with 1.3M followers. She enjoys sharing dances, duets, and funny clips with her loyal followers. She’s travelling and speaking on social media panels when she’s not filming a video for a campaign!

@jaydecandance @lizzo I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!!! Dc: @jaedenraegomez 🔥 #jaydesdino ♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

2. Jasmine Vincent | @jasminevx

Follower count: 83.8k

Jasmine happens to be Jayde’s sister—and together they make the top TikTok duo! Whether she’s filming in a grocery store, her home or a shopping mall, Jasmine’s social media content is always captivating and entertaining for her audience.


♬ original sound – jxdi

3. Makayla Anisa | @makaylaanisa

Follower count: 2.7 million 

Looking for some fitness inspo or a new workout routine? Meet Makayla! She is a Canadian fitness enthusiast who loves to inspire her social media and TikTok followers to get up and get moving. Be sure to give her a follow!


another one cuz I can’t get enough of these sorry not sorry

♬ original sound – veggibeats

4. Tristan MacLean | @tristanmaclean

Follower count: 676.2k 

Tristan MacLean posts a whole variety of TikTok videos! From dancing, cooking, and pranking his friends, he’ll never fail to entertain you. Tristan is one of the Canadian TikTok influencers who has built a loyal audience that only continues to grow!


🥜 shot

♬ original sound – Tristen MacLean ♛

5. Juan Vahos | @1juanromero1

Follower count: 976.7k 

Juan is an Alberta-based TikTok creator who always has the coolest video edits. His top TikTok content is usually a mix of dancing with song lyrics and his videos are always bound to go viral. Check him out! 

@1juanromero1 vibe with us #yyc #edit #fyp ♬ original sound – Juan Romero 🥀

6. Sophie Suchan | @sophieesuchan

Follower count: 76.9k

Looking for some beauty tips and fashion trends? Look no further than Sophie Suchan. This Canadian TikToker’s content consists of hair tutorials, beauty tricks and outfit inspo for your next night out. Be sure to give her a follow!

@sophieesuchan @Pat McGrath Labs ♬ Bound To Fall In Love – Jay

7. Nadia Al-Madani | @nadiyuhz

Follower count: 169.1k 

Montreal-based Nadia Al-Madani showcases her cool, laid-back and artsy vibe through her video content. From hitting up concerts with her friends, on set at a photoshoot, or posting childhood memories, we love watching the content of this Canadian TikToker and seeing her audience grow!

@nadiyuhz jappiiii saturday my room feels so ✨fresh✨ #montreal #cleaningtok #satisfyingasf ♬ BEST INTEREST – Tyler, The Creator

8. Samantha and Madeleine Caleon | @caleontwins

Follower count: 3.5 million 

Samantha and Madeleine Caleon are the ultimate Canadian TikTokers! Not only do these twins have a massive presence on TikTok, but their followers are also loyal to them on YouTube and Instagram! They’re always keeping it real and fun, and we’ve loved working with them on campaigns in the past.


The reality of filming tiktoks with your sister 🙃

♬ Ski Mask The Slump God – Foot Fungus – Kiersten

9. Karly Polkosnik | @yourgirlkarly

Follower count: 274.7k

Karly is an Edmonton-based content creator. She is the confidence queen!!! Karly’s content is real! She showcases the ups and downs of life in a fun, approachable and honest way. From dancing around in her undies to taboo topics, she’s one of the Canadian TikTokers who does it all! She is also an amazing dancer sharing dances and a former cheerleader! Check her out!

@yourgirlkarly shoutout momma P ❤️ so excited for this new chapter! #2020Wrapped #influencer #contentcreator #newapartment #fyp ♬ original sound – jaedenraegomez

10. Julia Slater | @dancerjules

Follower count: 1.2 million

Meet Julia. She is a Toronto-based dancer with 600,000 followers on TikTok. Julia is a talented dancer that is all about positivity, empowerment, and high energy! She is a TikTok machine, sometimes creating over 10 different videos in one day. Julia is a dance teacher and an advocate for the Down Syndrome community. This Canadian TikToker hopes her social media videos inspire people to be happy and proud!

@dancerjules Dc @besperon ♬ original sound – La canela baddie 🍯

11. Josh Zilberberg | @josh.zilberberg

Follower count: 2.5 million

Josh’s social media videos are exactly what you need to get through this lockdown. This Canadian TikToker’s sarcastic, self-deprecating humour has had us crying and clutching our stomachs from laughing so hard. You, your 5 personalities, and 10 made-up boyfriends need Josh’s videos in your life. After scrolling through his social media content you will quickly be converted to exclusively use Thank Yew!


It’s science

♬ original sound – Josh Zilberberg

12. Jamie Milne | @everything_delish

Follower count: 2.5 million 

If you weren’t hungry when you started reading this, you are going to be hungry now. Jamie creates the most salivating recipes! Food TikTok is a whole other world and Jamie really leads you to the promised land…where everything she posts is DELISH. Jamie’s posts have gone so viral that she was featured on Good Morning America and The Today Show.

@everything_delish Reply to @buttermynuts WHIPPED FETA & ROASTED GARLIC + ONIONS #recipe #whippedfeta #feta #cheese #food #tiktokfood #easyrecipe ♬ Rasputin (Single Version) – Boney M.

13. Matt Benfield and Omar Ahmed | @matt_and_omar

Follower count: 1.1 million 

Although Matt and Omar are not officially Canadians, they are based in Toronto and get an honourable mention as they have been slaying the game as TikTok influencers. Matt and Omar are content couple goals. Throw in their fur baby and plant babes and you have just the most perfect family. They create content for all walks of life. Most recently we have been loving watching them slay the fashion game. 

@matt_and_omar so we walked our first red carpet last night at the #Junos with @TikTok Canada ♬ Brujeria – ✿

14. Naomi Leanage | @naomileanage

Follower count: 499.8k

This TikTok influencer is your ultimate source for lifestyle, fashion, travel, and comedy content! Her sense of humour will instantly capture your heart and convince you to tap that follow button. And, hey, she sometimes even shares her influencer goodies and freebies with her loyal followers!


I’m ready to try out for the Olympics and be the most photogenic athlete there

♬ original sound – Naomi Leanage

15. Joëlle | @joelleanello

Follower count: 13.5k

Joëlle is all about “finding beauty in the concrete”—and you’re sure to be extremely entertained as you follow along on her adventures. Whether she’s sharing how her faith in humanity was restored by witnessing social interactions on the street or posting a new “Instead of That, Try This” video, this Canadian TikToker always proves to be a must-follow. 

@joelleanello Shopping Toronto’s neighborhoods is where you find the best stuff. 🛍 #thingstodointoronto #torontogirl #torontoshopping ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

16. Katherine Wants | @katherinewants

Follower count: 726.2k 

Get ready to put your chef’s hat on because the food content on this TikTok influencer’s page is going to inspire you to start honing your master chef skills. From her viral asparagus smoked salmon quiche to poached eggs with crispy soppressata and asparagus recipes, Katherine knows exactly what everyone’s tummy wants.

@katherinewants Give your family some hugs and quiches with this recipe. Made with fresh, high-quality, local Ontario milk. @Ontario Dairy #dairydoneright #easyrecipe #foodies #quiche #quicherecipe #lifeadvice #relationships #smokedsalmon #ad ♬ live – Official Sound Studio

17. Isabelle Heikens | @isabelleheikens

Follower count: 872.1k 

This “pharmacy student with a thing for food & fashion” has become one of the top Canadian TikTokers! With her minimalist style ideas, healthy grocery hauls, and vlogs on her “stressed” student life, Isabelle Heikens never fails to supply her followers with relatable content. 


Pistachio is my new favourite neutral

♬ Good Looking – Sped Up – Suki Waterhouse

18. Bailey Campbell | @basicswithbails

Follower count: 32.8k

When it comes to easy, healthy, and gluten-free recipes, Bailey Campbell is here to help you learn all the basics. This TikTok influencer makes the most gorgeous pop tart baked oats and lemon cheesecakes that we just can’t stop looking at.


INGREDIENTS -FOR OATS1/2 cup certified gluten free oats1/2 tsp baking powder1 tbsp maple syrup1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used @pescience Gourmet Vanilla – you can use code BAILEY at checkout to try any of their protein/products)1/3 cup almond milk1/2 tsp vanilla1 eggRASPBERRY FILLING1/3 cup packed raspberries1 tbsp water1 tsp chia seedsFROSTING2 tbsp plain Greek yogurt2 tbsp powdered sugar (I used sugar free @swervesweetie1/2 tsp almond milk1/8 tsp vanilla extract

♬ original sound – Brad Singh

19. Trudy Leung | @missvancityfoodie

Follower count: 56k

This Canadian TikToker loves to eat and travel! So if that’s your cup of tea, hit that follow button to tag along on her adventures that range from Japanese market visits to hunting for the best croissants in Vancouver! 

@missvancityfoodie Soo good 😭🥰 #vancouver #yvr #croissant #food #foodtiktok ♬ today I wanted a croissant – Laura Gouillon

20. Nicole | @canadiantravelgal

Follower count: 84.5k 

Nicole is your ultimate guide in exploring the world! This Canadian TikToker knows exactly where to find the best adventures. Her treehouse rental recommendations, favourite hidden rooftop spots, and waterpark getaways will allow you to discover all the gems the world has to offer! 

@canadiantravelgal follow for more hidden gems ❤️ love this spot and check this new track #vancouver #vancouverbc #explorebc #britishcolumbia #vancity ♬ Summer Time – Olakira

21. Sophia | @sopheats

Follower count: 68.3k

Get your bucket list ready because Sophia is out to guide you through Vancouver’s best food and fun destinations! This TikTok influencer is a huge fan of food festivals and night markets, which gives her followers amazing insight on how to plan their own trips. 

@sopheats ADMISSION IS FREE! 🔥 #vancouverfoodie#vancouverfood#streetfoodfestival#vancouverbc#vancouvertiktok#food#foodtiktok#foodtrucks ♬ Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

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  • Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

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  • Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

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