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Top Canadian TikTok Influencers

Kayla Mandel
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Kayla Mandel
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Feb 11, 2021
A TikTok influencer shooting a video using her phone

It’s no secret that TikTok has taken the world by storm. Users of all ages are spending more and more time scrolling through the “For You” page.

The platform has also produced over 100 thousand influencers worldwide—and some of them are in Canada! Yes, The Great White North is house to a few of the best TikTok influencers today.

Here we share with you some of our favourite Canadian TikToker influencers and their TikTok accounts!

@chlobow_to 34.4k 1.4m
@julesthelawyer 138.3k 8.1m
@aliciamccarvell 5.8m 267.2m
@__simikaur 34.5k 596.8k
@emily.the.recruiter 269.3k 8.1m
@stylehard 1.1m 16.7m
@baileyjst 11.6k 948.3k
@brecarperuns 227.8k 6.6m
@brionyd 3997k 136.2k
@thedarcymichael 3.1m 117m
@mattgupps 3.7m 130.1m
@thedaddiaries 27.7k 271.7k
@jaydecandance 3m 138.6m
@jasminevx 83.5k 1.7m
@makaylaanisa 2.8m 57.6m
@tristanmaclean 670.6k 29.4m
@1juanromero1 959.7k 15.9m
@sophieesuchan 83.5k 3.7m
@nadiyuhz 163.6k 7.5m
@caleontwins 3.4m 149.8m
@yourgirlkarly 517.8k 8.3m
@dancerjules 1.2m 28.8m
@josh.zilberberg 2.6m 91.2m
@everything_delish 2.5m 31.6m
@matt_and_omar 1.2m 62.6m
@naomileanage 505.5k 23.1m
@joelleanello 22k 772.1k
@katherinewants 735.5k 16.5m
@isabelleheikens 922.1k 14.6m
@basicswithbails 66.3k 1.3m
@missvancityfoodie 57.6k 2m
@canadiantravelgal 102.9k 3m
@sopheats 71.8k 2.1m

1. Chloe Bow | @chlobow_to

Follower count: 34.4k

All the fun parties and activities celebrities and influencers are attending make us feel like they live in another universe. One that’s shiny, glittery, and completely exclusive. But not Chloe.

Although a star in her own right, she has a knack for making everyday life fashionable, fun, and completely relatable to the common individual. That’s what makes her TikTok videos so much fun to watch!


my neighbour made me banana bread 🥹

♬ original sound – Chloe Bow

2. Julia The Lawyer | @julesthelawyer

Follower count: 138.3k

If you’re going to ask Julia Romano what she does, she’d say, “part-time lawyer and full-time famous person.” Because she’s really both.

She was a Bay Street lawyer turned TikTok influencer that has amassed more than eight million likes. Perhaps being the sister of Blue Jay pitcher, Jordan Romano helped. But famous brother or not, we can see her charm right through every TikTok video—as do her over one hundred thousand followers.


Danny Y said he was more nervous to be around a famous person than he is to pitch in the MLB<3 love my fans<3

♬ Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

3. Alicia Mccarvell | @aliciamccarvell

Follower count: 5.8 million

We feel a lot more lovable every time we watch Alicia’s TikTok videos. She tackles serious issues like body image, self-love, and self-worth in a humorous way. No wonder there are over five million people following her!

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia,  Alicia shares everything—from dance videos and workout routines to updates on her relationship with her husband—hoping to inspire laughter and break down barriers.


#duet with @Ilona Maher I love you 💕

♬ original sound – Ilona Maher

4. Simi Kaur | @__simikaur

Follower count: 34.5k 

Mom laughs, mental health, and lifestyle are the things you’ll see featured in Simi’s TikTok videos. She aims to heal her inner child while raising her two beautiful kids. If you want to know how to create pockets of peace in your everyday life, she’s The One to follow!


parenting is hard but parenting as a cycle-breaker is even harder. #generationaltrauma #innerchildhealing #immigrantmom #cyclebreaker #dayinalife

♬ Musu Musu – Vishal Dadlani & Shiraz & Samrat & Shaan

5. Emily the Recruiter | @emily.the.recruiter

Follower count: 269.3k

Think of Emily as your internet big sister. She helps build your confidence, gives career advice, and tips on what you can do to thrive at work—and she does all these in entertaining ways.

A long-time career coach, recruiter, and goal-setting guru, she aims to demystify what it takes to succeed and feel personal fulfillment in your career.


Never stop interviewing!! #unpopularopinion #careertiktok #careeradvice

♬ original sound – Emily The Recruiter

6. Fashion Mom | @stylehard

Follower count: 1.1 million

Style hard or go home! Meytal Algranti a.k.a. Fashion Mom shares tips so everyone can look chic and stylish, whether you’re wearing designer or ordinary clothes. From classics to contemporary designers, she offers insight into what it means to dress like a boss.


Clothing that makes you look cheap! #FashionMom 💕 #cheapfashion #cheapstyle #toorevealing #fashiontok #fashiontiktok #edutok #edutokfashion #howtolookexpensive #howtolookgood #cheaplooking #logo #logomania #tootrendy #trendyfashion #fashion2023

♬ original sound – Fashion Mom

7. Bailey Stainworth | @baileyjst

Follower count: 11.6k

Want to know the latest trends in beauty, lifestyle, and high-fashion? Bailey is a go-to source for all these and more! She has solidified herself as a self-starter and progressive content creator specializing in style, fashion, and self-improvement


l*nk in b!o #amazonfinds #amazondeals #amazonfashion #amazondupefinds #balenciagashoes #fallboots #amazoncanada #amazonmusthaves

♬ ladies and gentlemen whats new – xxtristanxo

8. Brendan Carpenter | @brecarperuns

Follower count: 227.8k

Losing weight is hard, but it’ll become easier once you start following Brendan. He was once a 360-pound guy who went through all the hoops to get to where he is today so he knows how hard the road is.

Brendan is now a marathon coach runner helping others start their weight-loss journey and teaching them the right mentality to stick to the plan. What an inspiration!


Remember this

♬ theyd be bens partner – bells

9. Briony | @brionyd

Follower count: 4k

A visual artist, photographer, illustrator, and director, Briony Douglas continues to stun the social media world with her unique style. She blends pop culture and elements of surrealism together, making her works stand out from the crowd.

Aside from her large-scale sculptures and unique artworks, she is also a mental health advocate, fashion lover, and sneakerhead!


How I built and shot this miniature Martha Stewart kitchen scene 👩‍🍳 #marthastewart #art #artistsoftiktok #miniature #diy #photography #foryou #fyp

♬ Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) – ABBA

10. Darcy and Jer | @thedarcymichael

Follower count: 3.1 million

If you want to destress and step back for a bit from the world, watch Darcy Michael’s TikTok videos. An accomplished actor-comedian, he’ll definitely make you laugh with his crazy antics!


Concluding our top videos of 2022, coming in at numer 1, we give you this. .@Darcy & Jer #darcyandjer #bestof2022 #fyp #marriedlifehumor #countdownto2023 #top10

♬ original sound – Darcy

11. Matt Gupps | @mattgupps

Follower count: 3.7 million

According to Matt, he’s just a city boy who’s not great or horrible. He’s just an average guy trying to balance life and social media while trying to find the love of his life in the great big city. Kind of like you and me.


this was a fun one #mattguppsdocumentary

♬ original sound – Matt

12. The Daddiaries | @thedaddiaries

Follower count: 27.7k 

Joseph Tito was a model and film and TV director and producer, that is, before he’s had his twins through surrogacy. Now he is a content creator and social media influencer known for dealing with topics involving parenting, surrogacy, and personal development.

His life may not be as fun and upbeat as others, but it’s definitely real and totally relatable.


What gies begind getting that perfect picture. #contentcreator #tiktoklifehacks #influencer #fyp

♬ original sound – Joseph

13. Jayde Vincent | @jaydecandance

Follower count: 3 million 

Meet Jayde! Jayde is a Calgary-based TikTok influencer with 1.3M followers. She enjoys sharing dances, duets, and funny clips with her loyal followers. She’s travelling and speaking on social media panels when she’s not filming a video for a campaign!


I love you @Colton Epp #jaydesdinos

♬ Camera Snap, Paparazzi – Sound Effects

14. Jasmine Vincent | @jasminevx

Follower count: 83.5k

Jasmine happens to be Jayde’s sister—and together they make the top TikTok duo! Whether she’s filming in a grocery store, her home, or a shopping mall, Jasmine’s social media content is always captivating and entertaining for her audience.

15. Makayla Anisa | @makaylaanisa

Follower count: 2.8 million 

Looking for some fitness inspo or a new workout routine? Meet Makayla! She is a Canadian fitness enthusiast who loves to inspire her social media and TikTok followers to get up and get moving. Be sure to give her a follow!

16. Tristan MacLean | @tristanmaclean

Follower count: 670.6k 

Tristan MacLean posts a whole variety of TikTok videos! From dancing, cooking, and pranking his friends, he’ll never fail to entertain you. Tristan is one of the Canadian TikTok influencers who has built a loyal audience that only continues to grow!

17. Juan Vahos | @1juanromero1

Follower count: 959.7k 

Juan is an Alberta-based TikTok creator who always has the coolest video edits. His top TikTok content is usually a mix of dancing with song lyrics and his videos are always bound to go viral. Check him out! 

18. Sophie Suchan | @sophieesuchan

Follower count: 83.5k

Looking for some beauty tips and fashion trends? Look no further than Sophie Suchan. This Canadian TikToker’s content consists of hair tutorials, beauty tricks and outfit inspo for your next night out. Be sure to give her a follow!

19. Nadia Al-Madani | @nadiyuhz

Follower count: 163.6k

Montreal-based Nadia Al-Madani showcases her cool, laid-back and artsy vibe through her video content. From hitting up concerts with her friends, on set at a photo shoot, or posting childhood memories, we love watching the content of this Canadian TikToker and seeing her audience grow!

20. Samantha and Madeleine Caleon | @caleontwins

Follower count: 3.4 million

Samantha and Madeleine Caleon are the ultimate Canadian TikTokers! Not only do these twins have a massive presence on TikTok, but their followers are also loyal to them on YouTube and Instagram. They’re always keeping it real and fun, and we’ve loved working with them on campaigns in the past.

21. Karly Polkosnik | @yourgirlkarly

Follower count: 517.8k

Karly is an Edmonton-based content creator. She is the confidence queen! Karly’s content is real! She showcases the ups and downs of life in a fun, approachable and honest way. From dancing around in her undies to taboo topics, she’s one of the Canadian TikTokers who does it all. She is also an amazing dancer sharing dances and a former cheerleader! Check her out!

22. Julia Slater | @dancerjules

Follower count: 1.2 million

Meet Julia. She is a Toronto-based dancer and she’s all about positivity, empowerment, and high energy. She is a TikTok machine, sometimes creating over 10 different videos in one day. Julia is a dance teacher and an advocate for the Down Syndrome community. This Canadian TikToker hopes her social media videos inspire people to be happy and proud!

23. Josh Zilberberg | @josh.zilberberg

Follower count: 2.6 million

Josh’s social media videos are exactly what you need to get through a stressful day. This Canadian TikToker’s sarcastic, self-deprecating humour has had us crying and clutching our stomachs from laughing so hard. You, your 5 personalities, and 10 made-up boyfriends need Josh’s videos in your life. After scrolling through his social media content you will quickly be converted to exclusively use Thank Yew!

24. Jamie Milne | @everything_delish

Follower count: 2.5 million

If you weren’t hungry when you started reading this, you are going to be hungry now. Jamie creates the most salivating recipes! Food TikTok is a whole other world and Jamie really leads you to the promised land where everything she posts is DELISH. Jamie’s posts have gone so viral that she was featured on Good Morning America and The Today Show.

25. Matt Benfield and Omar Ahmed | @matt_and_omar

Follower count: 1.2 million

Although Matt and Omar are not officially Canadians, they are based in Toronto and get an honourable mention as they have been slaying the game as TikTok influencers. Matt and Omar are content couple goals. Throw in their fur baby and plant babes and you have just the most perfect family. They create content for all walks of life. Most recently we have been loving watching them slay the fashion game.

26. Naomi Leanage | @naomileanage

Follower count: 505.5k

This TikTok influencer is your ultimate source for lifestyle, fashion, travel, and comedy content. Her sense of humour will instantly capture your heart and convince you to tap that follow button. And, hey, she sometimes even shares her influencer goodies and freebies with her loyal followers!

27. Joëlle | @joelleanello

Follower count: 22k

Joëlle is all about “finding beauty in the concrete”—and you’re sure to be extremely entertained as you follow along on her adventures. Whether she’s sharing how her faith in humanity was restored by witnessing social interactions on the street or posting a new “Instead of That, Try This” video, this Canadian TikToker always proves to be a must-follow.

28. Katherine Wants | @katherinewants

Follower count: 735.5k 

Get ready to put your chef’s hat on because the food content on this TikTok influencer’s page is going to inspire you to start honing your master chef skills. From her viral asparagus smoked salmon quiche to poached eggs with crispy soppressata and asparagus recipes, Katherine knows exactly what everyone’s tummy wants.

29. Isabelle Heikens | @isabelleheikens

Follower count: 922.1k

This “pharmacy student with a thing for food & fashion” has become one of the top Canadian TikTokers! With her minimalist style ideas, healthy grocery hauls, and vlogs on her “stressed” student life, Isabelle Heikens never fails to supply her followers with relatable content. 

30. Bailey Campbell | @basicswithbails

Follower count: 66.3k

When it comes to easy, healthy, and gluten-free recipes, Bailey Campbell is here to help you learn all the basics. This TikTok influencer makes the most gorgeous pop tart baked oats and lemon cheesecakes that we just can’t stop looking at.

31. Trudy Leung | @missvancityfoodie

Follower count: 57.6k

This Canadian TikToker loves to eat and travel! So if that’s your cup of tea, hit that follow button to tag along on her adventures that range from Japanese market visits to hunting for the best croissants in Vancouver!

32. Nicole | @canadiantravelgal

Follower count: 102.9k

Nicole is your ultimate guide in exploring the world! This Canadian TikToker knows exactly where to find the best adventures. Her treehouse rental recommendations, favourite hidden rooftop spots, and waterpark getaways will allow you to discover all the gems the world has to offer!

33. Sophia | @sopheats

Follower count: 71.8k

Get your bucket list ready because Sophia is out to guide you through Vancouver’s best food and fun destinations! This TikTok influencer is a huge fan of food festivals and night markets, which gives her followers amazing insight into how to plan their own trips.

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  • Kayla Mandel

    Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

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  • Kayla Mandel

    Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

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