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Danielle Howson

Danielle Howson is the Senior Content Manager at TIA and self-proclaimed word nerd. She spends her time writing, thinking about writing, and coming up with creative ideas to write about. When not writing, you can find her online at @howsdani
Danielle Howson
Three phones displaying screenshots of ADHD TikTok
A rainbow ribbon intertwined with a stethoscope against a pink backdrop
Three photos of Connie Yu in a collage
Three photos of Krystle Ng-A-Mann in a collage
Five illustrated women with the text “International Women’s Day 8 March”
The Kensington Grey team


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A TikTok book influencer holding a book
Three phone screens showing BookTok book recommendations
A collage of Charli D’Amelio, the Stokes Twins, Addison Rae, and Huddy
The Influence Agency celebrates its 5 year anniversary
A collage of the BookTubers PeruseProject, JesseTheReader, PolandBananaBOOKS, FictionalFates, and Ariel Bissett
A blue background with “Give Back” written on wooden blocks
A handwritten thank you note
A group of young marketers looking for career advice
A marketing intern and her manager sitting at a desk
A collage of five Canadian female fitness YouTubers
Screenshots of The Ratatouille Musical from TikTok
A family working from home
Close up of a website URL shared through dark social
Queer content creators posing


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