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20 Las Vegas Travel Influencers to Follow for a 360 View of the Dazzling City

Leira Lacuata
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Leira Lacuata
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May 26, 2023
A collage of four Las Vegas travel influencers

Las Vegas is a stunning city with lights, casinos and never-ending parties. But besides its star-studded reputation, there’s more to the city than you see in movies and TV shows.

These 20 travel influencers in Las Vegas are here to give you a crash course on the ins and outs of their beloved city. They’ll point you to the best hotels to check in, what dishes to order in restaurants, and Instagram spots to visit!

1.  Andi | @lasvegasblogger

Andi gives the best travel advice to Las Vegas and shares with you the city’s good, bad and ugly. Her intentions are for you to maximize your budget and get the best out of Las Vegas!

Andi wears a matching black and white ensemble

2. Lluvia | @lasvegaschicas

Watching Lluvia’s content is addicting because she makes you feel you’re with her on each adventure in Las Vegas. Her efforts raise the bar for influencers because she captures every detail of her trip. If it’s an immersive experience you want, make Lluvia your travel buddy!

Lluvia looks back at the camera before riding the helicopter.

3. Where Vegas Eats | @wherevegaseats

Looking for the hottest places to dine in Las Vegas? Follow Where Vegas Eats now for top-notch food content! Powered by Station Casinos, this travel and food guide lists the menu and prices of each restaurant in Vegas. Gone are the days when you had to guess the check!

A publication material of Where Vegas Eats

4. Jen G | @vegasstarfish

Hidden fees in travelling can be a pain, but Jen G has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her TikTok videos are trade secrets that’ll help you save money when you visit Vegas. Also, Jen directs you to the food gems of the city and what dishes to order to fully encapsulate your Las Vegas experience.

A delicious cake shot captured by @vegasstarfish

5. Las Vegas Food | @lasvegasfoodz

Las Vegas Food is an account you should follow for everything about food. This content creator is dedicated to sharing the best hubs for some quality grub, ranging from street food to gourmet dishes in Instagrammable restaurants.

A shot of a hot chicken sandwich captured by @lasvegasfoodz

6. Brandon Johnson | @realbrandonfromvegas

As a seasoned realtor, Brandon Johnson knows everything about Las Vegas. He gives helpful real estate tips when you’re planning to move to the city. Besides views of The Strip, Brandon documents the ‘realness’ of Vegas by showing you the streets and home sides of the town.

Brandon Johnson posing with his Cannalean Team

7. First Friday Las Vegas | @firstfridaylasvegas

Every Las Vegas itinerary should include visiting First Friday, a monthly city arts and culture festival. The event curators work hard in presenting a theme and collecting artists from all over town to showcase their talents. Seeing First Friday in person will give you a glimpse of Vegas culture.

A view of First Friday Las Vegas

8. Jonathan Tso | @jayteetakesabite

Food, drinks and fun are three words to describe what Jonathan Tso is all about! His videos teach you how to eat like a local by showing you the places to visit in Vegas. Every bite he takes is enough to explain whether the food is worth your time and money.

Jonathan Tso posing with Olives at Your Table

9. Jorge Martinez | @vegasmusttry

From the perspective of Jorge Martinez, the best way to explore Las Vegas is through food! This Vegas foodie and travel influencer takes his time to plot his adventures so that his followers can have a good tour of the city.

 Jorge Martinez looks excited to eat his tacos.

10. Alyssa Singtalay | @shalyssaseatz

If you’re looking for rooftop bars and unlimited mimosas, Alyssa Singtalay is your girl! She continues to search for the best-underrated places in the city and shares them online for you to discover. Everything you need to know about Las Vegas is found in her Instagram captions.

Alyssa Singtalay strikes a pose at the New York Times Square

11. Lindsay Stewart | @thelasvegasfoodie

A foodie and a mama, Lindsay Stewart takes her roles seriously by showing you places you’ll enjoy with your children! She loves every cuisine and highlights which restaurants in Vegas cater to each flavour.

Lindsay Stewart poses with her slice of pizza

12. Bernice Padilla | @trendytraveler

Bernice Padilla has a mission to tick every box on her travelling bucket list, making her a famous travel influencer. She uses TikTok and Instagram as platforms to log her island hopping, beach spotting and bar crawling adventures.

Bernice Padilla sits on a camel while posing in front of The Great Pyramids of Giza

13. Damian Ocampo | @hookedlv

Damian Ocampo’s social media channels are what you need for a full scope of Las Vegas. He loves to take his followers on endless food trips as if he has a bottomless appetite. Once you glance at his content, you’ll be hooked on everything Vegas offers!

A shot of lemon pepper chicken pasta captured by @hookedlv

14. All Things Vegas | @all_things_las_vegas

All Things Vegas is one of the Vegas travel influencers whose content is about the hottest places in the city. Their Instagram feed consists of high-definition images of bright casino lights, glorious fountain shots and the stunning cityscape of Las Vegas.

A worm’s eye view shot of a Statue of Liberty replica by @all_things_las_vegas

15. Amberlei Arianne | @amberallurestyle

In a room full of people, Amberlei Arianne stands out. Aside from being a travel influencer, she posts content about lifestyle, home decor, food and beauty! Amberlei’s Instagram feed gives you a glimpse of the luxuries available in Las Vegas.

Amberlei Arianne elegantly poses in her hotel room

16. Lauren Parry | @laurenjparry

Lauren Parry is a fitness influencer and retired gymnast who shares her workouts online while showcasing how she fuels her body. As a resident of Las Vegas, she promotes a healthy balance between partying and mindfulness, encouraging you to do the same!

Lauren Parry looking radiant in her workout clothes

17. Heather Collins | @radioheather

Are you looking for fun things in Las Vegas besides wagering in casinos? Heather Collins is here to provide a complete list of what you can do in the city. Check out her TikTok account for extensive and detailed videos about her recommendations!

Heather Collins poses in front of the Las Vegas skyline

18. Philip Tzeng | @lasvegasfill

One of the Las Vegas travel influencers to follow is Philip Tzeng, an export foodie and speaker of The LasVegasFill Podcast. He takes you to various restaurants with eccentric dishes and introduces you to talented Vegas chefs on his online platforms.

Philip Tzeng poses in front of the Thrive Dispensary logo

19. Las Vegas | @vegas

Las Vegas is an influencer of its own under the username @vegas! Its TikTok account shows you what it’s like to bask in the glitz and glamour of Sin City. The creators pique your interest by presenting you with diverse recommendations ranging from attractions to places for date nights.

 A beautiful shot of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino by @vegas

20. Velia Hernandez | @its.veliaa

See the world through the Instagram feed of Velia Hernandez! This Las Vegas travel influencer documents every fun activity or place she encounters during her trips. Her effort in producing IG reels is so attractive that it’ll make you play her videos in a loop.

Velia Hernandez proudly shows two delicious hotdogs.

Why You Need to Work With Las Vegas Travel Influencers

Vegas travel influencers are the gatekeepers of everything about the city. Many people online rely on their expertise to make the visit to Las Vegas worth it. This is why travel influencers in Las Vegas hold a vital role in promoting the city’s tourism industry.

Many, if not all, companies rely on influencers to promote their brand on social media to increase awareness. If you need momentum, The Influence Agency is here to help you create an effective influencer marketing campaign that guarantees lead generation.

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