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19 San Diego Family Influencers to Follow

Leira Lacuata
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Leira Lacuata
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Jun 02, 2023
A collage of San Diego family influencers

The beautiful San Diego city is known for its world-class family attractions, such as the San Diego Zoo, LEGOLAND California, and dozens of pristine beaches. It’s also one of the hottest destinations for foodies and travel influencers because of the countless restaurants and breathtaking scenery!

Overall, it’s a wonderful city to live and grow up in. And these famous San Diego family influencers are giving the world a glimpse of what life is like in America’s Finest City. Let’s get to know who they are!

1. Mary Williams | @mrs_williamzz

Mary Williams and her beau, @mr_williamzz, are among the hottest San Diego influencers because of their heart-warming content and humble beginnings. In 2019, they posted photos of them and their children wearing matching outfits while travelling. Since then, the Williams Family has gained popularity and partnered with well-known brands like Nike.

The Williams Family wears matching red tops and crab-themed accessories

2. Carly Anderson | @lipglossandcrayons

Born to nurture, Carly Anderson is a former teacher and a current full-time mom who advocates for self-love and empowerment through her blog, Lip Gloss and Crayons. She uses her platform to prove that moms can have fun while balancing motherhood and home duties. If you’re looking for family-friendly attractions in San Diego, Carly’s got your back with travel trade secrets!

Carly Anderson carries her daughter to mimic the flying Dumbo ride in the background

3. Cecily Bauchmann | @cecilybauchmann

Being a mom to four children is no easy task, but Cecily Bauchmann makes it look like a breeze. She’s one of the inspiring mom influencers who love to post her morning and night routines with her children, which show you exciting tips to make family time fun.

Cecily Bauchmann and her four children pose for a cute group photo

4. Gina Ybarra | @huntforstyles

As one of the most famous San Diego influencers, Gina Ybarra inspires and empowers women to be the best version of themselves. This supermom shows her followers the perfect balance between being a successful entrepreneur and a mom. Through her passion for fashion, Gina continues to set clothing trends and is constantly hunting for new styles (hence, the IG username!)

A selfie of Gina Ybarra, her husband, and her son celebrating Mother’s Day

5. Sidney Hambsch | @yayfortoday_

Forget the past and the future—practice “Yay for Today!” with Sidney Hambsch. Now residing in Okinawa, Japan, Sidney’s Instagram and TikTok accounts are changing the game of trending travel influencers. Her on-the-dot documentary showcases her family’s life abroad, giving a fresh perspective to the public. See the bloom of pink cherry blossoms and stunning temples through her lens.

Sidney Hambsch poses with her family by the beach

6. Aly Enwright | @aly.andco

Catch Aly Enwright and her lovely family on their weekend van adventures. She regularly posts new trips and discusses why she recommends her destinations. If you want a more detailed explanation, Aly posts blogs alongside her videos on AlyandCo!

The Enwright Family hugging one another as they sit on the bed and pose for a photo

7. Rachel Pitzel | @xo.rachelpitzel

Need more #MomLife content? Follow Rachel Pitzel on Instagram! Her multi-faceted account features her life as a mother and a highly-followed fashion influencer. Rachel also sheds light on her lifestyle as someone with Dyslexia and Crohn’s disease. Watching Rachel’s IG reels will make you live vicariously through her because of the amount of positivity she radiates.

Rachel Pitzel and her family form a hand-heart pose

8. Lindsay | @heylindsaymichelle

We could all use a life and wellness guru who can lead us to a healthier and more vibrant life. Lindsay steps up to the occasion and uses her content to bring you closer to nirvana. She empowers fellow mothers to embrace change by posting reels that tackle insecurities. Her posts will inspire you to live in the moment with your children instead of focusing on superficial things.

Lindsay and her family wear winter clothing as they spend a weekend at Lake Arrowhead

9. Stephany Gomez | @stephgmz_

Stephany Gomez doesn’t sugarcoat her life as a mom. On her TikTok account, she bares her soul and shows audiences the ups and downs of being a mother with multiple responsibilities. And if you ever find yourself feeling lost in life, Stephany might just be there to inspire you with warm words.

Stephany Gomez cradles her child while sitting in a flower field

10. Amanda | @hellobabyboyle

In case you’re wondering where Amanda is right now, she’s most probably having the best time with her family at Disneyland! This wonderful family loves everything Disney has to offer and almost always spends most their time in the titular theme park. Based on their countless visits to Disneyland, can you imagine how many mouse ears they have by now?

Amanda takes a walk in the woods with her family

11. Vanessa Bali Moorten | @vanessaballi

No matter what life throws at Vanessa Moorten, she can easily make something extraordinary out of it. This talented mom influencer loves to share her lifestyle, fashion and hair tips. 19k IG users trust Vanessa’s top-notch beauty content, all in the name of bringing the glow out of their skin.

A family photo of the Moorten family

12. Veronica | @love3travel

Maximize your time in San Diego when you follow Veronica or @love3travel on Instagram! She recommends the best places that offer fun activities for the whole family. Veronica also knows the most delicious restaurants in the city that your tastebuds will fall in love with.

Veronica and her family pose by the dock, wearing matching outfits

13. Nura Sharif | @nuraa.sharif

Aspiring lifestyle influencers should note how Nura Sharif uses her platforms. She offers an intimate documentary of her motherhood through photos, videos, and captions. Her content will walk you through the incredible journey that is becoming a mother. From carrying her child to giving birth, Nura is not afraid to show you the reality of being a mother of three.

Nura’s latest family photo after giving birth to her third child

14. Kari | @growingupsocal

It’s no secret that working moms need more representation— they sacrifice a lot to keep the family afloat. Kari centers her content around this advocacy and serves as a worldwide voice for all working mothers. All of Kari’s efforts are for making her children smile. You’ll often find her taking her kids to Disneyland and other attractions in San Diego.

Kari brings her family to Disneyland, wearing Disney-themed outfits

15. Maria Donley | @mariadonley_

Maria Donley is your next mom bestie! This San Diego influencer strives to make relatable content to establish an excellent connection with her audience. On top of that, her aesthetic is to die for! From editing skills to colour palettes, it’s easy to fall in love with Maria Donley in a heartbeat.

Maria Donley and her husband sit on the floor while looking at their son, holding ultrasound photos

16. Roxanne Cracroft | @roxycracroft

Roxanne Cracroft is nothing but a mother full of pure love. She looks at her two beautiful children with adoration and showers them with affection. These are the secrets to building and nurturing a tender family that supports each other no matter what happens.

Roxanne Cracroft and her husband stand beside each other while carrying their children

17. Caitlin Rose Lococo | @caitlinlococo

After living a life filled with beauty pageants and glitter gowns, Caitlin Lococo is now a mother of two and enjoys every moment with her children. Her family-centred motherhood content will make your heart flutter because of the countless sweet moments.

Whether it’s spending Christmas in matching pyjamas or playing baseball together, the Lococo family serves you an honest-to-goodness perspective of being a San Diego family!

The Lococo family takes a group photo after watching a fun show of Monster Jam

18. Caitlyn Munger | @meetthemungers

Meet the Mungers through Caitlyn’s Instagram feed. She actively posts adorable photos and videos of her two children as they spend time together at home or in San Diego’s best destinations.

The Munger Family sits on a dock and poses for a family photo

19. Dani Schaffer | @citygirlgonemom

What happens when a busy city girl becomes a mom? Dani Schaffer can tell you the answer! This talented mom is active on social media and has amassed over 500k subscribers on her titular YouTube channel and over five million followers on TikTok. Follow her for fun familial content to make you laugh, smile, and cry!

The Schaffers stand beside each other and smile at the camera for an Easter group photo

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