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20 Montreal Family Influencers to Give a Follow

Jessica Moy
Written By
Jessica Moy
Published On
Feb 14, 2022
A collage of 5 Montreal Family Influencers

When the influencer gene runs strong, the result is a bunch of family influencers who fill Instagram with endearing content

Through each post, they’re proving that family truly is the greatest adventure of all.

Check out The Influence Agency’s list of 20 Montreal family influencers who will warm your heart on the daily with content that is too adorable for words. 

Alexandra | @ale_hould

Alexandra Hould is a proud mom of four who documents their adventures on Instagram! You’re bound to see exciting trips, amazing style choices, cute kids and puppies, and pretty much a home full of laughter. 

Instagram @ale_hould

Van | @fleurmaison

Follow Van on Instagram to instantly step into a world that’s a perfect shade of… blush pink! The dedicated mom and wifey is a Montreal family influencer who’s winning at both the parenthood and aesthetic game. 

Instagram @fleurmaison

Josiane Konaté | @petiteandbold

Being a mom and a skincare aficionado is not easy to pull off, but Josiane always manages to get her glow on as she navigates the adventures of motherhood and the CEO life. Follow the founder of Latane Skincare to see just how she does it!  

Instagram @petiteandbold

Meggan Renaud | @megganrenaud

If you’ve been looking for a new podcast to inspire you, then tune in to Meggan Renaud’s show called “Bring Your Beer!” where she spills incredible lifestyle and motherhood tips. On Instagram, we’re sure her baby, Laurel, will melt your heart instantly!

Instagram @megganrenaud

Melyna Cote| @melynacot_

Where interior design inspiration meets adorable family moments, you’ll find Melyna’s Instagram page! A few scrolls through her feed, and you’ll quickly discover that it feels like home. It’s no surprise she’s one of the Montreal family influencers on the rise.

Instagram @melynacot_

Annie Daoust | @anniedaoust

If you’ve been thinking of heading down the “slow living” path, then you’ve got to take some cues from Annie Daoust. This Montreal family influencer will show you how slow living might just be the solution to a happier life—and she’s got pictures to prove it! 

Instagram @anniedaoust

Caroline | @carolinegermaiin

Okay, but we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who felt incredibly refreshed after taking one look at Caroline’s Instagram. As you scroll through, you’ll be introduced to her two lovely children, her impeccable interior design skills, and her fondness for aesthetic beverages! 

Natasha Loiseau | @natashaals

One of the Montreal family influencers you’ve got to follow is Natasha Loiseau! You’ll be treated to sweet family memories, dishes that will make your inner foodie jump for joy, and even content that spreads body positivity.

Instagram @natashaals

Kris | @kristeenamichelle

We’re sure it’s been said before, but we’ll gladly say it again: Kris and her son are the ultimate #MotherAndSonGoals. From their matching outfits to their breakfast bonding moments, we’re sure you’ll love these Montreal family influencers as much as we do!

Instagram @kristeenamichelle

StaceyAnn Clayton | @staceyann_clayton

Raising three kids isn’t easy, but this Montreal family influencer seems to have it all together! StaceyAnn inspires women to take care of their skin and eat well through her lifestyle blog. Now you know the secret to getting that glow is to tap follow. 

Instagram @staceyann_clayton

Virginie | @virg_roy

She’s a Montreal family influencer and the owner of the online boutiques, Simply Good and LFit. This boss mom loves taking her family on outdoor adventures in the sun and snow! 

BRB, we’re packing our bags too right now because we’re suddenly inspired to enjoy the great outdoors too.

Instagram @virg_roy

Maïka | @maika.dufour

Maïka’s little bundles of joy are spreading smiles throughout Instagram with their undeniable charisma! 

This proud mom is also a talented microblading expert—which makes us realize that her children will surely grow up to have on-fleek eyebrows like their momma. 

Instagram @maika.dufour

Sarah Drapeau | @sarah_drap

We’re applauding really loud right now—hoping that Sarah Drapeau can actually hear it! It’s all because this Montreal family influencer’s Instagram gives off a vibe that’s the epitome of endearing. 

Featuring landscape photos only, you’ll feel like you’re truly immersed in their story as they live their best life in Barbados!

Instagram @sarah_drap

Charlotte Dussault | @charlodussault

If you love fashion, interiors, travel, and precious baby photos, then Charlotte is one of the Montreal family influencers to look out for! You’ll surely enjoy following her adventures as she navigates a brand new universe of motherhood. 

Instagram @charlodussault

Brook & Peony | @brookandpeony

Here’s another unstoppable duo we just can’t get enough of! Brook and Peony are clearly the best of friends, and it melts our hearts every time they post photos. They prove that influencer charisma and a great sense of style are simply part of their DNA. 

Instagram @brookandpeony

Vicky | @vickyfortin

Another boss mom on our list of Montreal family influencers is Vicky, who leads a wedding planning company (@c.r.e.a.t.i.o.n.v) and has three children. You can sure trust her to inject some fun wherever she goes as her family adventures have “FUN” written all over it! Seriously, we’d love to hang out with this gang.

Instagram @vickyfortin

Kim Demers | @kim_demers

Kim Demers is one of the top Montreal family influencers whose home is clearly filled with fun and laughter! When you have two kids, two dogs, and two cats, you just know there’s never a dull moment. 

Instagram @kim_demers

Jess | @jessmegan

For lifestyle, home decor, and motherhood inspiration, Jess Megan will supply the content that will have you double-tapping in no time. She should probably add “hair inspiration” to her bio too—because this momma’s tresses are always photoshoot-ready!

Instagram @jessmegan

Alex Mentink | @menthink

Proud papa alert, right here! It’s safe to say that one does not simply browse through Alex Mentink’s Instagram and not smile. This hockey player’s posts with his daughter, Billie, never fail to brighten up the day of his 123k followers!

Instagram @menthink

Make Montreal Family Influencers A Part of Your Brand’s Family

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