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Blogging is an important part of any business’s content marketing strategy. It can help increase organic traffic to your website and boost your search engine ranking while building trust with your consumer base in order to drive sales.

Take your content marketing strategy to the next level in a relevant and cost-effective way with help from The Influence Agency—Toronto’s business blogging experts.


What makes The Influence Agency different from other content creation agencies? We take a holistic approach to your content marketing strategy, including blogging. By generating a production schedule with themed content that is in line with your business goals and sales objectives, our goal is to help you convert organic traffic into potential customers and sales opportunities.

Through persona-optimized blog writing, we take user’s intent behind their search into consideration when determining blog topics. Understanding any pain points, goals, or topical preferences of your customer base provides valuable insights while planning blog content. You want to ensure that your blog has topics that are relevant to your customers and their needs. Knowing how to do that is where we come in.

In addition to creating fresh blog content, an equally important part of blogging for businesses is updating old content. Revamping old blogs can actually gain more traffic than new content, boost your rankings, and show your customers that you care enough to keep your content up to date. Our blogging process keeps refreshing old content in mind so that we can recommend what strategy would work best for your website.

Our team of professional content writers have years of experience writing high quality, well-researched blogs. Matching your brand’s tone and writing style, we’ll produce 100% original content to strengthen your website’s search engine rankings.

Influence Agency—Toronto’s business blogging experts


Search engine optimization (SEO) is extremely important when marketing your business. Not only should your website’s content be properly optimized, but so should your blog. Blogging helps boost your SEO quality and positioning, giving you more opportunities to rank for a wide range of keywords.

We select blog topics based on extensive keyword research and an analysis of your competitors’ blogs using leading digital marketing tools. Doing so ensures that you keep pulse with industry trends while identifying any gaps in the search engine results page you have the potential to rank for.

When you use our SEO blog writing services, you’re guaranteed relevant, optimized blog content applying the necessary on-page SEO techniques and strategies to rank.

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Benefits of Blogging for
Your Business

There are a wide variety of benefits that blogging can bring to your business. With the help of professional content writers, you can take advantage of all that blogging has to offer. Some of these benefits including the following:

Increase Organic Traffic

If you’re looking to boost your organic site traffic, blogging for business is widely considered to be one of the most effective strategies you can utilize. Blogging regularly is a cost-effective way to help drive more traffic to your site in addition to all your other search engine marketing efforts.

Boost Search Engine Ranking

Blogging is an efficient and cost-effective way to add new and relevant content onto your website—something that all major search engines love to see. When you’re consistently creating original blog posts, you provide Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines with fresh content to index.

Blogging for businesses is also a great opportunity to insert those all-important keywords that your consumers will be using in order to find the types of products or services that your business offers.

Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader

One of the greatest benefits of blogging for your business is its ability to establish you as an industry leader. No matter what size your business might be, by providing blog content that is perceived as valuable by your customers and forward-thinking by your competitors, you’ll quickly identify yourself as an industry authority and go-to for important information.

Oftentimes, inner pages on your website don’t allow you to explore a specific service or topic related to your industry in-depth. That’s where blogging for business comes in. Having a blog section on your website lets you create an expansive catalogue full of helpful, customer-focused content that focuses on your specific market niche.

Convert Traffic into Leads

Every blog post on your website is a new opportunity to generate new leads. Your website is your biggest salesperson, available to customers 24/7, and your blog is an extension of that. It should have all the information that’s needed to convert users into prospective customers.

More often than not, consumers are going to spend some time researching a product or service before making the decision to buy or pick up the phone. People who prioritize their business’s blogging efforts are 13 times more likely to see a positive ROI.

While not every single reader will become a lead, with a call to action strategically placed at the end of each blog post, you’ll be one more step ahead of your competition.

Raise Brand Awareness

If done the right way, using SEO blog writing services can be a powerful tool in building your brand. Blogging is a great chance to showcase your brand’s tone and strengthen relationships with new and existing customers in a different, more conversational way.

Every time you publish a new blog, you’re promoting content that people can share on social media. Consumers share blog posts that they think will be helpful to others, exposing your business to new audiences that might not be familiar with you just yet. Increase your reach and spread your brand awareness online with high-quality, shareable blogs.

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