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Top New York Food Influencers

Jordyn Gangbar
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Jordyn Gangbar
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Jun 15, 2021
A collage of five New York food influencers

How much food is too much? We’d have to say there’s no such thing – especially in a city like New York.

With all the restaurants available in New York City, how does one go about choosing which spots are worth the visit? This is where expert recommendations and in-depth reviews come in. We’ve made it easy for you and rounded up the top New York food influencers and foodies you need to follow. Reader beware: even if you’re not hungry, you will be after reading this blog!

1. Christine Yi – @cy_eats

If you can’t decide on what you want to eat today, Christine Yi can send you in the right direction! This New York food influencer features the most mouth-watering dishes from all over the world. Raised in a traditional Korean household, it’s no surprise that she has a huge appreciation for spicy food. Christine has even come up with her own contribution to the world of spices, and it’s called CY Eats Chili Oil. We couldn’t be more thankful. 

2. The VIP List, Meg Radice & Audrey Jongens – @theviplistnyc

They don’t call themselves the “CEOs of outdoor dining” for no reason. Meg and Audrey have visited all the top spots in New York where you can find the city’s most delectable dishes. For recommendations on where you can find NYC’s best ratatouille and paella, you can count on the girls of The VIP List. For more in-depth reviews, they’ve also taken their opinions to TikTok where they have over 320,000 followers. 

3. Morgan Raum – @tooomuchfoood

Morgan Raum uses her expertise in food to guide others in choosing the next thing they should munch on. This New York foodie uploads helpful food guides for Hanukkah, pizza, Chinese takeaway, and so much more. Her easy to swipe and uncomplicated way of food influencing has made her one of the most popular content creators in her niche. She strongly believes that there’s “no such thing as too much food”, and we honestly couldn’t agree more!

4. Jessica Hirsch – @cheatdayeats

Cheat day somehow always goes by so much faster than regular days. Don’t let that much-awaited glorious day just pass you by. New York food influencer Jessica Hirsch can teach you a thing or two about how to go all-out on your cheat days. The brigadeiros, peanut butter chocolate cakes, and ombre waffle hearts on her feed will have you sugar-rushing to your kitchen to satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Sydelle Anderson – @lifebysydelle

We all have that one type of drink that we need to get us through the day. For New York foodie Sydelle Anderson, it’s a crazy shake (high five, girl!). We love an influencer who knows exactly what our taste buds are looking for. Not only does she post reviews on her top food spots, but she also shares her favourite recipes like gnocchi bake, Italian orzo salad, and churro waffles. 

6. Jeremy Jacobowitz – @jeremyjacobowitz

With over 447,000 followers on Instagram, Jeremy Jacobowitz is one of social media’s biggest foodie influencers. He actively documents his food adventures across the globe and details the top must-visit restaurants. On his “Brunch With” podcast, Jeremy features different celebrity guests and discusses everything from social media tips to weight loss journeys.

7. Brian Can’t Stop Eating – @briancantstopeating

So, New York foodie Brian can’t stop eating and, honestly, neither can we. Looks like we’re all in this together. This influencer has got you covered with his cinnamon roll cupcake hacks, winter sangria mixes, and butternut squash fettuccine alfredo recipes. Brian even shares tips on how to perfectly cook your steak, which we all know is a struggle even for the pros. 

8. Ben Hon – @stuffbeneats

There’s only one way to describe Ben Hon’s Instagram feed: art. Something about his food shots makes you feel like they deserve a spot in a museum. Since he’s also a professional photographer, Ben Hon pairs these skills to produce content that’s just absolutely stunning. The dishes he photographs look so mouth-watering that you’ll be running to the restaurant to eat it all at once, but at the same time the food looks so pretty you’d hardly even want to ruin it by devouring it. #FoodieProblems.

9. Vallery Lomas – @foodieinnewyork

Someone who’s studied law AND can bake-up a storm is someone you’d definitely want to befriend. Vallery Lomas was also the winner of the Great American Baking Show. After all the success she’s found in the world of food, she released a cookbook called “Life Is What You Bake It.” This New York foodie has also taken her cooking skills to national television with an appearance on “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan” in February 2021 and a series on the Food Network called “Vallery Bakes Your Questions.”

10. Kylie Mazon-Chambers – @cookingwithcocktailrings

Another New York food influencer and author who’s made it to our list is Kylie Mazon-Chambers. In 2020, she released her book “Share + Savor: Create Impressive + Indulgent Appetizer Boards for Any Occasion.” From her Instagram feed alone, you can see that she has nailed the art of whipping up appetizing food. Now that her book’s out, we can all try our best to replicate her creative dishes.

11. Greg & Rebecca – @devourpower

The quintessential New York foodies, Greg Remmey (@gregremmey) and Rebecca Leigh West-Remmey (@loveisanactionverb) quit their jobs to pursue their passion for food. This married couple documents their gastronomy journey on their shared Instagram account while running their food-driven content studio, Devour Media. You won’t want to miss out on their cookbook that breaks down the “most delicious, epic, and occasionally outrageous foods of New York City.”

New York’s Finest Food Influencers

The one thing that can easily bring people together is good food. The fact that New York food influencers are some of the biggest online celebrities really amplifies that notion. Whether it’s about finding the finest restaurant recommendations or cooking up the perfect recipe, their content and honest opinions help us embark on our own munching adventures. New York foodies are your go-to source for an infinite range of appetizing content. 
If you’d like to learn more about The Influence Agency’s New York influencer marketing strategy, we’d love to chat!


  • Jordyn Gangbar is the Lead Project Manager at TIA. She has a multi-faceted digital marketing tool-kit. She has a passion for website development and SEO to help make sure her clients present themselves with the best digital face. When she isn't at her desk you can find her trying out the latest cooking trends on social media.

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  • Jordyn Gangbar is the Lead Project Manager at TIA. She has a multi-faceted digital marketing tool-kit. She has a passion for website development and SEO to help make sure her clients present themselves with the best digital face. When she isn't at her desk you can find her trying out the latest cooking trends on social media.

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