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Top New York Food Influencers You Need to Follow

Jordyn Gangbar
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Jordyn Gangbar
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Apr 14, 2023
A collage of four NYC-based food influencers

Besides being a place where dreams are made, New York City is the turf of delicious food from different cuisines. Each street has attractive food carts and interesting restaurants inviting you to grab a bite. But where to start?

We understand our roles and responsibilities towards influencer management, and we recognize that you need help from an expert to find the food gems of New York City. We’ve rounded up these top New York food influencers and the best NYC food Instagram accounts to help you find the best places to eat in the city: 

1. Christine Yi | @cy_eats

Whatever you’re craving right now, Christine Yi has multiple recommendations for you! This New York food influencer actively posts on Instagram about dishes she finds from NYC restaurants. Her captions provide brief yet informative descriptions of the flavours and things you can expect from the grub she recommends.

Christine smiles at the camera while using her kitchen as the background

2. The VIP List, Meg Radice & Aubrey Jongens | @theviplistnyc

Meg and Aubrey are here to take you to various places in NYC! The VIP List’s owners provide first-class immersive experiences through their high-definition videos and captions. After viewing their Instagram, you’ll know where to eat for today’s lunch!

Meg and Aubrey look fierce wearing denim and diamonds

3. Morgan Raum | @tooomuchfoood

Despite being an extremely picky eater, Morgan Raum finds the best meals in NYC. Her approval says a lot about the dishes she eats in various restaurants. Morgan’s taste buds and expertise ensures that you’ll also love what she’s having!

Morgan proudly holds a tall sandwich in both of her hands.

4. Jessica Hirsch | @cheatdayeats

Want a cheat day when you’ll not worry about what to eat? Follow Jessica Hirsch now! Her content shows many large serving dishes that’ll make your mouth water. She takes each grub as a challenge to finish them wholly by herself. In her Instagram, there’s no such thing as ‘dieting’ or counting calories!

 Jessica proudly raises a forkful of pasta

5. Sydelle Anderson | @lifebysydelle

Sydelle Anderson is a famous NYC food influencer because she’s known for broadcasting sweet treats and drinks. As a well-known content creator, Sydelle ensures that her media perfectly balances sweet and salty munchies. This technique offers a paired food suggestion for her followers to satisfy all their cravings. Press that follow button now to maximize your palate while in New York!

Sydelle grins happily while holding a delicious cocktail

6. Jeremy Jacobowitz | @jeremyjacobowitz

You need to add Jeremy Jacobowitz to your following list because he shares trade secrets of NYC restaurants! From secret menu dishes to hidden burger gems, Jeremy’s food recommendations will make you eat like a true New Yorker.

Jeremy holding a serving of spicy rigatoni

7. Brian Lindo | @briancantstopeating

Brian can’t stop eating, and nothing seems to distract him from pursuing flavours. Jump into his Instagram and TikTok accounts to see obscure restaurants that offer dishes you haven’t heard of. 

Brian poses with a bottle of beer before eating his ordered food

8. Ben Hon | @stuffbeneats

What kind of stuff Ben eats? A lot, actually! This NY foodie dedicates his time and heart to finding the best-roasted duck, the saltiest caviar and other indulgences the kitchen offers.

Ben comfortably sits on a bench under a ‘Team Pixel’ signage.

9. Vallery Lomas | @foodieinnewyork

Vallery Lomas is not just an ordinary foodie in New York; she’s a published baking enthusiast who won an award for her skills! This recognition proves her recommendations immaculate, whether they may be dishes or ingredients for baking a sweet torte.

Vallery smiles at the camera while holding a plate of her holiday cookies

10. Kylie Mazon-Chambers | @cookingwithcocktailrings

You’ll never run out of cooking ideas when you follow Kylie Mazon-Chambers on Instagram! Her diverse feed contains dishes ranging from pasta to rice meals. She also has a cookbook called Share and Savor, which you can use to learn about making delectable appetizers. 

 Kylie cradles multiple baguettes at once.

11. Greg & Rebecca | @devourpower

Greg and Rebecca of Devour Power are living their lives because every second they have is dedicated to devouring! This NYC food couple quit their jobs to eat and share their gastronomic journey with their followers. With all the time in their hands, Greg and Rebecca found the best spots in NYC worth your visit. 

Greg and Rebecca hold trays full of various dishes.

12. Lori Luo | @girleatsnyc

Lori Luo is your best food buddy; her Instagram content is so addicting because of her crispy food shots. She combined her knack for editing and love for food to produce immersive videos. Lori documents every bit of the restaurant she visits, so you can have an overview before visiting the recommended places. 

Lori joins the plants inside a greenhouse and carries two pots in her hands.

13. Alexandra Romanoff | @onemoredish

One more dish? Alexandra Romanoff will always say yes to that! This NY food influencer loves to travel the world aside from exploring the ins and outs of her home city. She also commemorates each tour by posting a dish recommendation. 

Alexandra pauses for a photo before she tastes the pizza in front of her.

14. Stephanie Perez | @yeahfoodbeer

As a mom, Stephanie Perez ensures you eat well by providing multiple chow advice! Her content is about yummy local eats in New York City. She goes all out with her food expeditions and tastes them like a champion to see if it’s worth your time. 

Stephanie takes a photo with a roasted pig.

15. Mike Chau | @mikejchau

Give Mike Chau the ‘Best Dad Award’ because he takes his daughter, @foodbabyny, wherever he goes. Together, they try various dishes from various cuisines and restaurants in New York. Their food reviews are worth reading because they provide extensive details about what to expect. 

Mike, his wife and his children pose for the camera.

16. Vivian Huang | @lavivienyc

We don’t know Vivian Huang’s powers, but she always finds the best spots to eat in New York! Her Instagram showcases multiple ambient restaurants with unique and inviting services. Watch any of her videos, and you’ll find yourself saying, “I’m definitely going there.”

Vivian takes a dip in the pool and enjoys her floating food tray.

17. Jen Balisi | @indulgenteats

Jen Balisi’s content is comforting because you see her enjoy every food she eats. Her oozing personality urges you to try a basic pepperoni pizza or a delicious wagyu steak. Jen also published “Indulgent Eats,” a cookbook containing 60 recipes you can make at home. 

A photo of Jen Balisi holding a pasta pan as she poses for the camera

Explore NYC Through New York Food Influencers

Concrete jungle New York hides its food secrets in various streets and avenues. The best way to discover them is through food influencers in New York City. These online celebrities have enough credibility for you to trust their endless food suggestions.

Working with New York influencers to boost brand awareness is a no-brainer, given their online power. The Influence Agency can help you create influencer marketing campaigns to increase your business’ trajectory!

Contact us today for more information on our influencer marketing services.

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