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Use This List to Follow the Top Chicago Lifestyle Influencers

Leira Lacuata
Written By
Leira Lacuata
Published On
Apr 28, 2023
A collage of five Chicago lifestyle influencers

Chicago – this windy city takes your breath away whenever you visit because of its beautiful architecture and hundreds of attractions. Travelling here should be on your bucket list to experience its colourful and welcoming culture.

But is it possible to fit all sites of Chicago into one brief travel itinerary? Absolutely! With the help of these Chicago lifestyle influencers, you’ll have a guide on how to be an honorary citizen.

1. Heidi Ör | @heidiorrr

Heidi Ör is an excellent entry guide to Chicago. She categorizes her trips into labelled story highlights, so you can quickly check where she’s been to! From hotels to brunch ideas, Heidi always chooses the best spots.

Heidi Ör wears a long-sleeve party dress while holding a pink bouquet of flowers

2. Sarah | @agirlaboutchicago

Follow Sarah’s Instagram account now for exclusive access to the secret tourist places in Chicago. She also has a Chicago lifestyle blog containing detailed reviews and blurbs about the city’s extensive culinary scene!

Sarah happily holds her cocktail while posing for the camera

3. Morgan Raphael | @morganraphael

If the word ‘ease’ is a person, Morgan Raphael perfectly embodies it! She’s one of the famous Chicago lifestyle influencers because she genuinely connects with her followers. Morgan’s Instagram captions remind you to care for yourself, making her a genuine #lifestyleguru.

Morgan Raphael wears a cozy winter outfit

4. Ren | @chicago.by.ren

Need a place for you and your boo’s date? Ren is an expert in recommending the most romantic places in Chicago! She posts Instagram reels for all must-see spots, so you know what to expect upon arrival.

Ren holds a tray of freshly baked stuff peppers

5. Jess Keys | @jesskeys_

Jess Keys is one of the Chicago fashion influencers you must follow. She’s a massive fan of outfit repeating and provides tips on how to make your ‘already worn’ clothes look new.

Jess Keys wears a white top, denim shorts, a striped scarf, a brown bag and a pair of white shoes

6. Whitney Buha | @somethingwhitty

Got something witty to say? Whitney Buha has a thing or two about spicing up your life! Her content is about how to elevate your Amazon-purchased clothes into high fashion. Whitney also invites you to watch her daily routine videos to understand what living as a Chicago citizen is like.

Whitney Buha lounges on her yacht while wearing a leopard top, white texture skirt and nude-coloured sandals.

7. Grace Andrews | @grace.andrewsss

Part of the top Chicago lifestyle influencers, Grace Andrews provides a detailed crash course on the fun activities in the city. Check out and follow her TikTok because she makes the best immersive videos!

Grace Andrews wears a matching black crop top and high-waisted pants

8. Sonya | @sofiyagoyda

Sonya is like a walking Pinterest feed using keywords such as ‘minimalism,’ ‘cool tones,’ and ‘fall and winter fitspo.’ If these speak to you, find more of her photos on Instagram to see beautiful and ethereal shots!

Sonya poses with her two dogs for a picture

9. Wale Sanni | @stylebywale

Wale Sanni is one of the hottest male Chicago influencers you must follow. He loves to talk about everything related to designer brands, like Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and Prada. Press that notifications button to stay updated with Wale’s fashion bits and trend predictions!

Wale Sanni shows three different styles of Balenciaga sneakers to the camera

10. Candace | @candesland

Candace is a champion who promotes diversity and inclusivity, making her sit at the top of Chicago lifestyle influencers. This fashion influencer proudly shows the curves of her body and styles them with dashing clothes. Candance shares her passion for fashion by providing you with outfit suggestions!

Candace wears a stunning form-hugging yellow dress

11. Jessica Sturdy | @jessicarosesturdy

‘Serving looks and dressing to the nines’ is the daily motto of Jessica Sturdy. Her incredible fashion sense gives her the knack for creating outfits that fit each season. You’ll never find a bad photo with this influencer!

Jessica Sturdy wears a long patterned white dress, topped with a green blazer

12. Ishita Dosaj | @theishitaedition

Ishita Dosaj loves to play with colours, and her all-green ensemble is everything! She’s a Chicago icon who knows how to pair textures and make them look good on her body.

Ishita Dosaj wears a fashionable all-green ensemble

13. Sassy | @sassyconfetti

Whether it’s about the best places to eat in Chicago or recommending a good wine bottle, Sassy always delivers. Her infectious and honest-to-goodness energy will make you listen to everything she says about enjoying your time in the windy city!

Sassy wears a cute white poncho decorated with red hearts

14. Anna Jane Wisniewski | @seeannajane

Anna Jane Wisniewski is one of the Chicago beauty influencers who believes simplicity is everything! Learn how to elevate your fashion, cooking and health when you follow her ‘gram.

Anna Jane Wisniewski sports a fluffy black jacket with a pair of black wide-leg trousers

15. Abbie Kay | @abbiekaym

Another Chicago lifestyle blogger you need to follow is Abbie Kay. She wears the cutest outfits that every girl dreams of. The best part? Abbie tells you where you can get them!

Abbie Kay wears a lovely soft pink dress and pearl-beaded heels

16. Rachel Chen | @vintagedolls

Follow Rachel Chen’s Instagram to see Chicago from a warm, golden view. Her photos show you the city’s luxuries and detail what to expect when you visit.

Rachel Chen enjoys a heavy brunch by the beach

17. Jennifer Lake | @jenniferlake

Jennifer Lake is a seasoned lifestyle influencer with a niche about living like a jet setter. You’ll find yourself engrossed in her photos because of the lavish outfits that make her look like a living Barbie doll.

Jennifer Lake poses in a maximalist restaurant while wearing a hot pink embroidered dress

18. Megan Homme | @meganhomme

Megan Homme dreams of travelling and visiting all countries, so she dedicates all her time to creating a travel blog. You can find her voyage notes through her Instagram story highlights.

Megan Homme looks drop-dead gorgeous with her white cardigan and black mini skirt

19. Assia & Soumaya | @bayoud_twins

Assia & Soumaya Bayoud are your next favourite twin stars. They’re models who love publicly sharing their lifestyles and beauty routines on social media. The two always win the #twinning game because of their stylish matching outfits.

Assia and Soumaya Bayoud wear pink and black co-ords

20. Natalie | @natalieinthecity_

See the corporate side of Chicago when you follow Natalie’s Instagram! Her #girlboss aura gives her the confidence to share plus-size fashion tips with her followers. The empowerment she created has caused a lot of people to love themselves too.

Natalie wears a black and white ensemble and poses in the middle of a street

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  • Leira Lacuata

    Leira Lacuata is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency with a penchant for creating mood-specific music playlists, discovering song samples and collecting vinyl records. You'll find her lifting heavy weights at a gym while rapping Tyler the Creator and Kendrick Lamar's songs word for word in her free time.

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  • Leira Lacuata

    Leira Lacuata is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency with a penchant for creating mood-specific music playlists, discovering song samples and collecting vinyl records. You'll find her lifting heavy weights at a gym while rapping Tyler the Creator and Kendrick Lamar's songs word for word in her free time.

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