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11 Toronto Male Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Nancy Chu
Written By
Nancy Chu
Published On
Nov 02, 2018
A male fashion influencer wearing luxury cufflinks

The menswear scene in Toronto is slowly but surely making a name for itself when it comes to style game and serious #ootd goals.

It’s certainly clear that the trendy, fashion-conscious lads of Toronto are emerging at the forefront of digital content creation for men’s fashion and we are loving every second of it. So,

if you’re looking for style inspiration or need to step up your fashion game, look no further than our list.

Here are our top 11 Toronto male fashion bloggers you should be following:

Ashkan Hobian | @ashkanhobian

Ashkan Hobian is a Toronto-based content creator who serves up fresh content on men’s fashion, travel, lifestyle, and skincare. If you want to fill your IG feed with impressive style, elegant aesthetic, and an enriched lifestyle, Ashhkan Hobian’s is one of the must-follow male fashion bloggers on this list.

While we’re on the subject, some FYI for Ashkan Hobian’s new fans: he has a twin, Roham Hobian, who is also a well-known content creator and colourist.


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A post shared by Ashkan Hobian (@ashkanhobian)

Jalen Nelson | @lickmyfashion

Canadian-born menswear influencer, content creator, marketing guru, and YouTube personality, Jalen Nelson clearly has a lot going for him. If you’re into stylish men’s jackets, high-end suits, and actionable tips on men’s fashion, then Jalen Nelson’s Instagram page is the place to be. Get ready for a regular dose of stylish men’s looks as well as Jalen’s inspiring insights as an influencer and as a person.

Matt Edwards | @mattredwards

Matt Edwards is your go-to guy for fresh content on men’s fashion, mental health, skincare and lifestyle. He covers a lot of bases on his Instagram, with regular posts that help men look and feel their very best. With a warm smile, great body, and an easy-going approach to fashion and life, what’s not to love about Matt Edwards? He is definitely one of the best male fashion bloggers who deserve a follow.

Didier | @didieryhc

There’s no doubt about it. Didier is a bon vivant who loves life, men’s fashion, coffee, food, and travel! Phew! This on-fire content creator from Toronto is one of the male fashion bloggers you need to follow if you want fashion inspiration or recommendations on the where to go for added joie de vivre.

And we’ll just out and say it, Didier rocks various styles of men’s jackets with such class and elegance,  like your very own Torontonian Bruce Wayne!  


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A post shared by Didier. Toronto (@didieryhc)

Andrew Cretaro | @andrewcretaro

Andrew Cretaro’s Instagram is a feast for the eyes. And it’s not just because of his charming and friendly aura. This Toronto-based content creator executes a deliberate artistry in each post, with photographic compositions that really capture the essence of his lifestyle.

Andrew loves traveling in style, wandering the city, and scouting leisurely for cute coffee shops. He is definitely one of the male fashion bloggers that will enrich your IG feed. Cruise with him in a relaxing but stylish journey by following his Instagram!


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A post shared by Andrew Cretaro (@andrewcretaro)

Steven Branco | @mr.stevenbranco

There are a few Instagram pages out there that will make you feel truly immersed in the essence of “the sweet life”—and Steven Branco’s IG is definitely on that list. As a leader, creative director, award-winning creative, men’s fashion influencer, and much more, Steven Branco’s IG is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what he has to offer the world. Follow his IG to get a glimpse of his effortlessly cool fashion, beautiful travel moments, and all-around good vibes with great people.

Reza Jackson | @REZA_JAX

Originally from Iran, Reza Jackson is certainly one of those rare male fashion bloggers with a keen eye for style. With his cool, effortlessly chic street style, you can catch him sporting the latest trends in the world of fashion with impeccably styled hair as he walks the streets of Toronto. An authority in bold prints and layered looks, he always looks like he just walked off an editorial shoot.


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A post shared by Reza Jackson Style (@reza_jax)


Josh McAree is a triple threat. He spends his time modelling, building businesses, and creating digital content. Along with his sick outfit of the day shots, Josh also curates the perfect feed that showcases his adventures abroad.


Along with creating digital content, Jake stays busy in his roles as a Registered Nurse, a TV Personality, and a writer and co-producer for CBC Life.  He has the ability to make the simplest pieces look chic and swears by the versatility of black and white tees, leather jackets, and black boots. Catch him on the runway, on your television screen, or at the coolest PR events with his signature mega-watt smile.


Syed Sohail is best known for being the founder of the leading Canadian menswear blog, The Prep Guy. His signature preppy style has landed him multiple award nominations, as well as recognition as a leading body activist in the fashion industry. Furthermore, Syed has also been featured in various publications ranging from The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life, Elle Canada, and more. He’s one of the male fashion bloggers that’s definitely  worth a follow!


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A post shared by Syed Sohail (@theprepguy)


Christian Thompson is the founder and creator of lifestyle blog Christian Confidential, a carefully curated lifestyle blog tailored around fashion, fitness, travel, and pop culture. He’s one of those male fashion bloggers with an eye for street style fashion, we can’t get enough of his clean silhouettes and epic sneaker collection.

Let Top Male Fashion Bloggers Promote Your Brand

So there you have it. We hope this list gave you the inspiration you need to live your best Instagram life. Have we missed any male fashion bloggers you know and love? Let us know in the comments below so we can add them to our list!

If you’re hoping to promote your brand through Men’s Fashion Influencers who call Toronto home, contact us today to find out how we can help spread the word!



  • Nancy Chu

    Nancy Chu is the Brand Manager at The Influence Agency and is dedicated to building holistic brand campaigns that empower audiences around the world. She loves pasta, sunshine, and can eat a pint of ice cream every day of her life!

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  • Nancy Chu

    Nancy Chu is the Brand Manager at The Influence Agency and is dedicated to building holistic brand campaigns that empower audiences around the world. She loves pasta, sunshine, and can eat a pint of ice cream every day of her life!

    View all posts

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