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10 TikTok Creators You Need To Follow Right Now

Nancy Chu
Written By
Nancy Chu
Published On
Jun 26, 2020
10 TikTok Creators You Need To Follow Right Now

There’s no denying that TikTok is taking the world of social media by storm. It’s breaking user growth records as we know it as the ultimate platform for never-ending, bite-sized video content that’s showing no signs of slowing down. As of November 2019, TikTok has reached over 1.5 billion downloads across the App Store and Google Play. Moreover, it was the third most downloaded app only behind WhatsApp and Messenger, solidifying themselves as one of the top social media platforms in the world rivalling Facebook and Instagram as we know it.

With all the attention TikTok has been receiving the last few years, brands are certainly beginning to take notice. Between its top-secret algorithm, high organic reach, and level of engagement, brands are eyeing TikTok as a lucrative avenue to amplify their influencer marketing efforts and social media campaigns. It’s easy to see why they want to take advantage of the vast networks that TikTok creators have carved out for themselves.

TikTok offers a wide roster of easy-to-use tools for content creation. The availability of music, effects, and sound bites put creativity back into the hands of the creators who have skyrocketed to fame with their unique, entertaining, and innovative content.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our current favourite TikTok creators on the emerging platform. Whether you enjoy comedy skits, dance challenges, recipes, beauty, fashion, travel, or lifestyle content, TikTok has something for you. Keep on reading to see who we just can’t get enough of right now!

Alexa Jade – @the.navarose

I dub Alexa the QUEEN of DIY and epic transitions. She shares super creative DIY videos from fashion to home decor, along with styling tips and look books. Alexa has some of the most original content I’ve seen and we are loving the looks she’s serving day in and day out.

@the.navaroseI ended up turning them all edgy but o well here u go 🖤 ##fyp ##foryou ##tiktokfashion ##style ##mystyle ##fashion ##poweryourstyle @style♬ I Like Him – Princess Nokia

Catarina Mello – @professionaltraveler

Looking for your next travel hack to get your flights for free? How about bucket list travel destination ideas that cover secluded corners of the world? Catarina’s got you covered. We’re loving all of her tips and tricks that show you how to save big on your next trip!

@professionaltravelerI travel for a living & here are a few secrets I know 🤫 ##travelblogger ##travelinfluencer ##travelhacks ##flighthacks ##moreyouknow ##howto ##tiktokhacks♬ Banana (feat. Shaggy) – DJ FLe – Minisiren Remix – Conkarah

Analisse – @analisseworld

Analissa is a professional dancer who’s worked with a variety of artists in the industry as both a dancer and a choreographer. She’s got the moves, she got the swag, and she’s got the crew. Analisse frequently posts dance routines with her siblings and we can’t wait to see her crush another dance challenge!

@analisseworld“I think you can see me in the video” -Mom 😅💛❤️ @katttrod♬ Ice Me Out – Kash Doll

Janette Ok – @inmyseams

Janette’s styling tips and outfit ideas have saved my life on more than one occasion. She offers some of the best fashion tips and hacks that will leave you wondering where she’s been your whole life including how to style sweats fashionably (because let’s be real, what else are people wearing nowadays #quarantinelife), and how to dress office casual (since no one can agree on what this actually means).

@inmyseamsi think this is my fave video ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##tiktokfashion ##musthaves ##5tips ##howto ##fashionhacks♬ original sound – inmyseams

Munopia – @munopiaportraits

Munopia is a photographer and content creator who shares photo editing and content creation tips. Level up your social media game by learning how to find the best location to take photos, how to shoot outdoor portraits, and how to edit images in post-production. Check out this super cool photography trick using mirrors to shoot product imagery!

@munopiaportraitsA creative way to use mirror in ##productphotography ##photographer ##phototips ##photoideas ##homephotoshoot ##phototutorial♬ オリジナル楽曲 – 🐷きょっちゃん🐽

Jeremy Scheck – @jeremyscheck

If you’re looking for dinner inspiration, look no further than Jeremy’s profile. His channel covers delicious recipes such as how to make the perfect plate of Penne alla Vodka and is filled with cooking hacks that will truly blow your mind. We are dying to try his roasted potato recipe! Can you say perfection?

@jeremyscheckif you see this & don’t follow my insta, you’ll be cursed with soggy potatoes ##roastpotatoes ##roastedpotatoes ##potatoes ##vegan ##sidedish ##potato♬ original sound – llusionmusic

Ray Finance – @moneychannel

Typically when we see finance and money management in the same sentence, we run far, far away. However, Ray takes a different approach to sharing financial information that breaks down concepts in a simple, straight forward, and easily digestible way. While it’s important to always speak to your financial advisor before making financial decisions, Ray’s profile proves to be very helpful especially to millennials and the younger Gen Z population that TikTok dominates.

@moneychannelWhat is the smartest way to buy your 1st Property?! For my Canadians 🙂 🏡 Share with all loved ones! ##fyp ##realestate ##home ###firsttimehomebuyer ##tax♬ original sound – moneychannel

A Golden Named Kevin – @agoldennamedkevin

How can you deny the sweet, sweet face of a Golden Retriever named Kevin and his adorable collection of hats? Kevin never fails to brighten up my day, make me smile, and strongly consider having a house full of Golden Retrievers some time in the very, very, very near future.

@agoldennamedkevinKev sure is sneaky 🦆 ##dinoday ##AlmondWalk ##dogsoftiktok♬ Cooking by the book – psherman42wallaby

Dr. Mamina Turegano – @drmamina

FREE skincare tips from a dermatologist? YES PLEASE! Dr. Mamina Turegano is a Triple board-certified Dermatologist who offers up great skincare advice. We love her for her awesome over-the-counter product recommendations that don’t break the bank and for her educational content that shows us how we can rival the likes of Edward Cullen when it comes to anti-aging.

@drmaminaABC’s of skincare✨ ##antiaging ##learnontiktok ##dermatologist ##tiktokdoctor ##tiktokpartner ##skincareroutine ##skincare ##fyp ##foryoupage ##derm ##fy♬ Hit It – Yung Skrrt


Calling all Starbucks lovers! @gerrigerrigerri is also known as Your Friendly Barista, and he is here to make all of your Starbucks drink dreams come true. He shares unique drink ideas that take customization to a whole new level, not to mention that look absolutely delicious! Check out how you can order a Strawberry Matcha drink the next time you visit Starbucks.

@gerrigerrigerriPerfect duo 🍓🍵 ##Starbucks ##barista ##fyp♬ original sound – gerrigerrigerri

So there you have it! We hope you enjoyed our list of our current favourite TikTok creators who deserve your follow. If you’re looking to take advantage of TikTok’s incredible reach and audience of engaged users, contact us today to find out how we can help.

Did we miss any of your favourites? Give us a shout and let us know below.

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