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Why You Should Use TikTok for Marketing?

It’s official: TikTok is one of the most popular kids in town. With over one billion active users, all eyes are on the third most downloaded social media app of all time. 

Now is the time for brands to claim a seat at the TikTok table to interact and connect with audiences organically. 

Influencer marketing, customer engagement, e-commerce capabilities, audience targeting, and consumer awareness are all aspects of TikTok that have made it a vital tool for promoting a business online. But simply being on the platform is not enough—you want to build a stand-out presence on the platform that inspires audiences to engage with you.   

Open up a whole new avenue of brand recognition in online spaces with The Influence Agency. 

Our team of in-house social media strategists, videographers, and photographers are not only TikTok experts—they’re bonafide TikTok users and trendsetters.

TikTok Strategy

Is your brand only looking for expert guidance on how to navigate the TikTok platform rather than the actual production of content?

The Influence Agency has got you covered. Our consultations on TikTok growth strategy are specifically for brands seeking expert suggestions on best practices, content ideas, and trending topics without the need for our team to create or deploy the content. This lays the foundation for brands that have the resources to film and edit content in-house. 

  1. A weekly “what’s trending” report is sent to the client in the form of an email. This covers the main conversations taking place on the platform over the week, as well as top trending hashtags, music, and sounds. On top of that, the report will also include high-level suggestions on how to use these trending items.
  2. A monthly TikTok calendar focused on the upcoming month and predicts what trends will be relevant to get you ahead in the game. It is heavily based on seasonality and tying in content to what the conversation on TikTok will be during that time. The monthly calendar also features detailed video suggestions and a hashtag strategy. 
TikTok Strategy Consulting

TikTok Content

What is branded content on TikTok?

On this platform, byte-sized video content is king. And seamlessly incorporating your brand’s tone, aesthetic, lifestyle elements, and value proposition into these videos is what it takes to create original branded content that leaves a powerful and lasting impression.

The world of TikTok features a nuanced tone that’s all its own—and The Influence Agency is here to help brands carefully develop their strategy and incorporate specific guidelines so they can adapt to the culture of this dynamic platform. This involves the following:

  1. Careful research and understanding of your brand and audience;
  2. Strategic planning and incorporation of creative guidelines, brand guidelines, platform nuances, and formatting of short-form videos;
  3. Shooting and editing the branded videography or photography content; and
  4. Deploying the content on the TikTok platform. 

As an agency taking the lead in TikTok content creation, The Influence Agency is empowering companies to create custom branded content for ads, trending content, engaging content, and more. 

Start dreaming up high-quality, engaging content with a full-service agency that’s always on the pulse of all trends on the platform and consistently innovating how to leverage current and evergreen trends.

TikTok Content Creation

TikTok Advertising

TikTok is an exciting and growing platform that is vital to any modern marketing strategy. In fact, 40% of Gen Z now prefer using TikTok and IG as search engines over Google. So whether you’re a small/medium business or a large global brand, TikTok ads offer a unique opportunity to reach a demographic with purchase intent that you can’t afford to ignore. 

Amplifying all other types of TikTok marketing efforts is made easy through paid ads. Creating engaging content that feels at home on the platform is at the tip of the spear for your TikTok ads strategy. 

Whether you’re aiming to partner with established TikTok content creators through Spark ads or prefer traditional methods to connect with your audiences via hashtag targeting, video interactions, etc., The Influence Agency is here to set up your campaign for success.

Teaming up with the leading TikTok marketing agency ensures you won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. Here’s how our process works:

  1. Our expert campaign management process starts with building discovery and in-depth research about your brand and business. 
  2. We then move to a strategy where we build campaigns that match your objectives and brand. 
  3. Lastly, we deliver and measure campaigns from start to finish and report on results transparently. Through TikTok’s Pixel, tracking actions on your site is easier than ever as you can identify the success of your campaigns through conversion and event tracking. 

Contact The Influence Agency to get started with premier TikTok campaigns! 

TikTok Advertising

TikTok Influencer

Dive into TikTok influencer marketing to instantly connect with the loyal audiences of the platform’s biggest stars. 

No matter what influencer genre you plan to collaborate with—from traditional ones like lifestyle, fitness, and fashion to niche categories like NFTs, reiki healing, frisbee golf, and anything you can think of—The Influence Agency can make the connection. With the largest database of influencers in North America and access to thousands of TikTok influencers, creating double-tap-worthy content with the platform’s most popular personalities begins right here.

The key to effective TikTok influencer marketing is to let go of the creative control a little bit more than what you would find on other platforms like Instagram or YouTube. TikTok’s fun, casual, and silly nature is what sets it apart from the rest—and a TikTok influencer’s strong suit is their ability to embrace this uniqueness and leverage it to bring out your brand’s best entertainment chops. 

TikTok influencer marketing is simple and involves the following steps: influencer sourcing, brief creation, influencer listing, work back schedule, influencer content creation, client review of content, content deployment, and reporting. 

TikTok Influencer Marketing

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