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Facebook has developed a sophisticated social media advertising platform that allows businesses to target their audience based on age, gender, relationship status, “liked” pages, general interests, and much more. These targeting features ensure your content is displayed to a highly targeted audience, and is an essential strategy that we often pair with each of our Influencer Marketing programs to ensure maximum reach.


As an experienced Digital Marketing and Facebook Advertising Agency, we eliminate guesswork and start every advertising campaign by defining your target audience groups. These groups could be based on age, gender, relationship status, education level and/or career, general interests, or “Liked” pages.

Once the audience groups have been defined and segmented, it’s all about creating messaging and a content strategy that will resonate within that community. It sounds easy in theory, but it’s much more difficult in practice. Humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish (6 secs vs. 10 secs). With that in mind, it’s very difficult to capture and maintain someone’s attention…

Are you still reading? Great.

In order to create an effective message, you need to dig deep and truly discover what motivates a particular audience group. Are they looking to be entertained? Or perhaps they are looking to be educated and informed? You also need to consider the tone of the message. Once you’ve identified your audience and created the perfect message, it’s important that the users you are targeting are driven towards conversion friendly landing pages. After all, the best marketing in the world simply won’t overcome a poor landing page environment and/or web experience.

The landing page for your Facebook or Instagram Ads campaign should have consistent messaging and imagery, and it should provide a logical next step. That could include filling out a form, placing a phone call, downloading a piece of content, registering for an event, or joining the social media community.

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Facebook is the largest social community on the internet. With over 2.6 billion monthly members, the average user spends between 20–40 minutes per day on Facebook.

As social media marketers, our goal is to capture the attention of your audience and persuade them to see the value in what you have to offer. Given the magnitude of the community on Facebook, it only makes sense to have a formal advertising strategy through this platform.

Perhaps more importantly, Facebook has strategically diminished the reach of “organic” social media content. This means that a large percentage of your brand’s community will not see the information you post in their newsfeed. So an advertising budget is required if your business wants to amplify it’s message to a larger (but hyper targeted) community.

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