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A solid content marketing strategy comes down to thinking critically about what you’re going to say, identifying who is going to listen, and determine where it will be heard. Content without marketing strategy is like singing into a microphone that’s unplugged. A brilliant message to no one is ineffective. A dull message to everyone has little positive impact, and in fact, could hurt your brand. We make sure that when you hit publish, your content gets the views, clicks, and links that it deserves.

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Our Process

When developing a content strategy, the message, audience, platform and timing are the cornerstones.

The message

the message

We assist agencies and businesses in developing the messaging their audience will care about.

The audience

the audience

We work with our clients to understand the key-target demographic(s) they wish to connect with.

The platform

the platform

We then do our research to understand where our desired audience is most present and active.

The Timing

the timing

Timing is everything, so executing the creative and the delivery is of the utmost importance in creating campaigns that produce results.

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Our content strategy is dictated by the brands we work with. Whether you are looking to promote a single video, or producing a long form thematic blog content series, we have the ability to plan and execute a successful campaign.

Aside from creating the content strategy, we focus on maximizing the reach of your campaign through SEO, Paid Search, and Social media and syndication.

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