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19 Travel & Adventure Influencers Based Out of Vancouver

Leira Lacuata
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Leira Lacuata
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Apr 07, 2023
A collage of five travel and adventure influencers from Vancouver

Vancouver is a bustling west coast city in Canada renowned for the exhilarating activities it offers. One can easily get lost in its busy streets as crowds take you to different places. If you want a good vantage point, this list of Vancouver influencers is a guiding beacon you can follow in Vancity:

1. Karin Keller | @coastalkells

Karin Keller is a talented photographer that captures all the best moments of Vancouver. Her Instagram feed offers fantastic shots of hiking, skiing, running and other fun activities!

Karin pauses her hike and looks back to the camera for a photo

2. The Wurtz Family | @vancitywild

Pack your bags because it’s time to follow the Wurtz Family and their adventures in Vancouver Island! Brie, Reuben, Oliver and Daisy travel together and show you the best family-friendly spots of Vancity. They’re also Vancouver fashion influencers who post matching cool winter outfits!

The Wurtz Family dressed in colour-coded outfits

3. Alanna Durkovich | @xandervintage

Alanna Durkovich is a travel-loving mom who brings her family on adventures. She’s a content creator who dedicates her life to sharing the undiscovered spots from each country she visits. That’s why Alanna’s the perfect go-to Vancouver influencer for forming a travelling itinerary! 

 A medium shot photo of Alanna Durkovich

4. Alicia Haque | @alicia_haque

Need ideas for your 2023 outfits? Alicia Haque’s Instagram account should be your lookbook! This fashion influencer in Vancouver loves to travel in style. Alicia knows the secret to becoming a #VancouverCrush because she knows all the fashion trends in the city. 

Alicia Haque blends in the background with her neutral-toned outfit

5. Charmyn Chan | @charmynchan

Charmyn Chan never skips trends, making her one of the most popular Vancouver lifestyle and fashion influencers. Regardless of the season, Charmyn strategically plans her outfits to look like she came from the runway. Her confidence influences you to do the same and teaches you a thing or two on how to #slay every day!

Charmyn Chan strikes a pose while wearing a punk-rock outfit

6. Steven Parker | @stevenofnorth

Under the ‘Vancouver Instagram Accounts to Follow,’ Steven Parker ranks high because of his #instagrammable feed. As a lifestyle photographer, expect to find scenic shots of Vancouver and other cities displayed in his account.  

Steven Parker stands in front of a large waterfall.

7. Alayna Joy | @missfenderr

If you’re looking for a new hobby, Alayna Joy is here to show you the wonders of rock climbing. Her Instagram account is a perfect beginner guide since it contains tips and in-depth ‘how-to’ videos about the activity. Alayna shows you where you can rock climb in Vancouver!

Alayna Joy smiles at the camera before making her descent.

8. Codi Lynn | @creativecodilynn

Codi Lynn is a supermom! She perfectly balances her duties as a mom, business owner and fashion guru, making her the penultimate Vancouver lifestyle influencer. Be part of her followers to stay updated on the best spots to visit in Vancity.

Codi Lynn and her two kids posed for a photo in front of a frozen waterfall

9. Cindy Yu | @thevancouveriteblog

Cindy Yu’s feed is the peak “living in the moment” platform. Food, travel, fashion – you name it! This Vancouver TikTok influencer covers everything related to living. Cindy’s online presence made her part of the trusted fashion influencers in Vancouver. Her endless invites to fashion weeks are proof of her knack for dressing up. 

Cindy Yu wears a long black coat with a pair of blue jeans.

10.Alex Grant | @tovogueorbust

To vogue or bust? Let Alex Grant’s Instagram account answer that question! Alex is a renowned Vancouver fashion influencer specializing in modern and chic outfits. Follow her feed to learn styling tips. 

Alex Grant wears a white and blue ensemble while standing in front of a lake

11. Keisha Stephenson | @keisharstephenson

When Keisha Stephenson said, “I travel for a living,” she meant it! Keisha has travelled to 71 countries (and counting) and documented her visits via Instagram. Her photos have an alluring power that’ll invite you to go where she’s at. 

Keisha Stephenson cozily sits under an archway

12. Matt | @thismattexists

Matt exists for a reason: to travel the world and see the natural heritages of each country. His photos will take your breath away because they look majestic and magical.

Matt smiles at the camera while standing in front of a beautiful view

13. Hilary Matheson | @thehilaryann

If we’re talking about the outdoors, Hilary Matheson shows you the life of a trail and mountain athlete through her ‘gram. Her athleticness brought her legs to significant mountain ranges worldwide. Becoming Hilary’s follower will inspire you to start hiking!

Hilary Matheson poses for a post-hike photo

14. Meagan & Andy | @fuelforthesole

Meagan and Andy are #relationshipgoals because they share a passion for travelling. They use @fuelforthesole to document their travels and show you the best of British Columbia, Canada!

Meagan and Andy jump high to capture the perfect jump shot

15. Mari | @mari.explores

Where in the world is Mari?! She’s never pinned to one place, and no one knows her next move. Mari loves to surprise her followers with new photos to reveal her current location. But if travelling is out of the picture, you’ll find Mari in her Vancouver home.

Mari also shares with you practical tips on how you can get paid to travel on her blog!

Mari creates ripples as she steps on the lake

16. Alexandra Dunlap | @alexandra.dunlap

Alexandra Dunlap is one of the fashion influencers in Vancouver you need to follow. Her Instagram feed shows whimsical images of her adventures while wearing stunning outfits. 

Alexandra Dunlap wears a bright red dress and poses at the basin of a lake

17. Jessica Sproat | @jesscsproat

Having difficulty planning your Vancouver trip? Jessica Sproat offers the best tourist places in the city. Whether you want a hiking spot or a lake, you can find all her suggestions on her stylistic Instagram account!

Jessica Sproat and her child look at the camera while the sun shines against them

18.Steph & Katie Burlton | @lezseetheworld

Steph and Katie Burlton is about spreading love. Their joint Instagram account is a #couple travel diary, where they can share their travels in Vancouver and worldwide. 

Steph and Katie share a kiss at the beach

19. Jasmine Chen | @mysuitcasejourneys

You only need your suitcase to join Jasmine Chen’s travels! This Vancouver-based travel blogger dedicates her life to sharing travel tips and photography hacks to make your trips memorable. Check out Jas’ IG feed and see the million-dollar images she posts daily.

Jasmine Chen positions herself in the middle of a field full of lavenders

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