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Top Canadian Mom Influencers to Follow [UPDATED]

Kitty Lana Carr
Written By
Kitty Lana Carr
Published On
May 10, 2022
A collage of five Canadian mom influencers

When it comes to health, wellness, home decor, and food, mom knows best.

Mom Influencers are the go-to for the latest scoop on products for your little ones and for those of us just love to look at cute kids and #familygoals.

Mothers from all over the world follow mom influencers for advice related to motherhood, must-have products for their kids, and tips such as “how to sneak three cups of spinach into your kids’ food without them noticing”.

Here are our Top 10 mom influencers with the best advice from across Canada.

Table of Contents

  1. Marsida Salku
  2. Sasha Exeter
  3. Katusha Henderson
  4. Trisha Enriquez 
  5. Amanda Muse
  6. Jessica Van Gaalen
  7. Ana-Marie Klizs
  8. Chloe Dumont
  9. Thanh Phung
  10. Katie & Rob Decoelis 
  11. Stacy Kasdorf
  12. Lily Yange 
  13. Michele Phillips
  14. Joselyne Effa 
  15. Medge Beauvoir-Yellowlees
  16. Jillian Harris
  17. Jessi Cruickshank
  18. Sarah Nicole Landry
  19. Karina Cabiling
  20. Christine Martin

1. Marsida Salku | @raisinghowells

Follower count: 138k

While some of us struggle to get out of bed at 11 am, others manage to juggle 5 kids, create beautiful photography and run a household. Oh yeah, did we mention FIVE KIDS?

Meet Marsida, the Windsor, Ontario based creator behind one of our favourite mom Instagram accounts and blogs. Follow for hilarious photoshopped photos of her family and amazing content.

2. Sasha Exeter | @sashaexeter

Follower count: 157k

From sneakers to heels, Sasha is the definition of #momboss. She is all about balancing fashion, fitness, wellness and being a mom to her adorable daughter Maxwell. Follow this mommy influencer and check out her blog for fitspiration and the best fashion in Toronto.

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A post shared by Sasha Exeter (@sashaexeter)

3. Katusha Henderson | @katusha_co

Follower count: 50.2k

Meet West Coast mom Influencer Katusha! Follow her Instagram and blog for stunning photos of her family in Vancouver. Katusha also posts amazing home decor and fun adventures with the family.

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A post shared by Katusha (@katusha_co)

4. Trisha Enriquez | @trishaenriquez

Follower count: 39.9k

If you haven’t seen Trisha’s adorable photos with her daughters in matching workout gear, do yourself a favour and go follow her right now. Trisha is a certified nutrition & weight-loss coach, and pre- & post-natal fitness specialist from Toronto.

Her Instagram and blog are positive spaces for mommies about wellness, healthy eating and a great example of how to integrate family and fitness.

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A post shared by Trisha || NoTummyMommy (@trishaenriquez)

5. Amanda Muse | @amandamuse

Follower count: 31.1k

You may know Amanda from YouTube where she started documenting her journey into motherhood. Through her social platform, Amanda connected with other moms to build a community of women supporting other women. She is one of YouTube’s OG mom vloggers and mom Influencers.

You can find her on Instagram posting #real and #candid photos with her family in Toronto.

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A post shared by AmandaMuse (@amandamuse)

6. Jessica Van Gaalen | @j.vangaalen

Follower count: 77.7k

If you spend 10 minutes trying to decide which black t-shirt to wear, then you probably have a thing or two in common with Jessica. Follow this monochrome mommy from Toronto to see baby Lincoln rock Adidas like nobody’s business and to fulfill your black & white decor aesthetic.

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A post shared by jessica van gaalen ⋒ (@j.vangaalen)

7. Ana-Marie Klizs | @bluebirdkisses

Follower count: 128k

Ana-Marie is one of Toronto’s favourite mom influencers. She reveals the truth behind postpartum body image, parenting struggles and the reality of being a mom of three. Ana-Marie’s Instagram and blog are a refreshing breath of #realtalk, fashion, lifestyle and mommy tips.

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A post shared by Ana Klizs • bluebirdkisses.com (@bluebirdkisses)

8. Chloe Dumont | @chloedumont

Follower count: 77.2k

Chloe Dumont aka The Fashion Red Fox is a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber from Montreal. She is our go-to mom Influencer for fun and flowy dresses, body positivity and of course cute pics of baby Abigaëlle.

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A post shared by Chloe Dumont 🇨🇦 (@chloedumont)

9. Thanh Phung | @loveandsundays

Follower count: 32.1k

Meet East Coast mommy Influencer Thanh aka Love and Sundays. The mama of two posts the most precious photos of little Mia and newborn daughter Aria in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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A post shared by Thanh | She/Her (@loveandsundays)

10. Katie & Rob Decoelis | @thewilddecoelis

Follower count: 60.6k

Katie and Rob share a glimpse of scenic coastal Nova Scotia. You can follow their family adventures on Instagram and their blog. From family vacations, interior decor to lazy Sundays at home, @TheWildDecoelis is a mommy must-follow.

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A post shared by Katie-Rose & Rob Decoeli (@thewilddecoelis)

11. Stacey Kasdorf | @staceykasdorf

Follower count: 36.9k

We don’t know how Stacey Kasdorf manages to raise three adorable little girls, maintain a Pinterest-worthy home, and work out every. single. morning. Did we mention she squeezes in some DIY furniture tasks too?  

Thankfully, she shares all her hacks on how she achieves all this multi-tasking. Whether you want tips on how to safely take all your little kids on outdoor adventures, or how to turn a depressing old cabinet into a vintage chic accent piece, Stacey has the answers.

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A post shared by Stacey (@staceykasdorf)

12. Lily Yange | @lilyyange

Follower count: 31.3k

How often do you see a mom and her little boy twinning? Not very often, right? Allow Lily Yange to give you your dose of classy mom and son OOTDs. It’s inevitable that Felix will grow up to be an Instagram style icon just like his mom. 

Lily’s son may only be in kindergarten, but she’s already teaching him about giving back to the community and being environmentally friendly. This Canadian mom influencer proves that it’s never too early to teach the little ones to be responsible human beings. And for that, we give her a standing ovation.

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A post shared by LILY YANGE ©️ (@lilyyange)

13. Michele Phillips | @whatdreamsmaybecome

Follower count: 40.8k

With 5 adorable kids, majestic ponies, and a modern country home, the life of the Phillips family is fit for a holiday postcard — and this magical family photo is proof. Their picture-perfect farm will have you wanting to move to the countryside to play with cute baby chickens all day.

Michele’s inspiring captions are exactly what you need to brighten up your Instagram feed. Her lengthy captions are always worth the read.

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A post shared by Michele Phillips (@whatdreamsmaybecome)

14. Joselyne Effa | @joselyne.effa

Follower count: 18.6k

Joselyn Effa has got style inspiration for your every mood — and we’re completely obsessed with this Canadian mom influencer’s chic grunge OOTDs. As a full-time mom to two kids (with baby #3 on the way!) and a registered nurse, she leaves her followers wondering how she does it all. 

This busy mom admits that she functions in chaos. According to Joselyne, it’s all about learning the art of letting go and not pressuring yourself. Her quirky and substantial updates won’t fail to put a smile on your face. 

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A post shared by Joselyne Effa (@joselyne.effa)

15. Medge Beauvoir-Yellowlees | @myvoguishdiaries

Follower count: 103k

This Canadian mom influencer’s style diaries aren’t just “vogue-ish” as she claims. Her style needs to grace the cover of Vogue magazine, stat. For everything on fashion, beauty, food, travel, and motherhood, Medge has got you covered. 

Aside from working on her enlightening blogs, she’s such a dedicated mom to little Julien and Harper. We love how she’s a “cool mom” who writes about being entertained by tiny baby tantrums. Wondering what else we love about Medge? Her beach waves are never a strand out of place.  

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A post shared by Medge Beauvoir-Yellowlees (@myvoguishdiaries)

16. Jillian Harris | @jillian.harris

Follower count: 1.3 million

This BC native may be known as a TV personality and interior designer on Love It or List It Vancouver, but she is also a mom to 2. To see Jillian’s busy but beautiful life check out her Instagram account or blog. She shares everything from family, fashion, lifestyle and more.

17. Jessi Cruickshank | @jessicruickshank

Follower count: 146k

If you are looking for light-hearted fun, look no further than Jessi Cruickshank! With a realistic and relatable approach to motherhood, Jessi shares her thoughts on her Facebook show, ‘New Mom, Who Dis?’. 
This TV personality is as real as it gets! You can find her on her blog or on her current live tour.

18. Sarah Nicole Landry | @thebirdspapaya

Follower count: 2.2 million

You may know Sarah for her body-positive content, but she is also taking us along on her motherhood journey. From her pregnancy experience to her newfound relationship with her body, Sarah shares it all on her platform. As a writer, creator and speaker, you can only expect authenticity and realness.

To hear more from Sarah, check out her podcast ‘The Papaya Podcast’!

19. Karina Cabiling | @karinacabiling

Follower count: 80.2k

This Toronto fashion and lifestyle influencer also shares her motherhood journey with her audience. Through playful Reels and family photos, Karina shares her family in a light-hearted way!

Check out more from Karina on her Instagram page and her swimwear brand.

20. Christine Martin | @amidst.the.chaos

Follower count: 69.4k

For tips, tricks and hacks for your home, life and adventure, check out Christine’s content! From discounted must-haves for the family to fashion try-ons, check out her Instagram page or her TikTok

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  • Kitty Lana Carr

    Kitty Lana Carr is an Account Director, Creative Services and specializes in influencer marketing and paid media strategy, and creative direction for branded content. You will find Kitty walking her rescue dog Joy and trying out new food spots in Toronto!

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  • Kitty Lana Carr

    Kitty Lana Carr is an Account Director, Creative Services and specializes in influencer marketing and paid media strategy, and creative direction for branded content. You will find Kitty walking her rescue dog Joy and trying out new food spots in Toronto!

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