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27 Black-Owned Businesses & Professionals You Need to Follow Now

Kaela Johnson
Written By
Kaela Johnson
Published On
Feb 11, 2021
Collage of Black-owned businesses and professionals

We can all have a hand in speeding up the process of inclusivity. One of the best ways to do this is by supporting brands that are owned and operated by BIPOC and to help elevate their voices in any way that we can. In honour of National Black Business Month, we’re shining the spotlight on Black-owned businesses and professionals who are game-changers in their corresponding fields. We’ve compiled a list of companies, including skincare lines, life coaches, event services, and allergen-free snacks, that you’d love to follow!

So, without further ado, here are 27 Black-owned businesses and professionals that are making their marks in their respective industries.

Mary’s Brigadeiro Chocolate – @marysbrigadeiro

The unique texture of Brigadeiro will reinvent the way you enjoy chocolate! Inspired by Brazilian traditions, the genius behind these handmade sweets is black business owner, Mary. She migrated to Canada and brought out her inner entrepreneur to establish Mary’s Brigadeiro Chocolate™ in 2014.

If you love truffles, caramel, and fudge, then you’ll find that Brigadeiro is the one masterpiece that combines the beauty and deliciousness of all three!

Lalese Stamps – @lollylollyceramics

There’s nothing quite like drinking your morning coffee or tea from a lovely mug to energize you for the rest of the day. And if you’re looking for one that’s elegant and durable, then Lolly Lolly Ceramics has an entire collection of pieces that are the epitome of modern art.

You can thank Black business owner, Lalese Stamps, for designing these innovative pieces that have turned into a sold-out success! 

CurlShoppe – @curlshoppe

Thinking of how to tame your curls so you can flaunt your natural beauty? Black-owned business, CurlShoppe, is the solution. They produce hair products for all types of curls and coils. You’ll love how everything from their store is naturally based!

From Coconut Cream Souffle Heavy-Duty Curl Moisturizer to Butter Twist Pudding Curl Styling Cream and even Beard Balm, CurlShoppe has everything you need to embrace your locks.

GRO FOR IT™ Plant Boutique @groforit

Plants are quickly becoming man’s best friend! And GRO FOR IT™ Plant Boutique is here to help you find your new bud. 

They’ll connect you with classic beauties and rare finds so you can turn your space into a unique haven filled with fresh air. Philodendron birkin, Monstera Peru, and Lipstick plant are just a few of the cool plants that they can ship to your doorstep.

Aunty Lucy’s – @auntylucysburgers

Aunty Lucy is officially your new favourite aunt. Burgers are always a good idea, and there’s just something about Aunty Lucy’s that leaves every foodie raving about how amazing it tastes. 

If you’ve heard about the famous Kumasi Burger, Accra Burger, and the Nima Sandwich, this is the Black-owned business you can grab it from. The best part is that they accept walk-ins, pre-orders, and deliveries!

HighWATER – @highwater.to

So you’ve got all these great ideas for a photoshoot — now where do you find the perfect space to bring your vision to life? This is where HighWATER comes in!

This West End Toronto studio is the ultimate location for creation and collaborations. It features 1,000 square feet with west-facing factory windows and is based in a residential neighbourhood. If you’re after natural lighting against an open space of endless possibilities, HighWATER is exactly what you’re looking for.

PleaseNotes® by Cheryl S. – @pleasenotesgoods

PleaseNotes® by Cheryl S. is all about personal growth! This Black-owned business provides the tools that will help boost your self-confidence. You’ll find guided journals, positive gifts, workshops, and so much more.

This brand aims to inspire you to maximize your potential so you can achieve the success that you are aiming for!

Nautana Co. – @nautana.co

Nautana Co.’s extensive collection of candles will be your new unwinding buddy because there’s really just something so satisfying about watching a candle melt. They come in scents like Sweet Almond Bamboo & Teak and Mango Lemongrass Bergamot. Honestly, just reading those names already makes us feel 30% less stressed. These eco-conscious coco-soy candles are a must-have addition to your home. 

Joan of Starch – @joanofstarch

And the award for best bakery name in the whole world goes to… “Joan of Starch”. The entrepreneur behind this business is the talented baker, Rebecca Corrinne.

A few scrolls through its Instagram feed, and you just know that you’re in for a diverse range of food that will satisfy your every craving! From Pepperoni Pizza Pull-Aparts to Taro Bubble Tea Cupcake, we just want to munch on everything that this store has to offer.

So Pressie – @sopressie

With So Pressie, your nails will always look their absolute best. These handmade press-on nails are here to spice up the ordinary and make bold statements. 

Aside from this Black-owned business’ out-of-this-world products, what we also love so much about them is their extraordinary mission: “To build an empire that inspires people to be as unbothered and outrageous as their hearts desire, without breaking the bank at salons.”

Quartzy Crystals – @quartzycrystals

Crystals and wires are about to be a combo you just can’t get enough of! Designed by Danya Elsayed, these pieces do so much more than just complete your outfit. Crystals are actually known to help you manifest all the good things in life. Whether you seek prosperity, deeper knowledge, or balance — maybe all you need is a Quartzy Crystal to make it happen!

Cori – @shopcori

Cori is a Black-owned business that’s female-run and offers wellness and cannabis products. This brand covers a diverse range of items. You’ll find everything like face care, body care, hair care, essential oils, and even incense.

Lula is the entrepreneur behind Cori and she believes that sourcing the healing properties of nature is the simplest way to attain balance and well-being!

Raia Carey – @coach.carey

Life isn’t always easy to navigate. It’s normal to lack a sense of direction or inspiration at times. To help steer you in the right direction, Raia Carey can assist in bringing out your inner confidence. She’s a 3x certified life coach who specializes in one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and motivational speaking. Sometimes a few words of encouragement is all you need to change your life.

The Villij – @thevillij

Is self care included on your to-do list? If it’s not, you might want to re-evaluate your priorities. The Villij is a digital community that’s made it their mission to nurture the well-being of women of colour. From fitness classes to wellness talks and workshops, the visionaries behind The Villij are shaping the world into a healthier community.

KRWND – @iamkrwnd

Pronounced “crowned”, KRWND is a Black-owned business that specializes in custom jewels. They use a variety of materials for their pieces, like gold, silver and stainless steel. Their products aren’t just the perfect everyday accessory, they also make thoughtful gift ideas! Ayesha Curry, Winnie Harlow, and Mya are just a few of the celebrities that have sported KRWND’s custom pieces.

Shannae Ingleton Smith – @torontoshay

As a co-founder of Kensington Grey, a talent agency rooted in diversity and lifestyle content creator with a large following, Shannae is using her platform to raise awareness on some of the world’s biggest issues. She’s the co-founder of @CanadianBlackStandard, an advocacy that aims to fight the systemic barriers that Black Canadian Women face in the marketing industry. You go, girl!

Cherry Gardens – @_cherrygardens

Since we spend most of our time at home anyway, might as well invest in loungewear that’s OOTD worthy! Cherry Gardens is a Black-owned business that will serve as your new go-to store for athleisure-inspired loungewear. When we can all finally leave the house, your Cherry Gardens items can easily double as minimalist casual wear.

Sistine – @thesistines

When you use Sistine’s beauty products, you can rest assured that you’re actually using “clean” ingredients to clear up your skin and not those chemical-ridden ones. At the same time, you’ll be saving the planet in the process. Sistine’s skincare line is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan. Now you know who to follow for a guilt-free beauty regimen. 

Ohh! Foods – @ohhfoods

They had us at gluten-free. Ohh! Foods is revolutionizing the snack market with an #InclusiveSnacking mindset. The Black-owned business produces nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan munchies with a sweet look that gives regular snacks a run for their money.

Their items are free of all top 10 priority food allergens. You’ll be wanting to devour their birthday cake cookie dough ASAP.

Beth Jacobs Weddings & Events – @bethjacobsevents

To avoid any bridezilla occurrences, leave the wedding planning up to the pros. Black business owner, Beth Jacobs, will turn your wedding into a luxury event. Big days like this are supposed to feel like a fairytale, and Beth Jacobs Weddings & Events can do just that.

Monique Bryan – @moniquebryan_co

Never underestimate the power of personal branding. You’re bound to pick up some tips from Monique Bryan. She’s dedicated to helping people boost their brand’s visibility online. With her vibrant personality, the host of the “Juicy CEO Podcast” will show you exactly why you should build a brand instead of a business.

Cup of Té – @cupofteshop

Nothing quite compares to the comfort that a warm cup of tea has to offer. The only thing better than tea is organic tea, and Cup of Té is one of the world’s online premier retailers of a wide range of these products. Coconutty Creme, Peach Please, and Cran-Apple are just a few of the unique flavours available on their site. Even Oprah is a customer and has included them on her “Favorite Things List 2020”.

Holy Raw – @holy.raw

Holy Raw is another Black-owned business that’s thriving in the beauty department. The brand promises skincare that’s 100% raw, unmodified, and natural. Knowing that there’s a CEO chemist behind the company, gives you extra confidence to swipe on their products like their Willow Bark Face Wash, and their Raw Shea Butter from Ghana. In addition, the company donates a portion of its sales to children in need in Ghana. Now that’s beauty with a cause.

Nia Lee – @socialeesavvynia

Content creator, Nia Lee, will help you make your online videos shine with her tools and strategies. The Black business owner has worked with big brands like NYX Cosmetics, Bite Beauty, and Shea Moisture in the past. With her tips, you’ll be “socialee savvy” in no time.

Lahaut Studio – @lahaut.studio

Lahaut Studio is a Black-owned business that produces a line of the cutest polymer clay earrings you’ll ever see. When we say “cutest”, we mean groovy VW vans, herbivore dinosaurs, and jolly gingerbread men. If you’re going to have something dangling from your ears, make sure it’s charming!

Natacha Pennycooke – @natachapennycooke.therapy

Psychotherapist and speaker, Natacha Pennycooke, is an expert in helping those who suffer from emotional pain and trauma through her podcasts and social media presence. Mental and emotional health should never be neglected, and she makes sure that her followers keep that in mind. A positive post in your newsfeed can do wonders for your well-being.

HEXX – @hexxinfused

In case you were wondering what HEXX stands for, it means Herbaceous Extract Times X. This Black-owned business promotes healthier replenishing options through organic and botanical infused beverages. Their fruity products are all natural, sugar-free, and with zero calories. Plus, their glass packaging keeps your drink safer in terms of chemical leaching. It’s a healthier way to hydrate, rejuvenate, and reduce stress levels!

Show Your Support for Black-Owned Businesses

We’re all for someone who’s breaking down barriers that should never even have existed in the first place. By following culturally diverse companies, we’re speeding up the process of creating an inclusive business industry. No matter how big a company is, when you support a skilled company, you’re supporting a dream—and these Black-owned businesses and business owners are proving just that. 

Did we miss your favourite Black-owned business? Let us know in the comments!

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