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What is Instagram Advertising?

Advertising on Instagram involves paying to post sponsored content (such as images and videos) on the platform. The goal of paid advertising on Instagram is to reach target audiences and amplify brand awareness.

With the estimated reach of Instagram ads being 1.2 billion users, it’s no surprise that the platform has over two million advertisers per month who aim to expand their reach. 

Not only does Instagram advertising offer elevated discoverability, but it also gives marketers a number of different creative opportunities—this includes Stories Ads, Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, and more.

Benefits Of Paid Advertising on Instagram

Get in Front of Your People

Reach a Mass Audience

Create Goal-Oriented Ads

Optimize With Advanced Targeting

Our Instagram Advertising Services

When it comes to creating advertisements for the ‘gram, do it the right way with The Influence Agency.

We are a leading Instagram advertising agency based in Toronto that has worked with brands across Montreal, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

Whether it’s some of the world’s most popular brands or the promising up-and-coming ones, The Influence Agency consistently succeeds at designing Instagram advertisements that energize target audiences to engage and discover more about what brands have to offer.

Instagram Ads Creation & Management

Instagram is a visual platform. What draws users to this platform is the wide array of visually pleasing content that tells a story and sparks inspiration.  

Living up to these expectations and actually standing out amongst millions of advertisements requires a team of digital experts who are known for delivering stunning results. That’s where The Influence Agency steps in.
As a trusted Instagram advertising agency, we take Instagram ads to the next level through exceptional in-house photography, videography, stop motion, and graphic animations. 
It’s time to give your branded content and Instagram ads a glow-up with The Influence Agency’s digital creatives. 

Instagram Account Management

Building a strong social media presence begins with having the right management strategies. Ultimately, it isn’t merely about creating

magnetizing posts that stand out from the crowd—the little details matter just as much.
Whether it’s engaging with comments to create a sense of community and build customer loyalty or following other accounts on the platform to create a solid network, all of these elements contribute to creating a charismatic online identity. 
With The Influence Agency’s premier marketing services, you can count on it that we put the “social” back into social media account management.  

Holistic Digital Marketing Services

Paid advertising on Instagram is one of the most efficient marketing tools in digital spaces. Ultimately, this game-changing puzzle piece is

still a part of a greater whole.
When you combine Instagram ads with various other tools such as influencer marketing, content strategy, web development, and search engine optimization, you’re boosting your brand to its fullest potential across various avenues. Before you know it, all roads lead to your company. 
Stepping up your marketing game with the most effective strategies is easier than ever with The Influence Agency—a one-stop, holistic digital marketing agency. With us, you have everything you’ll ever need to make your brand stand out in online spaces. 
Click here to see our full list of services.

Our Paid Advertising Process

The Influence Agency’s creative and strategic processes set it apart from the rest. Our ability to move people fuels every step of the way and propels the brands we work with toward their goals.

From the initial phase of in-depth social discovery and research to accurate reporting, our clients can count on the leading Instagram advertising agency to produce campaigns that demand attention and inspire engagement.

This is how we’ll raise the volume of your brand in online spaces through paid advertising on Instagram:


Social Discovery & Research

Running a successful Instagram advertising campaign starts with understanding your community—or the community you are looking to connect with.

What will provide these individuals with the most possible value? How can we produce content that fits seamlessly into their newsfeed, and doesn’t feel like advertising at all? This is often achieved through influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing is simply an endorsement from an individual that carries clout within a specified community. It could be an athlete, musician, or a well-known business person. However, it can also be a “micro-influencer,” such as a community activist or local style icon. The idea is to match the brand or business with an influencer that truly believes in the product or service they are representing. This creates authenticity, trust, and a social proof message that is more likely to generate interest, engagement, and sales.


Branded Content Production

Branded content takes the form of photos, videos, sponsored stories, Instagram influencer takeovers, and much more. Anyone can create it—but not everyone can design branded content that compels audiences to give you a second look.

At The Influence Agency, we’ve earned our reputation as a leading Instagram advertising agency because of our top-tier content strategy that is a seamless mix between creativity and innovation. How you want your brand to be perceived by the masses is what fuels this phase of the process. When you pair your goals with our expertise, advertising on Instagram will exceed all your expectations.


Campaign Execution

Once the creative phase has been completed, it’s time to gear up for one of the most detailed parts of the process: the campaign execution stage.

This involves deciding on ad objectives, which include brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, conversions, catalogue sales, and store traffic—there’s one that meets each of your brand’s goals. 

Creating an ad set is also part of the process, where the targeting characteristics and campaign budget are decided on.

Executing a successful campaign requires careful planning and extensive knowledge. Ensure your Instagram ads hit the mark with our next-level expertise. 


Set Up Retargeting

Retargeting ads are your second shot at persuading a lead. They allow your business to show targeted ads to the users who visited your website but didn’t complete a conversion, such as purchasing an item, filling in a contact form, downloading a file, etc.

If users missed answering your call-to-action in the first instance, maybe all they need is a little nudge to hear you a bit louder—and it’s most effective when it comes in the form of a retargeting ad. In fact, users are 70% more likely to convert when retargeting is used. 


Review Strategy & Report Results

Reviewing a campaign strategy is one of the most vital steps in the process of paid advertising on Instagram. Making these assessments helps our team and the clients see campaign highlights and where there might be room for improvement. This enables us to adjust where necessary while setting the foundation for your future campaigns.

As a leading Instagram advertising agency, our team is known for delivering successful results. Providing accurate reporting about these wins to our clients is always part of our paid advertising process.

Types of Instagram Ads We Execute

Image ads

Story ads

Video ads

Carousel ads

Collection ads

Explore ads

IGTV ads

Shopping ads

Reels ads

Our Work: Instagram Ad Examples

Instagram Advertising FAQs

When it comes to paid advertising on Instagram, there are three bidding models: cost per click, cost per engagement, and cost per thousand impressions. The average price usually falls within the following range:

  • Average Cost Per Click (CPC) = $0.40 – $0.70
  • Average Cost Per Engagement (CPE) = $0.01 – 0.05
  • Average Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) = $2.50 – $3.50 

Proving that Instagram ads are actually worth it, studies show that 50% of people use the platform to find new brands, products, and services. With the right Instagram advertising agency behind you, your brand could be the one that gets discovered by the crowds.

Targeting audiences for Instagram ads all depends on the goals of your brand. The platform’s targeted solutions make it easier than ever to connect with specific sets of users.

Age, gender, language, interests, and connections are just a few of the elements that Instagram advertising allows you to define your audience by.

Whether you should be leaning toward Facebook or Instagram advertising depends on who you’re trying to target and the type of content you produce.

If your brand focuses on compelling visual content, then Instagram is generally the better choice. Choose Facebook ads if your goal is to drive website traffic and increase engagement for written content.

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