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Custom Interactive Face Filters (AI/AR)

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Custom Interactive Face Filters (AI/AR)

Custom interactive face filters allow users to interact with your brand’s content through artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technology on Instagram and Facebook! Instagram AR filters are an excellent way for brands to engage with their followers and organically attract new followers who are already fans of your brand or your content. These are some of the most powerful marketing tools for this millennial generation!

These filters can be utilized and positioned uniquely to your followers and brand supporters to create a customizable, unique, and interactive experience. When done well, these filters can garner HUGE results and directly impact your following and engagement of your social accounts.

With viral growth and no budget behind this content, it allows people to organically find and use your filters and acts as a promotional tool. Whenever someone uses your filter and posts it to their story or sends it to another user through Direct Messages, it links the filter name and creator.

This technology is competitive and cutting edge—not many brands leverage these, so stand out from your competition with our help!

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Face Filters - The Influence Agency

What is a Face Filter?

Custom Interactive face filters can be used on both Facebook and Instagram. They are fully customizable and are featured under a ‘Face Filter’ category display on your Instagram Business or Creator Profile.

Face filters on Instagram allow users to interact with your brand’s content through augmented reality (AR).

These filters add virtual effects to the user’s face and surroundings. Effects can even respond to users’ facial movements!

Face filter AR capabilities include:

Object Placement Icon Object placement

3D Animation Icon 3D Animation

Beauty & Makeup Icon Beauty & Makeup

Face Decoration Icon Face Decoration

Games Icon Games

Colour Filters Icon Colour Filters

Randomizer Icon Randomizer

& more!

Face filters are shared with the entire Facebook and Instagram community for anyone to use, allowing any brand to reach the platforms’ monthly user base of over 1 billion through stories.

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1. Discovery

We meet with the client (you!) to gather insight on what they are looking for:

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Key Themes
  • Holidays/Seasonality
  • New Products
Strategy Icon

2. Strategy

  • Formalize and ideate the concepts for the face filters.
  • Brainstorm a list of ideas, and then condense that down until we have the final selection on what we will execute.
Design Icon

3. Design

Meet with our Design Department to review everything and the specifics of the face filters that will be created, ensuring to pass off all design assets, brand guidelines, references, mood boards, and more.

Launch Icon

4. Launch

  • We test the face filters to ensure proper functionality.
  • We send the face filters to the brand for approval.
  • When complete, we upload them to SparkAR Facebook Hub and track their progress (Impressions) every month.


What Are The Benefits of AI/AR
Face Filters?

Benefits Of AI/AR Face Filters - The Influence Agency

What Are Some Use Cases?

Ambassador or Influencer Marketing Programs Icon

Ambassador or Influencer Marketing Programs

Brand Activations Icon

Brand Activations

Product launches Icon

Product launches

Promoting an Event Icon

Promoting an Event

Custom Branded Content Icon

Custom Branded Content to Match Your Brand's Identity, Personality, and Aesthetic

Developing the Employer Brand Icon

Developing the Employer Brand - Allow Your Team to Utilize These Assets on Their Personal Applications

Filters relevant to your audience, match your brand's aesthetic, and serve a specific purpose will benefit users and generate higher engagement rates—like one of our clients reaching 2M GIF and Stickers views in as little as three months! How crazy is that?!

Even our very own The Influence Agency branded face filters on our Instagram have surpassed over 100K+ Impressions since we’ve launched them!

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Our Client Work!

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Cat Eye Face Filter - The Influence Agency

What do the data and analytics capabilities look like?

The data we focus on the most is Impressions, as the analytics are currently limited. That said, here is a description of the analytical information we have access to:

Impressions Icon

The number of times your effects were on-screen in stories, posts, and reels on Instagram and stories and posts on Facebook.

Number of Camera Openings Icon

The number of times people have opened your effect in the camera.

Number of Saves Icon

The number of times people took a photo or video with your effects and saved it.

Number of Captures Icon

The number of times someone took a photo or video with your effects. Captures don't include live videos.

Number of Shares Icon

The number of times someone shared a photo or video featuring your effects. These are counted in stories, posts, reels, and messages on Instagram and stories and posts on Facebook. They omit re-shares.

Number of Users Icon

The number of times someone opened an effect in video calls and used it for more than a few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

ALMOST, anything. If you have a specific idea for a filter, it’s essential to mention it at the beginning of this process. We can execute many different filters, from games to photo-filters, 3D to 2D, and more!

Yes, we can! The process will change depending on if we also manage your social media accounts for you or not. For most current clients, we handle all aspects, but we can just handle the creation, uploading, and management data tracking of your filters – to keep things simple!

Yes, we do! Send us an email, and let’s chat!

Filters have sizing limitations for them to be uploaded and accepted within the SparkAR Hub on Facebook. Extensive filters will not work correctly due to these having to work on multiple types of phones and software. Luckily, we will help you through this process and do testing to ensure your filter will be accepted and work properly!

SO MANY. There are millions of filters on Instagram and Facebook currently. From local businesses to huge brands, the list is endless. Some notable names are Coca-Cola, Mac Cosmetics, NYX, Kylie Cosmetics, Adidas, Gucci, NBA, Disney, OneTreePlanted, Lancome, Netflix, LEGO, Amazon Prime Video, and more.


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