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Custom Branded GIFs

Bring personality to conversations, emails, and Instagram Stories, and most importantly, be ANIMATED
Animate your brand and reach MILLIONS of people with fun, custom GIFs

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What Are Custom Branded GIFs?

Think of GIFs as an extension of your brand! They can be used in a variety of ways. Still, the primary use can be to help personalize and brand your Instagram Stories and allow anyone using GIFs on social media to find you through branded hashtag searches within the Instagram app or on the GIPHY.com platform.

GIFs are easy to create, super fun and engaging, eye-catching and entertaining, and there’s one for every situation imaginable. According to Gfycat, 63% of people are GIF users, with some of the most popular GIFs online reaching billions of views.

Your brand can use them too to increase organic brand awareness across social channels.

With the help of the creative team at The Influence Agency, your custom dynamic GIFs will be uploaded on a GIPHY.com Brand Account to be used on integrated platforms such as GIPHY.com, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and iPhone iOS.

Our internal brand GIFs on GIPHY.com have received over 440+ million views and counting!

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GIPHY - The Influence Agency

What is GIPHY?

GIPHY is an image hosting platform and online database making everyday conversations more entertaining.

Ultimately, this website is a search engine for anyone that pairs vital search terms and queries, resulting in entertaining, fun, short looping videos, stickers, or GIFs.

GIPHY now serves as a hub for all things GIF and is integrated with platforms such as:

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Custom GIFs For Brands

Custom GIFs for Ripple - The Influence Agency
Rose Picnic GIF
Rose Picnic Flowers GIF
The Rose Picnic GIF
Rose All Day Picnic GIF
The Rose Picnic GIF
Pumpkin Festto GIF
Pumpkinfest Toronto GIF
Pumpkinfest Toronto GIF
Pumpkinfest Richmond Hill GIF
Pumpkinfest Toronto GIF

Our GIF Services Include

GIPHY Account Set Up Icon
set up

GIPHY account set up

GIF Custom Designs Icon

Custom-designed Gifs to Include Company Branding and Logo

GIPHY Revision Icon

1 round of revisions

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Management of Data and Analytics Tracking Monthly

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1. Discovery

We meet with the client (you!) to gather insight on what they are looking for:

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Key Themes
  • Holidays/Seasonality
  • New Products
Strategy Icon

2. Strategy

  • Formalize and ideat the concepts for the GIFs.
  • Brainstorm a list of ideas and then condense that down until we have the selects will execute.
Design Icon

3. Design

Meet with our talented digital designers to review the specifics of the GIFs that will be created, ensuring to pass off all design assets, brand guidelines, references, mood boards, and more.

Launch Icon

4. Launch

  • We test the GIFs to ensure proper functionality.
  • We send the GIFs to the brand for approval.
  • When complete, we upload them to GIPHY.com and track their progress (Views) monthly.

What Do the Data and Analytic Capabilities Look Like?

With a Brand Account on GIPHY, you can access a limited data selection. The most essential are GIF and Sticker Views. Think of views as a mix between reach and engagement.

A view is counted every time a GIF or sticker has been served through GIPHY’s services or technology. A single view is counted when a GIF is served, regardless of how many times it loops. A GIF view on GIPHY signifies relevance, share-ability, and popularity.

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How can you utilize Custom
Branded GIFs?

Utilizing Custom Branded GIFs - The Influence Agency

Why are custom branded GIFs crucial to
a complete marketing strategy?

They are easy and entertaining to use. They provide a completely organic way to reach your audience, customers, and fan base through a custom branded content asset that can be shared across multiple platforms by thousands (or even millions) of people.

GIFs are crucial because they allow any user to interact with your brand or business, even if they are NOT following you on social media platforms, purchasing your products, using your services, or engaging with your website.

Brand Recognition - The Influence Agency

They are a super simple and cost-effective way to add personalized content to your marketing strategy and have the capabilities to be fully customizable. We recommend always starting with brand-specific content, i.e., logos, slogans, etc., and then incorporating non-brander or generic GIFs to keep the momentum going.

Generic non-branded GIFs on GIPHY.com are usually the type of GIFs that get shared the most by the general public and get the most views!

Frequently Asked Questions

Through the use of hashtags, any GIPHY user can find your assets through those relevant hashtags or “keywords.” We utilize a mix of branded and descriptive hashtags to ensure your assets will be seen—to help grow those GIF and Sticker views!

To launch a GIPHY.com Brand Account, we must start with five custom branded GIFs to apply to become a Brand Account (i.e., showing up on platforms like Instagram through the GIF search). If you already have a GIPHY.com account with five or more active GIFs and a Brand Account, then we can create individual GIFs for you and your brand.

Creating custom branded GIFs can range from incredibly complicated to not at all. We ended up in the middle with our first-ever The Influence Agency GIFs run. We outlined a set of animations to be built, defined our brand colour set, and got to work. Within Maxon Cinema 4D, we created several logo animations that would loop in itself seamlessly to ensure that we never have abrupt cuts between the repetitions (if you’re not versed in 3D animation, using something like After Effects works just as well). After this is rendered, throw it into Photoshop, export it as a GIF, and you’re ready to move on to the next step—uploading onto the GIPHY.com website!

The process and creation of these assets are entirely determined by the concept and the specifications of the designs we will use.

Yes, we can! Our amazingly talented team of in-house digital designers can create custom illustrations for you and your brand.

Let’s Chat!

Do you love GIFs as much as we do? Then let’s get creative! We would love to help you execute Custom Branded GIFs for you and your brand, showcasing the personality, aesthetic, brand tone, and any other brand elements that are of significance.

Are you looking to learn more about what we can do? Contact us today; we can’t wait to hear from you!

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