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LG Home Comfort

Services | Lead Gen

Creating the perfect user experience for a
service-based industry

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LG Home Comfort

Services | Lead Gen

Creating the perfect user experience for a
service-based industry



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LG Home Comfort, an expert in heating, cooling, and water services, has been delivering top-notch service for years. However, with the evolution of digital trends, their website fell short of user expectations.

The outdated layout resulted in decreased leads and conversions. In response, LG Home Comfort joined forces with The Influence Agency to craft a user-centric website, guiding visitors seamlessly to their required services.

Through well-intentioned design and user-focused approaches, the revamped website evolved into an effective tool for educating and converting site visitors.

Design System

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Primary - Satoshi Bold

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LG Home Comfort Design

Our website refresh aimed to achieve a similar goal: crafting a user-friendly experience and boosting lead generation. The site prioritized ease of use, accessibility, and a strong focus on conversions. Crucially, we aimed to instill trust in users that LG Home Comfort was the ideal solution for their needs while providing easy ways to reach out.

Work with The Influence Agency
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The Outcome

The website redesign yielded remarkable results, driving elevated user engagement and a surge in lead generation. Users loved the website’s contemporary aesthetic, remarking on its user-friendly design and the wealth of valuable information provided. The redesign notably set LG Home Comfort apart in the industry by emphasizing its modern appeal and attention to the user experience.

The enhanced website not only effectively showcased their expertise but also fostered deeper connections with users, reinforcing their status as a go-to authority in the field.

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LG Home Comfort - Iphone1
LG Home Comfort - Iphone
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LG Home Comfort - Iphone1
LG Home Comfort - Iphone
Card Based Design

Card Based Design

A Card for Every Service

Central to the website refresh was the use of a card-based layout that highlighted the distinct separation among each service offered. Recognizing that users drawn to one service most likely will not be interested in another, our design ensures that each service stands on its own and a user is able to clearly differentiate their options.

This system is used throughout, creating a modular system that allowed the website’s design system to scale seamlessly and intelligently across all pages.

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Mobile Ready

Quick Access to Services,
No Matter Your Device

Prioritizing the mobile experience was pivotal, given that 92.3% of users access the internet via mobile phones, driving over 55% of website traffic. We tailored the mobile interface for swift access to services and repairs by LG Home Comfort.

We strategically positioned Calls to Action throughout the site to ensure users are just a tap away from reaching out.

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The success of the LG Home Comfort website underscores the significance of user experience and design. By focusing on the needs of their target audience, a website emerged that provided potential clients with the knowledge they needed to trust LG Home Comfort with their next repair.

Regardless of industry, the benefits of a redesign cannot be stated enough. Our work in elevating user experience and optimizing conversion rates has solidified LG Home Comfort as a standout in their industry. If you’re looking to elevate your digital presence, connect with us today. Discover how our team can create an experience that speaks to your user’s needs, your business goals, and looks incredible while doing it.

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