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Is the Rise of ChatGPT the End for SEO Content Writers?

Ryan Stephenson
Written By
Ryan Stephenson
Published On
Mar 22, 2023
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Toward the end of 2022, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot.

With its responses accurately mimicking those of a human, it definitely succeeded at leaving people impressed (and shocked). When prompted, this tool is capable of producing written blurbs such as emails, essays, and blogs. Because of this, some marketing companies use ChatGPT to improve their SEO.

Now, there’s speculation that ChatGPT is out to replace SEO content writers. This blog dives into the reasons why this isn’t very likely. To give you more context, let’s begin by learning what this AI chatbot is all about.

What Is ChatGPT?

OpenAI is the company behind ChatGPT, a large language model powered by AI that’s programmed to understand and respond to natural language. It’s trained with millions of texts such as books, articles, and poems, making it capable of predicting a word that comes next in a sentence. Because of this, ChatGPT can reply to your prompts and provide long-form content related to the given topic.

Aside from that, ChatGPT also uses Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback. This factor allows the AI tool to learn how humans respond to questions. ChatGPT can summarize the information from countless online references while sounding “almost human.”

So What’s the Problem With ChatGPT?

If ChatGPT is excellent for summarizing content, shouldn’t this make it a great tool for digital marketing and SEO? There’s no denying it has potential, but this AI chatbot is still in its early stages, which means it isn’t super reliable just yet. In fact, below are the common problems with ChatGPT as a content tool:

  1. Lacks Content Accuracy

Despite the expansive knowledge hub it has, ChatGPT still tends to provide inaccurate information. Here are some factors that contribute to this point:

  • Quality of training data – Since the AI of ChatGPT is trained, it’s highly dependent on the quality of data that its fed. If the chatbot is exposed to poor-quality text, it’s no surprise it could give you wrong answers.
  • Bias – There’s no control over what kind of data ChatGPT uses, meaning it can consume biased material. This may cause the chatbot to give prejudiced answers.
  • User input – ChatGPT heavily relies on user input. Providing unclear prompts will make the chatbot give you incorrect responses.
  • Language complexity – Too much jargon or technical terms can confuse ChatGPT, which will result in it providing you with the wrong information.
A digital marketer studying the performance overview of a website
  1. Does Not Meet Google’s Standards

Google won’t favour auto-generated text if it is low-quality. Its search engine rewards relevance and accuracy. If the content is no longer trusted, it will likely not rank. Since ChatGPT is notable for its inaccuracy, Google can label this as unreliable and untrustworthy. As a result, your AI material will rank low on search engines.

On that note, AI or auto-generated content goes against Google’s Search Essentials and gives the search engine the right to consider your material spam. This is because auto-generated content produces nothing original; it only summarizes the current texts online.

  1. The Threat of Misinformation

In this digital era, everyone relies on online resources to gain accurate information. This puts people at a disadvantage since misinformation is at large. If companies become too reliant on ChatGPT, it could contribute to the spread of false information and possibly harm others who gain access to the material.

One study even states that the existence of language models can be the catalyst for the spread of misinformation.

Three Causes for Concern When It Comes to SEO

If you plan to use ChatGPT or any chatbot for SEO purposes, take note of the following woes when you do so:

  1. Inability to Fact Check

ChatGPT has no fact-checking abilities since it’s only trained to summarize information based on your prompt. Using this as a tool to generate content will still require much time and effort from your end because you’ll have to double-check for wrong information. 

It’s not only ChatGPT that lacks fact-checking skills when it comes to providing information. Google’s Bard also fell into this pit when it was launched for testing; it confidently gave a wrong answer when asked about the James Webb Space Telescope’s discoveries.

  1. Prevalence of Plagiarism

Plagiarism will always be unacceptable and can cause penalties for your website, making it difficult to discover on search engines. Sadly, ChatGPT can not ensure that its content is 100% free from plagiarism since it only compiles words and sentences to form essays as content. Despite it being trained, this chatbot doesn’t have any guarantee that all its answers are original or have value.

  1. Creates Disturbance to the Traditional Method of Educational Institutions

The presence of ChatGPT makes cheating more accessible and tempts students to use it for personal gain. This prevents people from having an authentic learning experience as they rely on a chatbot for answers. Ultimately, students suffer the consequences since they get used to being dishonest.

A writer creating a blog post on her laptop

AI-Generated Content vs SEO Content Writers

There is one thing that human writers have that ChatGPT doesn’t: emotions. Aside from being able to apply effective SEO on-page practices, content writers can tap into their minds and translate feelings into words. The text they come up with has depth, relatability, and originality, inspiring readers to continue reading since the material appeals to them. Forming a connection with your audience is an effective SEO strategy that auto-generated content could never replicate.

Besides that, ChatGPT cannot function without a prompt from you! It still requires your instruction and demand before it produces text. So without your idea, ChatGPT stands meaningless. 

While relying on chatbots isn’t the best way to go, ChatGPT can still be a helpful tool for those who want to keep up with new technology or be an early adopter. When you prompt this chatbot with blog topics, the AI tool will give you a summarized text that you can use to add depth to your article. Just remember to always use ChatGPT wisely and with caution.

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  • Ryan Stephenson

    Ryan is a Senior Client Success Manager with an extensive 12+ year background in paid search, data analysis, and digital advertising. When Ryan's not working or parenting, you can likely find him skiing, camping, travelling, or seeking new and exciting foods to cook or sample. You can follow him @photonerd12

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  • Ryan Stephenson

    Ryan is a Senior Client Success Manager with an extensive 12+ year background in paid search, data analysis, and digital advertising. When Ryan's not working or parenting, you can likely find him skiing, camping, travelling, or seeking new and exciting foods to cook or sample. You can follow him @photonerd12

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