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UGC 101: Guide to User-Generated Content Marketing

Kitty Lana Carr
Written By
Kitty Lana Carr
Published On
Feb 13, 2023
A UGC content creator recording a video

What’s the hottest trend in marketing today? Experts will tell you that it’s user-generated content marketing or UGC.

If you’ve ever scrolled on Instagram and seen someone unboxing a new pair of sneakers that complements all of their OOTDs, that right there is called UGC. And that blog featuring aesthetic food flat lays taken by your friend at that new cafe? Yup, that’s UGC too.

As of 2022, about 87% of brands are leveraging UGC to share authentic content with their customers. But why is it quickly becoming the go-to strategy for marketers across the globe? The Influence Agency is here to dive into the details. Welcome to UGC 101!

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What Is User-Generated Content Marketing?

User-generated content is often referred to as “consumer-generated content” as well. It involves original, brand-specific content that is created by customers rather than a brand’s representatives. Then, it’s posted on social media or other channels. 

What Are The Types of User Generated Content Marketing?

The internet is filled with various types of user-generated content that you’re bound to have encountered at one point or another. This marketing strategy comes in many forms, including:

  • Social media content (such as photos, video, stories, tweets, etc.);
  • YouTube videos;
  • Blogs posts;
  • Product reviews; and
  • Testimonials.

Who Creates UGC?


Authentic UGC is created by actual customers who truly support your brand and decide to post about it for everyone to see. From unboxing videos to product reviews or simply tagging a brand in an OOTD post, this is the type of organic content that can do wonders for brand awareness.

UGC Creators

While UGC is meant to be authentically from consumers, there are some brands out there that resort to collaborating with UGC creators. This involves paying people who have no following to create content that gets posted on the brand page rather than on their personal accounts.

What Are The Benefits of UGC?

Now that you know what user-generated content marketing is, it’s time to take a look at its many benefits. Whether your goal is to boost brand loyalty or positively influence buying decisions, UGC can do all that and more.  

Upholds Authenticity

78% of people trust reviews more than ads, and that’s because it’s the type of content that comes from actual consumers. The opinions can be positive or negative, but the best thing about them is that they’re usually authentic.

On the other hand, ads are designed by marketers who have to paint products and services in their best light—and it’s up to you to figure out the flaws once you try it out. When a brand has a bunch of UGC associated with it, it helps to uphold authenticity in the eyes of consumers. 

Boosts Brand Loyalty

Encouraging consumers to create UGC is a fantastic way to boost brand loyalty. From re-sharing posts of those who tagged your product or starting a unique challenge on TikTok, there are plenty of ways to encourage audiences to get involved with your brand. People love being a part of something interesting—all you have to do is give them the opportunity to do just that. Brand loyalty begins with sparking valuable interactions.

Expands Your Brand’s Community

Most of the world’s biggest brands are the ones that have succeeded at building tight-knit communities and followings. If you want to grow and prosper, you’ve got to get the word out—and more often than not, UGC makes it happen. 

Positively Influences Buying Decisions

Before clicking that checkout button for most of your purchases, we’re pretty sure you’ve done your fair share of research first. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, 93% of consumers find UGC very helpful in their decision process. Positively influencing buying decisions is one of UGC’s many benefits. That’s why user-generated content marketing has become an indispensable strategy for experts everywhere.

Examples of UGC

JWEL: Iron Vegan Athlete’s Blend

This UGC example showed audiences how to incorporate Iron Vegan Athlete’s Blend into their recipe for fluffy protein pancakes. 


From food and drink to beauty products, WELL.CA is the ultimate online shopping solution that enables you to get almost everything—and this UGC managed to put that in the spotlight.

Why Work With a UGC Agency

It’s clear that UGC itself has a ton of benefits—and working with a reliable UGC agency, like The Influence Agency, makes this strategy far more effective.

Scale Production

UGC works best when it’s executed on a larger scale because it does a great job of making you visible to more people. But producing quality UGC isn’t always simple, and doing this in-house can be quite challenging and time-consuming—especially if you’re new to the user-generated content marketing landscape.

When you work with a UGC agency, you can leave it all up to the experts to do the heavy lifting. You get to maximize your reach with minimal effort. 

Access to a Variety of Creators

The Influence Agency is a trusted UGC agency that features a massive database of hundreds (if not thousands) of creators with whom we’ve fostered strong working relationships throughout the years. As trailblazers in the influencer campaign management scene, you can rest assured that our experts know what it takes to match the right creators with the right brands. Figuring out who to collaborate with has just become so much easier.

Back Your UGC Content with Strategy

UGC only works when the right strategies back it. Our experts are always in the loop of what’s trending and are dedicated to helping brands incorporate that into their gameplan. 

Seamless Execution

Working with a UGC agency offers the benefit of seamless execution. Our processes in place feature tried and true steps—we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t.

On top of that, we know that our clients are looking for a team that’s nimble. In this fast-paced digital world where trends shift by the minute, swift content turnaround is absolutely essential. In less than a week, we’ll get your quality content out there so that it’s part of a trend—and not a minute too late. 

Optimize UGC Based on KPI

You can count on The Influence Agency to optimize UGC based on key performance indicators (KPIs). From lead generation to conversions and awareness, we’ll take a close look at how content performs and make necessary adjustments so that it continues to exceed expectations.

Create UGC Content with The Influence Agency

If you want to see UGC involving your brand trending in online spaces, you’re going to need to give audiences some of your own incredible content first. It all begins with establishing a brand image that compels people to take a look at you and connect with you—and all that sought-after UGC will follow. 

Whether you’re thinking about upgrading your user-generated content marketing strategy or looking into launching an influencer marketing campaign, making user-enticing content starts with The Influence Agency. 

Ready to get started? Talk to us today. 

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