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Up & Coming Influencers to Keep an Eye On in 2022

Dale David
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Dale David
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Jan 06, 2022
a collage of five up-and-coming influencers

We’ve all just entered a fresh new year—which means there’s a whole bunch of new adventures and inspiration just waiting to unfold! 

It’s the perfect time to take a look at the up-and-coming influencers who might just be the ones who supply that much-needed inspiration through their exciting content.
From travel and style experts to wellness and food influencers, check out The Influence Agency’s list of social media personalities whose stars are bound to shine bright this year!

Jennifer Ogumbor | @thejeneralist

This proud mom influencer loves sharing “the spaces, places, pretty, cool and inspiring bits” that add vibrancy to her everyday life. Whether it’s photos of her adorable daughter Willow, chic OOTDs, helpful cleaning hacks, or travel diaries, Jennifer Ogumbor is sure to add a nice dash of inspiration to your newsfeed. 

She’s already got 13.6k people following her adventures—and we can’t wait to see what amazing content she’ll bring to the table in 2022!

Steven Branco | @mr.stevenbranco

We know we’re not alone when we say we just can’t get enough of Steven Branco’s stylish looks! In fact, he’s already got 22.9k followers to prove our point. This creative/fashion director and on-air lifestyle expert also loves to share content on the coolest kicks, beauty products, and even investment tips! 

With such dynamic and diverse content, @mr.stevenbranco’s definitely an influencer to keep an eye on.  

LaTroy & Nicole Tillery | @lovethetillerys

Photo from @lovethetillerys Instagram account
Photo courtesy of @lovethetillerys

We, along with 14.3k other followers, love the Tillerys—and it’s so easy to see why! LaTroy and Nicole are all about family, marriage, and mindset. Their words of wisdom never fail to inject some positivity into your day!

It’s clear that they’re genuinely enjoying their parenthood journey with their lovable little twins, Josiah and Moriah. Whether you’re looking for some tips on parenting or a subtle push to pursue your dreams, the Tillerys have got you covered. 

Christopher Rivest | @may.eighty.five

If Christopher Rivest’s Instagram feed doesn’t turn you into a well-fed food enthusiast—we don’t know what will. This Calgary-based photographer captures dishes and beverages in all their divine glory (Yes, food truly is a blessing from above. Hence, the adjective “divine.”) 😇 

Treat yourself to some ASMR for the eyes by following this up-and-coming influencer on Instagram. And hey, once in a while you’ll even be treated to the cuteness of his furbaby, Chloe! 

Jackline Kantanka | @sincerelyjackline

How do you style a shacket? Or how do you make a DIY aloe vera leave-in or DIY mosquito repellent? We don’t know how she does it, but she’s quickly on her way to becoming a style and DIY queen. 

So far, she’s already enchanted 20.2k followers with her witty content—and we’ll all be keeping an eye on her in 2022! 

Andrew Cretaro | @andrewcretaro

Could someone please tell us how Andrew Cretaro edits his photos? Because we’re *dying* to know what preset he’s using that makes all his Instagram posts look like a vintage autumn dream!

We’re sure you’ll find yourself scrolling endlessly through this lifestyle, fashion, and food & drink influencer’s content. And on days when you might struggle to put together a stellar, pale-palette OOTD, just know that you can always pick up some inspiration from Andrew! 

Abigail Ogun | @ladiestakenotes

Ladies, take notes! (OMG, that’s such a catchy handle.) Because Abigail Ogun is about to help us all feel confident through fashion!

The Calgary-based, up-and-coming influencer always has show-stopping looks that will turn heads wherever she goes. We can’t wait to see what fashion inspiration we’ll get to pull from her this year! 

Charlene Wong | @allstylelife

This rising Instagram and TikTok star is also a certified PT and lifestyle blogger! So you can rest assured that you’ll be getting tips and tricks from a true professional.  

She’s already got 52.4k followers on TikTok, thanks to her easy-to-follow workout videos. On Instagram, she’s slaying the aesthetic game with Pinterest-esque content we just—Can’t. Stop. Looking. At.

Allison Lang | @allisonelang

As a speaker, athlete, model, traveller (and jokester!), Allison Lang is proving to be utterly unstoppable! The amputee & disability advocate already has 10.9k followers on Instagram—and is inspiring them one post at a time. 

Whether it’s her positivity or impeccable sense of humour that captures everyone’s hearts, we can already see that 2022 is going to be a big year for this influencer! 

Saige Taylor | @saigetaylor

Self-love has become an increasingly vital topic in the past few years. And whether you’ve started to re-think this whole idea thanks to the growing awareness on mental health or simply because you’ve stumbled upon BTS’ hit track “Love Myself,” you can count on Saige Taylor to continuously expand on this topic on a daily basis through her thought-provoking Instagram posts.

She’s shared incredible content on body positivity and has expert photography skills—that sounds like a recipe for influencer success to us! 

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  • Dale David is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency. She's also a sneaker-wearing, guitar-playing, light wash denim-clad, pizza-munching, proud European '90s baby.

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  • Dale David is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency. She's also a sneaker-wearing, guitar-playing, light wash denim-clad, pizza-munching, proud European '90s baby.

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