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Top 6 Twitch Gamers to Follow

Josh Filderman
Written By
Josh Filderman
Published On
Jul 19, 2021
a collage of five Twitch gamers

Truth be told, watching the live streams of Twitch gamers as they reach unbeatable high scores is just as exhilarating as watching the Olympics! But who are the platform’s biggest superstars that you should be following? 

We’ve rounded up the top six Twitch gamers who’ve built massive fanbases thanks to their extraordinary gaming skills and competitive personalities. 

Just scroll through to see who they are!

Edwin Castro | @castro1021

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A post shared by Castro1021 (@castro1021)

Edwin Castro’s gaming skills and epic sense of humour have turned him into one of the internet’s top Twitch gamers! You’ll usually find him posting FIFA 21 content on his channel of 3 million subscribers. 

What we love is that he also uses his huge platform to raise awareness for various charitable causes. He’s hosted countless live streams to raise funds for the benefit of children with cancer, those affected by COVID-19, and the Stroke Association. Check out his handle “@Castro_1021” and you’ll see he is a true gamer with a cause — which is clearly why he’ll always be one of our favourite Twitch gamers!

Ali Kabbani | @tsm_myth

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A post shared by Myth (@tsm_myth)

Ali Kabbani’s gaming skills are so extraordinary, that it’s almost as if he’s a myth — and we’re pretty sure that’s where the nickname comes from! When he started playing Fortnite: Battle Royale in 2017, he quickly became a household name and earned millions of followers in just one year. 

He’s popular for being one of the best builders on Fortnite and currently serves as the captain for Team SoloMid. Considering that he’s been gaming since he was just four years old (which is before he even entered kindergarten!), it’s no surprise that he’s successfully climbed his way to the top as one of the most recognized Twitch gamers.

Turner Tenney | @tfue

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A post shared by Tfue (@tfue)

Turner Tenney has come a long way since he started posting gameplays on “Advanced Warfare Momentum Spawn Trapping”! You might also remember him from the “KID EATS CAROLINA REAPER!! Live on Twitch” video way back in 2015.

Today, this eSports player is one of the world’s most popular Twitch gamers with over 10.5 million subscribers on his channel. When watching his content on Warzone,  Minecraft, and Fortnite gameplay, you’ll find that Tfue’s unique personality always shines through! 

Nick Kolcheff |  @nickmercs

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A post shared by Nick Kolcheff (@nickmercs)

What sets this MLG National Champion apart from the rest is the fact that he plays with a controller instead of a mouse and a keyboard! His exceptional skills have turned him into a multi-record holder in Fortnite

This Twitch gamer, who currently plays for FaZe Clan, uploads his gameplay videos on Warzone and Battle Royale on his channel every day — and you’ll love how they’re always bursting with so much energy. At the 10th Streamy Awards in 2020, Nickmercs was even honoured as the live streamer of the year!

Rumay Wang | @itshafu

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A post shared by Hafu (@itshafu)

After becoming a legendary Hearthstone player and peaking at number two, Hafu went on to dominate the scene in other games such as World of Warcraft and Bloodline Champions. She’s also known for being the number one Teamfight Tactics player in League of Legends. 

Today, there’s no doubt about it that Hafu is one of the world’s most legendary Among Us players in the world. She continues to prove that women are no less skilled in gaming. With her remarkable skills (and her cute selfies on Instagram), she’s clearly one of the Twitch gamers to be reckoned with! 

BotezLive | @botezlive

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A post shared by BotezLive (@botezlive)

You’ll love how endearing it is to watch these sisters, Alex and Andrea, dominate the scene of online chess games. Big sister, Alex Botez, even won a national championship in Canada at just eight years old!

Currently, they play for Team Envy, and are quickly becoming the modern generation’s ultimate chess masters — and they’re doing it all with on-fleek eyebrows and in high-style OOTDs.

Whether they’re challenging other chess players in New York, or learning how to paddleboard, following the adventures of the Botez sisters on Twitch will always give you a good laugh!

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Not only will these Twitch gamers entertain you with their live streams, but we’re 100% sure you’ll pick up a few tricks from their expertise as well — and will soon be on your own way to gaming supremacy. 

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  • Josh Filderman is a Client Success Manager at the Influence Agency with a multi-faceted digital marketing tool-kit. Whether you're looking for digital strategy, a robust SEO program or influencer marketing, Josh is your guy. Outside of work, Josh is a passionate gamer and avid sports fan.

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  • Josh Filderman is a Client Success Manager at the Influence Agency with a multi-faceted digital marketing tool-kit. Whether you're looking for digital strategy, a robust SEO program or influencer marketing, Josh is your guy. Outside of work, Josh is a passionate gamer and avid sports fan.

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