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Top 10 Predicted Video Trends for 2024

Marcel Canzona
Written By
Marcel Canzona
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Jan 30, 2024
Several people working to set up a set for a video shoot

Content is king—and video is the king of content. The data shows that 80% of consumers prefer video to written text context, and that’s not changing anytime soon. 

With such dominance comes constant content evolution, and the worst thing you can do when trying to get a slice of this huge video marketing pie is to fall behind the times. Now is the time to review your video marketing strategy according to consumer behavior, technological advancements, and platform algorithms.

So, dust off your cameras and get ready to dive into the top 10 video trends of 2024. This is what you should expect to take off this year! 

1. AI Video Will Take Over

It’s 2024; AI is of course on the list! The capabilities of artificial intelligence grew by leaps and bounds last year, and it’s still making waves with recent advancements in generating stunning still images from scratch. (Midjourney, anyone?)

OpenAI recently shocked the world with the release of SORA, which is the most photo-realistic, adaptable, and temporally consistent video generation to date. The videos it’s producing are turning skeptics into believers as we speak. 

The AI video revolution will indeed be televised—buckle up, folks! 

2. Automated Editing Techniques

AI-powered tools are aggressively invading every corner of the digital marketing world, and that includes influencing video marketing trends—let’s embrace it! Automated editing fueled by AI makes video editing workflow faster and more efficient. 

One example of this is how SubMagic will do your subtitles and add B-Roll for you. Meanwhile, Firecut will also do captions and edit out those awkward silences in your footage. We expect faster editing speeds in 2024, which will allow content creators and marketers to focus on the bigger picture, produce more video content and refine their storytelling.  

Just remember: with great power comes great responsibility (and potentially hefty subscriptions!), so weigh the benefits against the costs before jumping in.

3. The Camcorder Comeback

Our third video trend for 2024 is a blast from the past. 

Remember those ultra-grainy Super 8mm films and VHS transitions? They’ve become increasingly popular lately, and now we’re about to get a full face of the mid-late 2000s nostalgia with the return of digital camcorder footage in the video content market.

This is the best time to fully submerge in the lo-fi aesthetic, so videographers, take note!

4. Even More Smartphone Videos

While we just spoke about camcorders and other vintage cameras of the 2000s dominating videography trends in 2024, smartphones will still reign supreme as the king of video creation. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Their advanced features keep pushing boundaries 
  • Short-form video content thrives on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Live streaming is now mainstream and mobile devices make it easy 
  • Mobile editing apps now rival professional equipment or software

Perhaps most of all, smartphones will continue running the show because younger viewers are so aware and turned off by most high-production value marketing. Today’s consumers want to watch things that feel authentic and relatable!

5. The Return of (Slightly) Longer-Form Commercials

Video trends in recent years have been all about short-form videos, but we also expect to see some longer-form video marketing make a comeback in 2024. 

YouTube’s decision to bring back unskippable 30s ads on TV likely foreshadows slightly longer ads on video platforms. For video marketers, this allows for more diverse and in-depth storytelling than the often too-short 6-second bumper ad, so color us excited!

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6. AI-Enhanced Audio

If you thought we were done with AI, you thought wrong! 

In today’s current market, a successful content creator has to be a director, camera operator, sound recordist, video editor, and sound editor all in one. Fortunately, AI tools are making it easier to be an all-in-one specialist. 

When it comes to videography trends for 2024, expect to hear a lot better audio with Adobe’s “Enhance Speech” tool that’s now built-in to Premiere Pro. For video content creators, sound is one less skill you have to worry about learning!

7. 3D Will be Bigger Than Ever

As much as everyone is interested in video advertising they can make (user-generated content), internet users are still mesmerized by the futuristic 3D images that they can’t make. 

Combine that with the fact that anyone can download Blender (one of the world’s most advanced 3D software) for absolutely free, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for 3D becoming one of the top videography trends of 2024.

To put this video trend into perspective, over 1 million people have watched the beginner’s guide on Blender 4.0 in just the two months since its release. You can also find quite a lot of 3D elements in Pinterest’s 2024 trend predictions.

So, it’s safe to say you can probably expect stunning 3D animations, product showcases, and even narrative films pushed into the mainstream.

8. Behind-the-scenes (BTS)

No, not that BTS—we’re talking behind-the-scenes footage! If you want to create meaningful connections with your audience, showing them how you create the content they consume could be the video trend of 2024 that you have to follow. This need not be a long video of the full process and could be achieved by sharing a few short form videos before or after the launch of your main work. Sharing these short form videos before launch, can also help build the hype around your work. 

Whether you’re shooting live videos or rendering 3D showstoppers, adding in a few BTS shots makes your product video or ad much more approachable. It adds a personable and human element to an otherwise cold video.


Perfume videography idea #commercialvideography #productvideography #bts #lightsetup #commercial #perfume #camerawoman

♬ Opr – Gesaffelstein

9. Powerful LED Lights (+ Other Accessible Gear)

Nanlux has recently released their Nanlux Evoke 2400B, the most powerful LED light on the market—and it’s blowing minds. Just a year ago you would need a giant HMI light like an Arri M40 and a noisy gasoline generator to get these results.  

As you can probably tell, LEDs are among our favorite video marketing trends of 2024. We’re super excited for more democratization of high-end film equipment, both in terms of how it will enhance video quality and unlock a ton of creative potential for video marketers.

Pro Tip: remember to RENT these sorts of items from your local film shops before spending all that money on buying them. You don’t want to get stuck with a hefty investment if you only need the equipment occasionally.

10. No More Gimbals… They’re Dead

Ditch. Your. Gimbal. 

Gimbals have certainly had their time when it comes to stabilizing video content, but they are now too clunky for 2024. Plus, most modern prosumer cameras have in-body image stabilization (IBIS) which has made them obsolete. 

All recent smartphones also have some form of stabilization. The iPhone 15 Pro Max alone has incredible stabilization under “Action Mode.” When you need to film a lot of videos in one day, you don’t have time to fumble with a gimbal—use suspension legs!


Make These Video Marketing Trends Part of Your Strategy

In 2024, video production is going to be all about creating engaging and interactive video content while streamlining your workflow with AI. Are you ready to embrace these video trends and start leveling up your video marketing? 

The Influence Agency can help you do exactly that. Whether you’re looking to dominate on social media platforms or spice up your website, our 360 digital elevation approach is sure to take your brand to new heights. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch as we leverage the latest and greatest to help you crush your business goals in 2024. 

Contact us today for next-level video marketing strategies!

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