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Top 36 Crypto Influencers to Follow

Ethan Gallagher
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Ethan Gallagher
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Jun 01, 2022
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We all spent hours learning about math, history, and science in school—but did they teach us the importance of personal finance management and investments? Nope.

That’s exactly where crypto influencers come into the picture. Through their educational content on money matters, they’re helping their audiences get one step closer to financial freedom. Are you ready to be influenced by their investment expertise?

Then check out The Influence Agency’s list of the top crypto influencers you should be following! 

Crypto Instagram Influencers

Top Investing Education Podcast | @girlsthatinvest

There’s some serious “girl investing power” taking over the world thanks to these top crypto influencers! Don’t forget to check out their book, Girls That Invest, which is your ultimate guide to financial independence through stocks and shares. 

Steve Financial Freedom Coach | @calltoleap

So you want to dip your toes into the world of investments—but where do you even begin?
Allow Steve, who’s achieved financial freedom at the age of 33, to show you how it’s done.

Milan Singh | @milansinghhh

From delayed flight refunds to hotel savings tips, Milan Singh is one of the top crypto influencers spilling all the tea on the money hacks we never even knew about. 

Ryan Francis | @therealmoneyceo

If you’re looking for a reliable money coach, then Ryan Francis is one of the crypto influencers you should be following. He’s even been featured in Forbes and CNBC!

John Eringman | @johnefinance

This finance major turned finance creator is here to help you ace money matters! Watching his video is bound to change your perspective on all things 💰.  

Crypto TikTok Influencers

Hunter Chapman | @hccapital

So, what’s quantamental investing? If you don’t know the answer, then that brings us to our next point: follow Hunter Chapman on TikTok to find out! You’ll be treated to some actionable investing insights too. 

@hccapital How To Identify STRENTH / TRENDS In Stocks #stockmarket #stocks #invest #fintok #learnontiktok ♬ Paris – Else

Ajla | @ajla_talks

When Ajla talks, your financial knowledge instantly unlocks a new level. From how to invest $1,000 to hacks that will help you get rid of student loans, she’s one of the top crypto influencers who goes into the little details that make a big difference. 


Etfs, stocks, crypto!

♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov

Kevin Jackson | @paydaypursuit

Everybody needs financial education, and everyone could use a side hustle; crypto influencer Kevin Jackson helps his 297k followers on TikTok figure out how to ace both. 

@paydaypursuit Find out what they don’t teach you at school—sign up before it’s too late! 👍 #PaydayPursuit #LearnWithMe #Faves #IWasPaidForThis ♬ original sound – 💰 I Help YOU Make Money 💰

Wendy O. | @cryptowendyo

When it comes to the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs, you can count on Wendy O. to provide you with daily updates! Join the 242k TikTok followers who are always tuned in to her amazing content. 

@cryptowendyo My biggest investment #SearchForWonderMom #p2e #gamingontiktok #gaming #gala #nft #metaverse ♬ original sound – Wendy O✨

Sharon Tseung | @sharontseung

Sharon Tseung is here to help you become financially free! Follow this crypto influencer to learn all about passive income, house hacking wealth strategies, and real estate investments! 

@sharontseung How to build wealth with house hacking – a real estate investing strategy! #realestate #investing #realestateinvesting #financialfreedom ♬ original sound – Sharon Tseung

Nick Meyer CFP | @nicktalksmoney

Personal finance doesn’t have to be a stressful task—and Nick Meyer is here to make it a fun process! With over 815k TikTok followers, he’s one of the most trusted crypto influencers with free financial courses.

@nicktalksmoney Learn step-by-step how to start investing link in bio🧠 #moneytok #tiptok #personalfinance ♬ original sound – Nick Meyer CFP® | Not Advice

Faares Q. | @faaresq

What is insider trading? How can you get $200 dollars free in crypto? Follow Faares Q. to get an inside look at the nitty-gritty of it all! 

@faaresq How to Get $200 Free With Crypto! 🤔 #sponsored #tastyworks #crypto #invest #gains #blockchain ♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov

Nathan Kennedy | @newmoneynate

Wondering what the fast track is to millions? Nathan Kennedy might just have the answer. Check out this crypto influencer’s unique tips on budgeting and investing! 

@newmoneynate Fast track to millions #investing #stocks #fintok #moneytok ♬ Polozhenie (Instrumental Guitar) – Ravens Rock

OBR | @obrinvesting

How do you turn $1,000 into $10,000 trading options? OBR has been there, done that. Their educational videos are bound to teach you how to put your money in the right places. 

@obrinvesting Turning $1,000 into $10,000 trading options. Completed🚨🤝 #daytrading #motivation #stocktok #optionstrading ♬ Grammarg – BLVKSHP

Vivian | @yourrichbff

Vivian is one of the top crypto influencers because she used to work on Wall Street, so she knows all the money secrets! Say “hello” to your new rich BFF, who’ll inspire you to become a rich BFF too.

@yourrichbff Rich people learn about money on the golf course. You learn it from me! #greenscreen #money #personalfinance #rothira #retirement #investing #etf ♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Reetu Maz | @ree2mz

Follow Reetu Maz on TikTok to learn all about money hacks, investing and business tips. Did we mention she has a business workshop too? You’re about to become a pro at personal finances!

@ree2mz A great way to save money on parts and supplies 🚧 #money #finance #personalfinance ♬ original sound – Reetu Maz

Jolly Green Investor | @jollygreeninvestor

They don’t call him the “Jolly Green Investor” for nothing! This crypto influencer’s content is always filled with high levels of enthusiasm as he breaks down the details on sustainable crypto, stocks, and NFTs

@jollygreeninvestor HOW TO FIND THE NEXT 🚀 #crypto #cryptok #altcoins ♬ Epic Music(836381) – Pavel

Crypto YouTube Influencers


The world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is definitely not easy to navigate—but through CryptosRUs’ YouTube channel, you can get daily analysis on the latest news and trends. This crypto influencer’s live videos will make a huge difference in your investment journey! 

Digital Asset News

If bite-sized crypto news is your cup of tea, then Digital Asset News is one of the top crypto influencers you should be subscribing to. The best part is that you’ll get updates on the state of crypto and Bitcoin in various countries across the globe. 

Crypto Love

With over 21 million views on YouTube, it’s evident that people all over the world love Cryptolove. This influencer has a great sense of humour and fascinating financial education resources.

Andrei Jikh

This financial minimalist, with some pretty accurate investment industry predictions, has established himself as one of the top crypto influencers on YouTube. But that’s not the only reason you’ll never get tired of listening to what Andrei Jikh has to say—his incredible voice quality literally sounds like it’s computer-generated…or is it? 

Coin Bureau

If you’re thinking of diving into the cryptocurrency galaxy, then make sure to drop by the Coin Bureau first. From the best crypto exchanges in 2022 to the worst crypto scams, this influencer goes into all the details! 

JRNY Crypto

JRNY Crypto is taking over YouTube with his content on cryptocurrency, NFTs, Altcoins, trading, and so much more. To date, this channel has already raked in over 38 million views.

Charlie Chang

At just 29 years old, Charlie Chang earns $128,000+ per month from 12 different sources of income! He’s one of the top crypto influencers because of the detailed, personal examples he provides on finance, entrepreneurship, and investing. 

Brian Jung

Brian Jung’s goal is to help his audiences achieve financial success. This crypto influencer has made such a huge difference with his platform that he was even featured in Netflix’s documentary Money, Explained in 2021. 

Lark Davis

Don’t miss out on following Lark David, who’s the writer behind one of the most reliable crypto investor reports on the market called “Wealth Mastery.” You’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes and invest with less worry. 

Marko | WhiteBoard Finance

This real estate investor, stock market investor, student of finance, and entrepreneur shares his real-world experiences through his YouTube videos. He’s there to show you everything you need to know about financial literacy!

Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen is one of the top crypto influencers who approaches cryptocurrency from a practical perspective. He uses his science, engineering, and programmatic background to package industry metrics in an easily digestible way for his audiences.

Ryan Scribner

When he’s not posting hilarious finance memes on Instagram, crypto influencer Ryan Scribner is taking over YouTube with his videos on how to retire at age 30, how to become a millionaire with $5 a day, and so many other hacks you should definitely check out! 

Humphrey Yang

This ex-financial advisor has always been there to answer his friends’ finance questions. It was only a matter of time for him to take his expertise to social media and become one of the top crypto influencers with over 87 million YouTube channel views!

King Khang

In no way does your educational attainment dictate whether you can become successful or not—and King Khang is living proof of that. From being a high school dropout to becoming a self-made millionaire at 32, this crypto influencer’s journey to financial freedom is beyond inspiring. 

Ivan Liljeqvist | Ivan On Tech

Not only does this crypto influencer from Sweden share his winning finance tips on his YouTube channel, but he also posts interviews with investment icons. If you’re interested in Blockchain technology, in particular, Ivan’s figured out it all. 

Nate O’Brien

With over 1.25 million YouTube subscribers, Nate O’Brien is one of the most recognizable crypto influencers on the planet. He also gives audiences a look at his productive and minimalist lifestyle that has contributed to his success in personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. 

Dan Gambardello | Crypto Capital Venture

Subscribe to Dan Gambardello’s YouTube channel for in-depth Bitcoin price analysis and other crypto news. It’ll definitely help you make more confident investment decisions!

Sean Benson

This Irish crypto influencer’s most popular YouTube videos include “How To Make $1M In Crypto Starting With Just $1000” and “How Much Will 1000 Cardano Be Worth By 2025?”—  make sure to check them out before you begin your cryptocurrency journey!

Matt’s Crypto

After just a year on YouTube, Matt has already become one of the top crypto influencers to watch out for! He has amassed 114k subscribers who tune into his helpful videos, including tips on the best cryptocurrency exchanges, the top NFTs to buy now, and the top NFT tools.  

Invest in Influencer Marketing

Thinking about collaborating with these top crypto influencers to put your business on the radar? The Influence Agency is here to make the connection.

As a leading digital marketing agency in North America, our team is ready to help you expand your reach in social spaces—and investing in influencer marketing is one of the best places to start.  

Contact us today to learn more!

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