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20 Canadian Cannabis Influencers to Follow

Kitty Lana Carr
Written By
Kitty Lana Carr
Published On
Mar 20, 2024
From left to right: Abi Roach, Reagan Bradley, Candace Cosentino, and Steve DeAngelo

Ever since Canada gave the green light to marijuana in October 2018, the cannabis scene has been on a wild ride into regulation. Today, more folks are choosing legitimate dispensaries over the black market, fueling a booming industry and a need for better education on cannabis use. To the rescue are Canadian cannabis influencers, bringing knowledge and good vibes to the community!

From CBD oil to yummy edibles, these individuals can teach you a thing or two about joints. We have you covered for the best cannabis Influencers to follow. Sit back, relax and enjoy the high!

Meaghan Bolton | @cloud_9_baby 

A bright and funny gal, follow cannabis influencer Meaghan for amazing smoke tricks and a blazing time!

Canadian cannabis influencer Meaghan Bolton in the car doing smoke tricks

Image source: @cloud_9_baby | Instagram

Reagan Bradley | @itsreaganbradley 

Reagan is an Ottawa-based entrepreneur who helps women grow their business. Check out her feed and see what #highsociety is like!

Cannabis influencer Reagan Bradley smiling while holding a bottle in a white room

Image source: @itsreaganbradley | Instagram

Vee | @fallforlove 

Vee is a photographer who travels between Montreal, Toronto, and Prince Edward Island. We love Vee’s natural cannabis aesthetic!

Cannabis influencer Vee, in long sleeves and pants, smokes while sitting down

Image source: @fallforvee | Instagram

Carley | @truenorth.wellness 

Carley is a Toronto-based holistic nutritionist who advocates for CBD and cannabis for healing. She also has amazing healthy recipes and wellness tips.

Cannabis influencer Jax sits in a yoga pose on a brown-coloured floor with blue walls

Image source: @truenorth.wellness | Instagram

Dorota | @dorota916 

Dorota is a Vancouver-based cannabis Influencer. For the latest cannabis products check out her feed!

Canadian cannabis influencer Dorota sitting in her car while smoking vape

Image source: @dorota916 | Instagram

Jodie | @jodieemery 

Jodie Emery is one of the biggest names in Canadian Cannabis. She is a cannabis rights activist, politician, and an integral part of pushing forward cannabis legislation in Canada.

Jodie Emery holds cannabis in both hands with an open jar of cannabis on a table

Image source: @jodieemery | Instagram

Phil | @phildepault 

Phil is a Montreal-based cyclist and the founder of the cannabis accessory company Maitri. Make sure to follow him!

Cannabis influencer Phil sitting with his full-suspension bike and a view of buildings behind him

Image source: @phildepault | Instagram

Seth | @sethrogen 

Of course, how could we forget our favourite Canadian cannabis King, Seth Rogen! Seth didn’t just play a stoner in Pineapple Express, he is a cannabis connoisseur IRL!

Actor Seth Rogen looks at colourful ashtrays on top of a wooden table

Image source: @sethrogen | Instagram

Steve DeAngelo | @steve.deangelo 

Coined as the Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry, Steve is an activist, author and global speaker. He is the founder of the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization that works to educate and reform the harms of cannabis criminalization.

Live from California, check out Steve’s podcast Radio Free Cannabis!

Cannabis influencer Steve De Angelo poses with a peace sign with a black and white background

Image source: @steve.deangelo | Instagram

Nikki Jackson | @savvystonedgirl 

As a mental health advocate, natural healing enthusiast and avid yogi, Nikki shares her knowledge on various strains as an avid user. This Victoria local is also a cannabis activist who shares local and current updates about cannabis on Twitter.

Nikki Jackson poses for the camera with her hand on her head and a joint in her mouth

Image source: @savvystonedgirl | Instagram

Travis Petersen | @the_nomadcook 

This Vancouver native, Travis, is known as a leading cannabis chef and educator in Canada. He had a brief stint on Masterchef Canada and today he runs his own private chef business. Check out his account for delicious dishes infused with cannabis.

The nomad cook and cannabis influencer Travis Petersen smokes while holding a glass
Image source: @the_nomadcook | Instagram

Natasha Raey | @nraey 

As the founder of Cadence Health Center, Natasha works primarily on women’s empowerment, fashion, and medical marijuana. Her entrepreneur and philanthropist spirit is evident in her cannabis advocacy.

Natasha Raey stands with her right hand on her head while her left hand holds a bag
Image source: @nraey | Instagram

Jacqui Childs | @jacquichilds 

This award-winning advocate, Jacqui Childs, is a cannabis writer. As the chief content officer at cannabis.wiki, Jacqui is able to share her expertise and educate others.

To hear more from this Hamilton local check out her podcast The Green Room!

Jacqui Childs, Cannabis writer and influencer, smokes while wearing a black winter jacket

Image source: @jacquichilds | Instagram

Celeste | @bcbudgal_ 

Celeste is a BC-based Canadian cannabis influencer who shares her nature adventures and love for weed with her 27.6k followers on Instagram and 14.4k subscribers on YouTube. True to her bio on IG, she likes to grow and create “tings”. She’s the owner of @celestial_sweetz_bc, which sells hash-infused sweets. 

Jacqui Childs, Cannabis writer and influencer, smokes while wearing a black winter jacket

Image source: @bcbudgal_ | Instagram

Abi Roach | @abiroach420 

Abi Roach is more than your regular cannabis influencer — she’s an activist in the hash community who advocated for Cannabis Law Reform and founded HotBox Cafe, Toronto’s first cannabis consumption lounge that lasted 22 years. 

Though the community lounge is now closed, she’s still in the hash business working at the government-run Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). 

Canadian cannabis influencer Abi Roach standing in front of several colourful bongs

Image source: @abiroach420 | Instagram

Evgenia Jen Zigizmund | @z.e.n.e.r.g.y/ 

If you’re looking for holistic meals with a dash of green grass, check out Jen’s eye-catching Instagram feed. You’ll learn a thing or two about how you can feel good with nutrition-rich food.

Evgenia Jen Zigizmund wearing a white bikini and sitting on a grey lounge chair

Image source: @z.e.n.e.r.g.y/ | Instagram

Marly Tweedledoob | @tweedledoob 

Cannabis marketing consultant and photographer Marly has been in the cannabis industry while completing her double major in philosophy and Buddhist studies at the University of Toronto. So, for those needing creative shoots or just looking for a good cannabis company, hit follow @tweedledoob.

Marly Tweedledoob smoking with both her hands being reflected on her sunglasses

Image source: @tweedledoob | Instagram

Troy Coneybeare | @thenorthernscrogger 

2023’s Cannabis Trailblazer of the Year Troy is known in the cannabis community for his scrogging, one way of growing shrubs under a screen or chicken wire. He has a YouTube channel with 21.4K subscribers where he teaches scrog methods and more.

Troy Coneybeare looking at his growing green shrubs under white wires

Image source: @thenorthernscrogger | Instagram

Fiji | @fiji_original 

Aside from being a Canadian hip-hop artist, Fiji is also a cannabis enthusiast and entrepreneur. He’s also the host of the YouTube channel, Smoked Out Canada.

Canadian hip-hop artist and cannabis influencer Fiji stands with a light and a joint in his hands

Image source: @fiji_original | Instagram

Candace Cosentino | @candacecos 

Owner of Cos Studios, Candace is a photographer who has worked with brands like Sephora Canada and Ripley’s Niagara + Toronto. She’s also a cannabis influencer from Canada, snapping beautifully taken pictures of kush here and there.

Candace Cosentino smoking a joint using a bejewelled blunt holder

Image source: @candacecos | Instagram

Leave Canadian Cannabis Influencer Marketing To Us! 

There you have it, our top 20 Canadian cannabis Influencers! You can also check out our blog with some of our favourite American cannabis influencers.

If you would like to work with any of these Influencers, make sure to contact us here. They’ll teach you a thing or two about cannabis and what it takes to post content with high engagement on social media!

Mixed with our social media marketing know-how, you’ll reach whole new heights. Get in touch today!



  • Kitty Lana Carr

    Kitty Lana Carr is an Account Director, Creative Services and specializes in influencer marketing and paid media strategy, and creative direction for branded content. You will find Kitty walking her rescue dog Joy and trying out new food spots in Toronto!

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  • Kitty Lana Carr

    Kitty Lana Carr is an Account Director, Creative Services and specializes in influencer marketing and paid media strategy, and creative direction for branded content. You will find Kitty walking her rescue dog Joy and trying out new food spots in Toronto!

    View all posts

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