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15 Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas from Your Fav Food Bloggers

Mahlet Yordanos
Written By
Mahlet Yordanos
Published On
Oct 03, 2022
A collage of three thanksgiving dinner ideas

Deciding on a Thanksgiving dinner menu is never easy.

But thank goodness, we can count on these top food bloggers to provide us with Thanksgiving dinner ideas that everyone at the table will give two thumbs-up for. 

Scroll down to discover delicious main dishes, side dishes, and desserts that you’ll be so grateful to have come across!

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas: 

Main Dishes

Edgy Veg

Food Blog: theedgyveg.com/

YouTube: Still Current Studios

Instagram: @edgyveg 

TikTok: @theedgyveg

Candice of the Edgy Veg food blog is popular for her top-tier, vegan recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. And she knows very well how to level up the Thanksgiving dinner table in true vegan style

You’ll love her vegan turkey recipe made of seitan (vital wheat gluten), tofu, jackfruit, seasoning, rice paper, and bamboo sticks! 

 Vegan Turkey

Image from theedgyveg.com

Gaz Oakley

Food blog: avantgardevegan.com

YouTube: Gaz Oakley

Instagram: @gazoakley

TikTok: @chefgazoakley 

Gaz Oakley is one of the food bloggers on our list who’s also established himself as a vegan icon. He currently serves as Executive Chef of the Vurger Co. and shares deliciously healthy recipes on his food blog, avantegardevegan.com.

One of the top Thanksgiving dinner ideas from Gaz is the cheesy stuffed squash recipe that you’ll enjoy roasting to perfection!

Cheesy stuffed squash

Image from avantegardevegan.com

I Am A Food Blog (Mike & Steph)

Food blog: iamafoodblog.com

Instagram: @iamafoodblog 

This husband and wife team is a duo to be reckoned with in the department of food bloggers! Mike and Steph’s recipes range from DIY Chinese takeout all the way to air fryer chicken tacos. 

Stuffing in a pan

Image from iamafoodblog.com

And if you’re looking for Thanksgiving dinner ideas, you’ve got to try their stuffing recipe made with soft, custardy bread, mixed mushrooms, shallots, eggs, and soy sauce. Also, don’t miss out on trying their hot roast turkey recipe that gives off some strong rotisserie chicken vibes!

Hot roast turkey

Image from iamafoodblog.com

Lauren Toyota

Food blog: hotforfoodblog.com

YouTube: Hot for Food

Instagram: @laurentoyota

Wondering how to create vegan versions of popular comfort foods? That’s exactly what Lauren Toyota has a knack for.

Trust us when we say that her totsgiving casserole recipe is to die for. It’s packed with vegan sausage, tots, veggies, and apples drenched in savoury gravy. 

Totsgiving casserole

Image from hotforfoodblog.com

Jocelyn Delk Adams

Food blog: grandbaby-cakes.com 

TikTok: @grandbabycakes

Instagam: @grandbabycakes

Aside from being a pro in the dessert recipe department, Jocelyn Delk Adams is also one of the food bloggers who creates the best fried chicken recipes. 

When it comes to the topic of Thanksgiving dinner ideas, you’ll definitely find that her recipe for turkey pot pie will be the perfect addition to your menu. It’s got succulent shredded turkey, vegetables, and a thick layer of flaky puff pastry that’s loaded with creamy gravy. 

Turkey pot pie

Image from grandbaby-cakes.com 

Nutrient Matters (Sara)

Food blog: nutrientmatters.com

TikTok: @nutrientmatters

Instagram: @nutrientmatters

For food blogger Sara, it’s all about nutrients! That’s why her platform nutrientmatters.com is a haven for recipes that uphold healthier eating.

This Thanksgiving, you won’t regret cooking her honey mustard salmon recipe. See, tasty can be nutritious. 

Honey mustard salmon

Image from nutrientmatters.com

Side Dishes

Pinch of Yum (Lindsay Ostrom)

Food blog: pinchofyum.com 

Instagram: @pinchofyum

Add a pinch of yum to your Thanksgiving dinner table with Lindsay Ostrom’s delectable recipes! From sugar-free ones to vegetarian and instant pot, there’s nothing you won’t be eager to try. 

Your menu is bound to have a salad dish in it—and the best choice for that would definitely be this Thanksgiving salad with wild rice and lemon dressing! It’s got curly arugula, chewy wild rice, and refreshing lemon jar dressing.

Thanksgiving salad with wild rice and lemon dressing

Image from pinchofyum.com

Mandy Lee

Food blog: ladyandpups.com

Instagram: @ladyandpups

Mandy Lee’s ladyandpups.com is a self-proclaimed “angry food blog” —a misery outlet that marked the beginning of her pre-midlife crisis. And ironically, these recipes will make you so happy.

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving dinner ideas, then her Thanksgiving roux bread will make the perfect side dish. It’s so moist and pillowy-soft that it’ll perfectly complement your main dishes!

Thanksgiving roux bread

Image from ladyandpups.com

Miguel Raya

Food blog: miguelscookingwithfire.com

Instagram: @cooking_with_fire___/

TikTok: @cooking_with_fire

Whether it’s seafood or lamp recipes, Miguel Raya is one of the top food bloggers who will easily inspire you to cook the best dishes from around the world. 

On Thanksgiving, make sure you give his smoked tomato soup recipe a try! It’s bound to make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside this holiday season. 

Smoked Tomato Soup

Image from miguelscookingwithfire.com

Andy Hay

Food blog: theeastcoastkitchen.com

TikTok: @andyseastcoastkitchen

Instagram: @andyseastcoastkitchen

From weeknight dinners to baking ideas and vegetarian-friendly recipes, the East Coast Kitchen has got you covered.

And when you’re loved ones gather around the table this Thanksgiving, you can be certain they’ll find that these boursin and green onion biscuits will be a crowd favourite! 

Boursin and green onion biscuits

Image from theeastcoastkitchen.com


Half Baked Harvest (Tieghan Gerard)

Food blog: halfbakedharvest.com

Instagram: @halfbakedharvest

TikTok: @halfbakedharvest

This multi-awarded food blog by Tieghan Gerard has been featured on The Cooking Channel, Food Network, HGTV, Crate & Barrel, Shape Magazine, Self Magazine, the Huffington Post, and PopSugar. The crowds love it for a good reason—and we’re absolutely sure that you will too!

Add a dose of quirky desserts to your dinner table in the form of roly poly pumpkin cookies that embody the Thanksgiving and Halloween spirit!

 Roly poly pumpkin cookies

Image from halfbakedharvest.com 

Jenné Claiborne

Food blog: sweetpotatosoul.com

YouTube: SweetPotatoSoul

Instagram: @sweetpotatosoul

You’re bound to have seen Sweet Potato Soul content on Shape, HuffPost Taste, Reader’s Digest, Vegetarian Times, and Well + Good. Aside from hundreds of tasty and easy-to-make vegan recipes, you’ll also find healthy eating tips on this food blog led by Jenné Claiborne.

With its pumpkin and squash goodness nestled in a delicious crust, you can count on this vegan pumpkin pie to be one of your new favourite Thanksgiving dinner ideas. 

Vegan pumpkin pie

Image from sweetpotatosoul.com

Devin Connell

Food blog: thisiscrumb.com

Instagram: @thisiscrumb

Devin Connel of thisiscrumb.com believes in the power of food to bring people together. And she’s one of the top food bloggers adding joy to people’s lives with fantastic recipes!

The cinnamon pear crumble dessert on her blog is deliciously fool-proof—even novice bakers can ace this masterpiece for Thanksgiving. 

Cinnamon pear crumble

Image from thisiscrumb.com

Sarah Fennel

Food blog: bromabakery.com

Instagram: @bromabakery

TikTok: @bromabakery

Are you a no-fuss type of foodie? Then we’re here to present you with the ultimate dessert that will add some fresh sweetness to your Thanksgiving dinner table. This easy mixed berry crisp is a healthy deal topped with a buttery streusel that everyone at your party will be craving. 

Sarah Fennel of the Broma Bakery food blog did not come to play with this heavenly dessert. And that’s just one of the many recipes that have turned her into one of the top food influencers

Easy mixed berry crisp

Image from bromabakery.com

Invite These Food Bloggers To Your Brand’s Table

There’s no denying just how talented these food bloggers are—which explains why they’ve earned such loyal fanbases across the globe.

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  • Mahi Yordanos

    Mahlet Yordanos is a Social Media Coordinator at The Influence Agency with a love for social media and content creation. Mahlet is a huge foodie who loves showcasing the best eats in the city on her TikTok and Instagram. You can follow her at @heytorontofoodie

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  • Mahi Yordanos

    Mahlet Yordanos is a Social Media Coordinator at The Influence Agency with a love for social media and content creation. Mahlet is a huge foodie who loves showcasing the best eats in the city on her TikTok and Instagram. You can follow her at @heytorontofoodie

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