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How to Brand Yourself on Social Media

Stephanie Cho
Written By
Stephanie Cho
Published On
Oct 03, 2022
A mobile phone shows an influencer’s social media post and shows how she schedules her posts with a similar tone and voice.

Branding yourself on social media

So, you have decided to become a social media mogul but you are unsure about how to brand yourself on all the social media platforms. Well considering that we are not the firsts to do this, there are some relatively easy steps to follow, left for us by those that have come before us.

These steps are a combination of my own learning as well as what I have read on blogs penned by current superwomen online. You might only need to do some of the steps or you might have to implement every one of them, but rest assured if you follow them you will be ahead of the game!

A image shows key points for keeping consistency on social media such as keywords, images, colours and scheduling posts on a regular basis

1.    Consistency EVERYWHERE

If you are reading this you probably already know that your brand must be consistent to attract your followers. So, the first step would be to decide what you represent or what your brand is. Once you have decided on this you then must be consistent across every platform that you use. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter and on and on, your brand and social profile must be the same. Always. 

Recap – all social media platforms and blogs must present the same brand including handles, tone of voice, colors, and catchphrases – when I say everything I mean everything. Read more about this here.

2.    Narrative Building

Following step 1 is narrative building. This means that whatever you post you need to carry the same narrative for your brand. So, when you tell your story it must of course show off your brand but it must also build your brand by staying the same. Social media is unfortunately very fickle, so you must always hold your brand story steady. Of course, if you are getting a guest blogger make sure they write in the same tone and language as you do.

3.    Keep It Simple

Your brand is not going to grow with just a single platform, so you will have multiple platforms that you need to manage. The way you keep it simple is you use a social media management application to manage all the posts and keep your narrative and brand consistent. There are many out there and you are spoiled for choice – as all ladies should! – when you are looking for a management application. This strategy will also help with your google ranking as you are keeping the information flowing across the platforms.

4.    Daily Workout

As we all know if you want to stay in shape you need to work out daily. The same goes for your brand on social media. Once you have steps 1 to 3 down pat, step 4 is where the magic happens. Step 4 is a combination of activities that will allow you to build a strong brand across all your platforms and grow your followers and interaction. To simplify the activities here is a bullet list of what you can be doing every day:

  •  Images – Use images to tell a story and engage with more people
  • Interaction – always engage with your followers, and interact with their comments
  • Quality vs Quantity – quality builds brands it’s that simple
  • Videos – whether you like it or not videos put your face in front of your followers – so they get to know your true self!
  • Regular Posts – the best place to be is where your followers are waiting for your posts to see what is next 
  • Follow to be Followed – build your network by following others that support your brand in some way
  • Track Super Influencers – to stay on your best game follow the super influencers to see what they are doing.
  • Stay Creative – Always keep the juices flowing by staying at the cutting edge of creativity

So, if you want to be the next big influencer or social media mogul, build your brand the right way by using these simple steps as a foundation for your social media brand.

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