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Follow These Miami Fashion Influencers for Great Closet Tips

Leira Lacuata
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Leira Lacuata
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May 05, 2023
A collage of five Miami fashion influencers

These 20 picture-perfect Miami fashion influencers are the talk of the town because of how they significantly represent the city of the sun. Their photos and videos look as if they came fresh out of the runway. Keep scrolling to find out how they style their clothes and use them to spark creativity!

1. Ria Michelle | @riamichelle

When it comes to styling texture, Ria Michelle knows how to combine which pieces of clothing go together. You’d be surprised by how she creates fantastic silhouettes using different fabrics. Her feed will make you say, “Woah, I didn’t know denim goes well with baggy boots?!”

Ria Michelle wears a denim top, a black skirt and a pair of baggy boots

2. Cindy Prado | @cindyprado28

Cindy Prado successfully cracked the code of Miami fashion and found creative ways to make your gym jumpsuits look cute. She uses her fun energy as her source of inspiration to style her clothes. What’s interesting is how Cindy only uses basic and simple pieces to elevate the look of her body!

Cindy Prado elegantly poses for the camera while wearing nude co-ords

3. Paula Galindo | @pautips

We love a queen who’s not afraid to break boundaries! Paula Galindo loves experimenting with her style using various kinds of apparel. Get a glimpse of what Miami fashion is about when you visit her TikTok account.

 Paula Galindo wears an all-nude outfit and smiles at the camera

4.Kira Abboud | @kiraabboud

Whoever said Miami fashion is expensive is wrong. Kira Abboud is living proof of this testament because all her ‘fits are straight from Amazon Fashion. She even has a website dedicated to all her outfit inspirations that her followers can use. Call her #innovative!

 Kira Abboud wears a pastel green-coloured dress

5. Isabela Grutman | @isabelagrutman

Glam up with Isabela Grutman, a Miami fashion influencer who unapologetically overdresses for a living. Her aesthetic says, “Yes, honey, you deserve that dress you found in that rack.” Her verified Instagram page showcases her sultry looks in long dresses and teaches you a thing or two about how you can style them with jewelry.

Isabela Grutman wears a baby blue avant-garde dress

6. Georgina Mazzeo | @georginamazzeo

One of the top Miami female influencers is Georgina Mazzeo, a half-Italian and half-Venezuelan fashion blogger in Miami who teaches a master class on embracing your inner ‘baddie.’ Her TikTok account is a complete lookbook for sexy and empowering outfits. You’ll see her wearing latex bodysuits, Y2K-inspired butterfly bralettes and bikini styles you can wear for your next beach trip. 

Georgina Mazzeo struts down the street wearing an all-denim ensemble

7. Maria Tettamanti | @mariatettamanti

If you want first-class access to the highs of Miami fashion, Maria Tettamanti’s Instagram account is perfect. Her content displays the beauty of the sunny city and its luxurious offers. Maria prepares you to live a jet-set life by providing outfit ideas perfect for the Miami sunset. 

Maria Tettamanti wears a white see-through dress paired with a bright green handbag

8. Kelly Saks | @kellysaks

Kelly Saks’ Instagram page is #goals! Her addicting content walks you through what it’s like to wear designer clothes on the streets of Miami, Paris and Italy. You’ll fall in love with how she uses the city of Miami as the inspiration for all her summer looks! Think about bright, flowy and adorable – that’s what Kelly is all about

Kelly Saks wears an all-black elegant dress

9. Dianna Hughes | @followdee

See the world of Miami female influencers through the lens and outfits of resident babe, Dianna Hughes. Bright and pastel colours are her thing, but she also loves to play with dark tones. Dianna’s confidence is infectious because her photos show her having fun with her style. 

Dianna Hughes wears a green crop top, wide-leg pants and a pair of strappy sandals

10. Kattya Heredia | @kattya_heredia

Another Miami fashion babe you need to follow is Kattya Heredia. Her content teaches you how to look amazing by combining affordable and designer pieces.

Kattya Heredia wears an off-shoulder pastel green dress paired with white boots and a handbag

11. Corinth Suarez | @corinthsuarez

Add some sweetness to your IG feed when you follow Corinth Suarez. She epitomizes #MomGoals because her outfits and style are stunning. Corinth loves to dress up with her daughter and wear matching outfits whenever they go out.

Corinth Suarez and her daughter wear a matching hot pink top, black shorts and BNW sneakers

12. Andrea DiValentina | @andreadivalentina

Miami fashion influencers are known for their endless brand deals and jet-set life. Andrea DiValentina is known for both and publicly shares her grandiose lifestyle online. Andrea’s Instagram also has monthly highlights consisting of product links to her partnerships. Clicking on these can open fashion-forward doors for you and dress up the way Andrea does!

Andrea DiValentina wears a white top, orange blazer, brown shorts and a pair of nude boots

13. Anai Reisa | @anaireisa

Anai Reisa is one of the hottest Miami influencers, and she knows it! Her style is an amalgamation of a beach babe, gym baddie and girl boss. Use her IG feed as your outfit inspo for your next night out.

 Anai Reisa wears a matching grey-coloured workout set

14. Metisha Schaefer | @metisha

Actress and model based in Miami, Metisha Schaefer proudly presents with you the primadonna lifestyle on her Instagram. She loves to take her followers to the beach by posting sunset and tanning pics on her feed. How her body fits in her clothes makes you want to have whatever she’s wearing!

Metisha Schaefer wears a matching white bikini set

15. Morgan Ketzner | @morganketzner

Whether you need a new beach or dinner outfit inspo, Morgan Ketzner has you covered. As one of the top Miami fashion influencers, she knows the ins and outs of how you should dress under the sun. Her ‘gram photos also use photography trends, such as using bright colours, to capture the attention of her audience easily. 

Morgan Ketzner wears a white bralette and culottes

16. Erika Wheaton | @erikawheaton

Aside from being a Miami fashion blogger, Erika Wheaton doesn’t stop sharing wellness tips with her followers. Her healthy lifestyle consists of exercise, plant-based meals and skincare routines. She always looks stunning in her bikinis, dresses and texture culottes.

 Erika Wheaton wears a colourful dress with side cut-outs

17. Kamla-Kay McKenzie | @kamlakay

Want to learn how to pose like a model? Follow Kamla-Kay McKenzie, a professional posing and modelling coach, for exclusive tips! Her ‘gram displays how she styles her closet pieces and elevates their look through posing.

Kamla-Kay McKenzie wears a matching pink suit

18. LV The Artist | @lvtheartist

The pop sensation, LV The Artist, uses Instagram to teach you what star power is all about. Scroll through her feed and see how LV creates seamless outfits that shout, “I’m the baddest of them all!’

LV The Artist wears a white bralette, baggy grey pants, white open-toed heels and a small Jacquemus bag

19. Brooke Lily Brazelton | @brookelilybrazelton

Managed by Elite Miami and Ikon Management, Brooke Lily Brazelton looks like she popped out of a fashion magazine. She’s the perfect summer babe inspiration because of her beautiful bikinis and beachwear displayed on her IG feed.

Brooke Lily Brazelton wears a matching black bikini and a pair of black open-toed heels

20. Emilie Sobel | @emiliesobel

Emilie Sobel is a true-born Miami citizen and dedicates her life to sharing everything good about her city. Check out her Instagram account for the hottest and latest restaurants, clothing styles and make-up brands.

 Emilie Sobel wears a bathroom chic outfit

Use the Power of Influencers to Enhance Your Business

Miami fashion influencers have tremendous clout with their followers because of their credibility. It’s why most brands and businesses partner with these influencers to increase their online presence.

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  • Leira Lacuata

    Leira Lacuata is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency with a penchant for creating mood-specific music playlists, discovering song samples and collecting vinyl records. You'll find her lifting heavy weights at a gym while rapping Tyler the Creator and Kendrick Lamar's songs word for word in her free time.

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  • Leira Lacuata

    Leira Lacuata is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency with a penchant for creating mood-specific music playlists, discovering song samples and collecting vinyl records. You'll find her lifting heavy weights at a gym while rapping Tyler the Creator and Kendrick Lamar's songs word for word in her free time.

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