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Follow These 20 Los Angeles Vegan Influencers for Organic Content

Leira Lacuata
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Leira Lacuata
Published On
Mar 17, 2023
A collage of 4 vegan influencers from Los Angeles

Looking for more vegan recipe ideas? These 20 vegan influencers can provide tips on creating great-tasting dishes! Their content offers exceptional knowledge about turning essential ingredients into something that’ll make your mouth water for days. 

Keep reading to learn more about who these foodies are and their niche:

1. Tatyana Figueiredo | @tatyanafigueiredo

Tatyana Figueiredo is the epitome of balance! Her plant-based recipes show diversity since you can find healthy and sweet choices. Discover all her vegan secrets at Taty’s Table, her platform for all recipes. 

Tatyana Figueiredo fashionably poses by the beach

2. Tabitha Brown | @iamtabithabrown

Famously known as America’s Loving Mom, Tabitha Brown extends warmth through her content. Her videos are a constant reminder to treat yourself well by eating healthily. That’s why all her vegan recipes are well-thought and spiced with TLC to make people feel good about themselves. If you want a hug in food form, Tabitha is here to comfort you!

Tabitha Brown happily holds two sandwich servings in her hands

3. Jasmine Briones | @sweetsimplevegan

Filipino food is known for its meaty dishes, but Jasmine Briones hacked the system and produced vegan variations! Check out her Instagram page to see how she pulled off such greatness.

Jasmine Briones holds a cup of matcha latte

4. Gabrielle Gage | @__naturally

Gabrielle Gage gained recognition because she flips vegan ingredients into something extraordinary. Her work astounded her followers, which explains why they always anticipate her next move online. Gabrielle also manages VeggieBaes with her friends while searching for vegan hidden gems sprawled across Los Angeles! You’ll be surprised by their discoveries, encouraging you to try their recommendations. 

Gabrielle Gage poses with her delectable plant-based dish and drink

5. Remy Morimoto Park | @veggiekins

Treat yourself with eye candy when you visit Remy’s Instagram page. Her pink and green motif embodies spring and comfort, which she uses to welcome you on her platform. As you scroll through Remy’s page, mouth-watering vegan Korean and Japanese recipes await!

Remy Morimoto Park holds a plant-based sprinkled cookie to her face

6. Hannah | @veganhvnnvh

Hannah does excellent with her vegan meal prep recipes on her TikTok account. She shows you affordable vegan and gluten-free products and teaches you how to cook them. Her wellness platform is a good starting point for those who want to switch to the vegan lifestyle!

Hannah sips from her oat milk hot cocoa

7. Nia Gatica | @niagatica

If you’re looking for inspiration, Nia Gatica’s Instagram page is the answer. She openly shares her progress about businesses like Sugar Taco, The Plant Butchers and Azucar Tequila. At the same time, Nia imparts a perspective on how she lives a vegan lifestyle.

Nia Gatica takes a selfie with her plant-based taco dish

8. Vivian Peña | @livingwithvivian

Vivian never tires of sharing her vegan lifestyle with her followers. Her frequent plant-based food trips on her vacations are #goals due to the tasty appearances of the dishes. 

Vivian Peña enjoys her fresh coconut drink by the beach

9. Sandra Salazar | @myvidaverde

Put all your trust in Sandra Salazar’s content! As a registered dietitian, she freely gives away her recipes representing the perfect balance between health and indulgence. Her attractive Instagram account is easy to navigate because of the strategically posted content.

Sandra Salazar looks out the window while holding a warm drink

10. Jessica Cruz | @itsjessicaamycruz

The next LA vegan influencer will make you drop your jaw because of her unbelievable recommendations. Jessica Cruz finds plant-based cake, noodles and other sweet treats you’d never take as vegan!

Jessica Cruz happily holds her cocktail while looking at the camera

11. Jonathan Jae Ramos | @aveganandher

Jonathan Jae Ramos happily takes you around Los Angeles as he shows you vegan businesses. He dedicates his life and soul to looking for Mexican plant-based dishes so that more people can appreciate the cuisine.

Jonathan Jae Ramos takes a big bite of his purple plant-based burger

12. DJ Jezzy B & DJ Mike Sincere | @plantbasedamor

Music, food and love – DJ Jezzy B and DJ Mike Sincere fused these things and formed Plant Based Amor. This platform is a place to share vegan food reviews, food trips and other interesting activities! Watching their videos will make you feel like you’re also there, experiencing the moment with them.

A selfie of DJ Jezzy B and DJ Mike Sincere

13. Edgar Castrejón | @edgarraw

Having difficulty choosing which meal to have for dinner? Follow Edgar Castrejón now for multi-cuisine vegan recipes! His guides are easy to follow, perfect for people new to plant-based dishes. 

A selfie of Edgar Castrejón and his dog

14. Merle Shane O’Neal | @merleeshay

Is it possible to eat vegan drumsticks? Merle Shane O’Neal says yes to this! In her gram, she posts fantastic plant-based recipes that’ll blow your mind. Her popular vegan drumstick is made out of jackfruit and rice paper, which looks so #tasty.

Merle Shane O’Neal cuts her berries on a board

15. Eunice Reyes | @ratedvfood

Travel around the world with Eunice Reyes of Rated V Food to discover wonderful vegan treats from multiple countries. Aside from her Instagram, Eunice actively posts long-form vlogs on her YouTube channel to share her experiences in detail. With her guidance, you’ll have more motivation to travel to various places!

Eunice Reyes shows a vegan sandwich with her hands

16. AJ | @veganfoodplug

Even after having a heavy meal, watching AJ’s videos on his TikTok account can make your tummy rumble instantly. His content shows how he prepares his vegan dishes from start to finish. The result always looks so good; you’d want to have a bite of what he’s having.

AJ takes a photo of his plant-based burger from Meta Burger

17. Todd Anderson | @turnipvegan

Todd Anderson of Turnip Vegan has a knack for immersing his viewers in his videos. Zoomed-in shots of his vegan meals are enough to make your mouth water. As one of the famous vegan influencers in California, Todd is known for his exciting dishes with unconventional ingredients like butterfly pea powder, hibiscus, and mushrooms.

Todd Anderson holds a spoonful of his power smoothie bowl

18. Chloe Coscarelli | @chefchloe

As a renowned vegan chef, Chloe Coscarelli is recognized for her dinner saver plant-based recipes. Her talent convinces you to stay vegan forever because her ingredients accurately replicate the taste of meat. 

Chloe Coscarelli grins while holding her plant-based burger

19. Jessica Zubia Calsada | @plantawhisperer

Jessica Zubia Calsada is a proud Latinx LA vegan influencer who actively shares their vegan lifestyle on Instagram and TikTok. Most of her content touches on environmentalism topics, which you can use to learn what it’s like to be an environmentalist. 

Jessica Zubia Calsada smiles at the camera for a portrait shot

20. Lauren Toyota | @laurentoyota

For vegan #momlife content, Lauren Toyota’s Instagram is the right place to start. She’s the creator of @hotforfood, sharing plant-based recipes everyone can enjoy. The dishes she made are always on the trending pages of Los Angeles vegan influencers.

Lauren sips from her drink while a tray food of full floats in front of her

Spread the Plant-Based Lifestyle With These LA Vegan Influencers

One of the ways you can promote vegan food is by partnering with Los Angeles vegan influencers. Their online clout can bring more customers to your doorstep, increasing sales!

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