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19 Beauty Influencers in Miami To Follow

Leira Lacuata
Written By
Leira Lacuata
Published On
Jun 30, 2023
a collage of five beauty influencers in Miami

The beauty industry is all about using products to enhance the natural features of the human body, be it with makeup, haircare, or skin care. 

The seemingly endless sea of beauty brands can make choosing a product, let alone knowing how to use a product, really confusing for the average consumer. Fortunately, these beauty influencers in Miami are here to give you a crash course with content that showcases their personal style, provide product reviews, and offer advice on beauty trends.

1. Alix Ashley Earle | @alix_earle

Alix Earle is a bombshell and a living Barbie doll! 

Learn how she achieves her doll-like eyes by giving her a follow. Her Instagram feed is a fantastic lookbook you can use to inspire you to spice up your style.

Alix Ashley Earle sits on the stairs and poses for a photo.

2. Michelle Monroy | @highonlifestylee

Still struggling to work with concealers and colour correctors? Don’t worry because Michelle Monroy is here to help you! 

She posts informative reels on Instagram, showing how to apply concealer based on your face shape. Like some other beauty influencers in Miami, she’s someone whose tips can help you be picture-perfect for every photo opportunity!

A close-up shot of Michelle Monroy’s makeup look

3. Joanna Marie Kutkina | @joannamariexoxox

People who are used to full glam: how are you holding up with the no-makeup makeup trend? It can be pretty challenging to shift into minimalistic makeup, but Joanna Marie Kutkina is the guru to follow for the best tips. 

She consistently slays the no-makeup makeup look, and her YouTube videos have everything you need to know about this minimalist trend. Subscribe to her channel and add her to the list of beauty influencers in Miami that you’re following!

Joanna Kutkina wears a purple long-sleeve top and a no-makeup makeup look.

4. Maria Angelica Fassrainer | @maryandpalettes

It’s inspiring to see Maria Angelica Fassrainer show off her painting talents. 

Her looks are a mix of glam and gore since she loves to play with facial prosthetics. The unique and distinctive looks she creates make her one of the unique beauty influencers in Miami.

Maria Angelica Fassrainer and her Corpse Bride look.

5. Fareeza Ghani | @beautydoll_mua

Fareeza Ghani is THE makeup artist to follow. 

Her work is flawless and never skips a beat, which explains why she has a lot of high-profile clients. Fareeza is known for delivering the best bridal makeup and hair services, and she uses her IG as her work portfolio. 

A portrait of Fareeza Ghani

6. Tamia Styles | @tamiastyles

Internal beauty is just as important as external beauty, which is what Tamia Styles is about. 

She’s a beauty and wellness creator passionate about caring for your body. On social media, Tamia recommends meals to eat, explains what skincare works best for different skin types, and shares POC makeup tutorials.

Tamia Styles wears a white dress and poses for a photo.

7. Brooke Lily Brazelton | @brookelilybrazelton

Follow Brooke Lily Brazelton on TikTok for beauty hacks and tips since she’s one of the famous beauty influencers in Miami! She loves to share her GRWM routines and test every online trend so you don’t have to, showing you what it’s like to be a model. 

A headshot of Brooke Lily Brazelton

8. Victoria Barrientos | @byvictoriabarrientos

Makeup can be pricey, but Victoria Barrientos is here to help.

Her TikTok content is all about affordable drugstore brands that help you deliver a complete glam look. The best part? Victoria’s not afraid to share honest thoughts about every product she uses! 

A goddess-inspired look by Victoria Barrientos

9. Stephanie Cosmopolitan | @stephaniecosmopolitan

“High heels, high goals, high grace” is the IG bio of Stephanie Cosmopolitan, and it’s everything you need to know about this girl boss. 

Her feed revolves around bringing out your independence through looks. Being one of the most popular beauty influencers in Miami has given her a platform for her to encourage women to express themselves through fashion, lifestyle, and makeup.

Stephanie Cosmopolitan wears a green top and blue jeans.

10. Kkaö | @kkaobykkb

Kkaö is one of the beauty influencers in Miami you shouldn’t miss because of her inspirational energy. In visiting her TikTok, you might come away surprised by her talent and how she applies makeup to all face shapes.

A photo of Kkaö sitting on a pink sofa while smiling at the camera

11. Jenny Lopez | @lopezjennylopez

Being a mom is challenging, as having so many things to care for at home lessens the amount of time you can dedicate to yourself. 

If you ever find yourself struggling, check out Jenny Lopez’s Instagram pics and Reels to see how she balances her mommy life and self-care time. There are a lot of beauty influencers in Miami, but not all of them are mothers!

Jenny Lopez wears a sultry open-back red dress.

12. Amanda Brooke | @fromappletoorange

Amanda Brooke is a Miami-based creator who loves to share fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and food-focused content. 

Her well-rounded feed is why she’s amassed thousands of followers, making her a certified trendsetter. Amanda’s impressive outfits will inspire you to find your own style and encourage you to experiment with various flairs.

Amanda Brooke wears a matching green suit.

13. Daniela Moreno | @ironnsalt

Looking for a reliable neutral-toned lookbook? Use Daniela Moreno’s Instagram feed for inspiration! 

Her photos and style look like they came straight out of an aesthetic Pinterest board. The cohesiveness of her beauty and fashion elements tie everything together, making her one of the budding beauty influencers in Miami.

Daniela is also the founder of MOE Studio, a content-creating playground with four home-inspired sets.

Daniela Moreno wears a brown-toned ensemble.

14. Yuliya Lee | @asianqueen1

Beauty influencers in Miami are known to serve looks and dress to the nines, and Yuliya Lee is certainly up to par. 

Her makeup style will make you think, “Wow, she literally looks like she just woke up,” thanks to her bedroom eyes and bronzed face.

Yuliya Lee wears a matching black bralette and pants with a zebra-printed long sleeve.

15. Deborah Ruiz | @deborahruiz

Deborah Ruiz dedicates her Instagram account to showing her followers how to be confident and comfortable without photo filters. As one of the biggest beauty influencers in Miami, Deborah delivers makeup tips that work for every skin colour and face shape.

A portrait of Deborah Ruiz

16. Rachel Love Platt | @rachelove

Fashion is an effective way to romanticize your life—Rachel Love Platt is a prime example of this by how she dresses up so elegantly and chicly. 

She’s one of the beauty influencers in Miami who follows their gut and forms jaw-dropping silhouettes with clothing pieces you can find in your closet!

Rachel Love Platt wears flared pants and a beige cropped top.

17. Kathleen Lights | @kathleenlights

Kathleen Lights is one of the OG beauty influencers in Miami whose branding has existed since the dawn of the YouTube beauty industry. 

She’s known for her honest makeup brand reviews on her channel. Her influence has led her to collaborate with ColourPop, Ofra, and Il Makiage. 

Kathleen Lights wears a peach gown.

18. Xandra Pohl | @xandrapohl

If you’re a big fan of “Get Ready With Me” videos, Xandra Pohl is the queen.
She loves recording herself while preparing for events to tell a quick story. Xandra successfully transfers her good energy to you through videos that are one minute or less!

Xandra Pohl poses for the camera while holding a wine glass

19. Jenesis Alonso Lopez | @jenesisalonso

Many of the top beauty influencers in Miami are not afraid to work with bold colours, and Jensis Alonso Lopez is no exception.

She’s your beauty amiga and is here to teach you how to experiment with make-up. Whether it’s pink eyeshadow or blue eyeliner, Jenesis’ tips and tricks won’t fail you!

Jenesis Alonso Lopez wears a textured top and feather earrings.

Put Your Trust in the Beauty Influencers in Miami

Beauty influencers have a common goal: helping others find their confidence! These influential people have some of the best advice regarding elevating your look with the best products on the market, and are always working to help people feel better about themselves.

If you’re looking to collaborate with beauty influencers, The Influence Agency is the place to start. Our experienced team can create your dream influencer marketing campaign that is sure to drive sales and income through the roof.

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