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Kitty Lana Carr

7 Tips On How Social Media Influencers Can Increase Their Following And Create Great Content

As influencers, your social network and their faithfulness to your following is what monetizes your personal brand to advertisers who are including influencer marketing as part of their advertising programs .

Fostering fans and followers is of course founded upon producing GREAT content that will entice engagement and long-time loyalty to your social channels.  

Below are some of the top considerations all influencers should consider with their social media strategy in order to expand their audience and command larger budgets for their endorsements:

1) BE SEEN: Engage, interact and build personal relationships with like minded businesses and users that you think your content will attract.  Try utilizing social channel that your content should live on, and showcase your niche authority through whatever mediums you love creating with! Create content and document your knowledge of your craft daily while feeding this to your audience wherever possible (including a personal website).

2) BE PERSISTENT: be consistent with your posting; your followers will  expect regular useful content. The root word of authority is “author.” If you want to establish yourself as an authority quality is essential but quantity is also key.

3) BE PRESENT: Live in the moment and be part of the conversation. If you miss your chance to provide timely dialogue or input   on a current trends you risk becoming irrelevant. ENGAGE CONSTANTLY!

It’s crucial to ensure that you’re creating content that covers hot topics among your key interest groups. Two awesome tools to monitor what type of content and subject matter is most relevant across the web at any given time are Buzz Sumo and Google Trends. Sites like these are incredibly useful in deciding what type of posts will get the most traction and expand your reach.  

4) BE APPROACHABLE: unlike celebrities, we expect educators and content creators to be approachable and interact with their audience. Try to respond to comments and especially questions as much as possible on your posts to further humanize your brand. When your followers become your friends, they’ll promote your content even more persistently.

5) BE VALUABLE: Being an influencer is more than a title, it’s a responsibly. A true influencer doesn’t concern themselves with how many followers they have, as much as they weigh importance on the quality of value they provide their audience. Be helpful and solve pain points and questions that your followers seek the answers to everyday.

6) BE PATIENT: Building up a quality following organically takes time! Research and determine the most used hashtags that relate to your brand’s theme, and try out different combinations of them on each of your posts to see what yields the best response. Spammy follower building strategies aren’t sustainable and don’t normally drive engagement – Nobody wants a lopsided following to follower ratio!

7) BE GENUINE: Separate yourself by being  genuine! You must sincerely enjoy helping others and documenting what you LOVE to do day-to-day if you want your audience to buy-into the content you are putting out.

Did we miss any important tips? If so, please leave them in the comments below!


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