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Top 10 Predicted Photography Trends for 2024

Gabby Frank
Written By
Gabby Frank
Published On
Jan 29, 2024
Multiple cameras on a cyan background

Through the years, various trends have changed how commercial photographs are taken and displayed. In 2023, minimalism brought products to life through clean lines, negative space, and thoughtful color palettes. Although photo trends don’t evolve as quickly as fashion trends, you’ll still be able to tell when something feels outdated or overdone. 

The trend evolution of commercial photography often pulls inspiration from other creators, pop culture, and world events. Many photographers will use a mood board to align with their clients and share visual examples of the direction they wish to go. During this process, it’s important to use popular and successful trends from top-performing brands to illustrate your approach to the project.

To stay ahead of the curve, check out our top 10 photo trend predictions for 2024!

1. AI Advancements

 A blue car in the middle of a desert next to a puddle, car-shaped cloud on top (generated using AI)

Image Source: Russell Preston Brown | Instagram

Is anyone surprised? Artificial intelligence has evolved in leaps and bounds over the past two years, meaning it’s set to drive photo trends in 2024. It’s made it easier than ever to add objects to images, edit backgrounds, and enhance image quality.

AI-powered tools and editing software are revolutionizing all stages of the creative process, helping photographers realize visions that might have been otherwise unattainable through the use of traditional techniques. 

What can we say? AI-enhanced photography is the future.

2. Bold Colors and Gradients

A person holding three pastel-colored brushes in a pink gradient background

Image Source: Tracie Davis | Instagram 

There’s a time and place for black-and-white photography—it’s not 2024. 

Rather, we expect product photography trends as they pertain to color to follow what’s become popular in graphic design and packaging. After years of minimalist aesthetics and muted color palettes, we’re due for some visual excitement. 

Bonus points if you are using colors that complement and contrast with the subject!

3. Wavy Props

Seicha Matcha bottle on a circular coaster surrounded by wavy props

Image Source: Łukasz Mazurkiewicz

We couldn’t talk about photo trends for 2024 without talking about props!

This year, we’re expecting the photography world to ride the wave of wavy props. These have been around for a while, but have really taken off recently as people have begun favoring organic shapes in their sets. Monochrome in particular works great here!

4. Dutch Angles

 Street photography of a T.LINE model captured at a Dutch angle

Image Source: T.LINE | Instagram

Next on our list of photography trends for 2024 is the Dutch angle. If you’re not familiar with the term, a Dutch angle is a shot that tilts the camera to one side. This results in the horizon tilting too, so it’s not going to run parallel with the bottom frame.

Think of this digital photography trend as the rebellious child of the traditional. It can make for a fun photoshoot by adding tension, dynamism, and a whimsical feel to your images. They can add drama and draw your eye to the subject in a fun way!

Expect this trend to dominate lifestyle photography and creative product shoots in 2024!

5. Futuristic Concepts

Gucci lipsticks highlighted with holographic projections on a bright red background

Image Source: Haruko Hayakawa

The photography trends of the past few years have favored natural, authentic representation. While we’re still in love with stunning images that show raw and genuine moments, this year we’re also excited about futuristic concepts.

While holographic projections, metallic textures, and neon lighting may seem far removed from reality, they’re a really great way to showcase products and make them shine (literally!).

6. Adding Motion to Still Images

In this digital age, post-production is just as important as the photoshoot itself when it comes to photography. 2024 is set to popularize another twist with cinemagraphs. 

Cinemagraphs are a combination of a still photo and a video. Most of the scene will be stationary except for a section (usually the background or the subject) that moves on a continuous loop. They’re a bit similar to GIFs, but they’re more intentional in how they’re designed, to create the illusion of “infinite moments.” 

Using tools like Runway to add motion to still images is a great way to add storytelling elements to your photography.

7. Surrealism

A drink can dripping on an ice cream cone

Image Source: Modifeye | Instagram

Experimental photography styles like surrealism are making a comeback after being swept away by photo trends focusing on hyper-realism last year. 

Expect to see props of unusual shapes and sizes used to create slightly surreal set-ups, possibly with strong 3D elements like blocks and plinths. These could be paired with geometric elements, shapes, and patterns for a contemporary look.

8. Textured Backgrounds

A pair of earrings shot with a textured background

Image Source: H&M France | Twitter

Gone are the days of plain backdrops, as one of the biggest photography trends in 2024 is set to be the popularization of textured backgrounds!  

Rustic backgrounds using natural textures and weathered materials will be so in this year, along with more whimsy visuals like a shimmering underwater scene. These are perfect for adding authenticity and warmth to portraits and still-life photography.

Don’t forget to choose textures that complement your subject matter and brand identity!

9. Motion/Action Shots

A red lipstick splashing on a red liquid

Image Source: Notashelfie | Instagram

Minimalism might be taking a backseat, but so is stillness! 

Action shots are set to be one of the most exciting modern photography trends of 2024; it’s all about capturing the dynamic energy of motion. We saw a bit of this last year with the popularization of blurred motion, but this year we’re upgrading.

Whether it’s a product exploding in a vibrant splash of water, a cyclist slicing through the air with windswept hair, or a dancer’s body defying gravity in a mid-leap swirl—motion/action shots are here to ignite our senses and make images stand out.

10. Darker Imagery

An Apotheke brand scented candle photographed around fruits and flowers

Image Source: Tracie Davis | Instagram

Last but certainly not least on this list of the top photo trends of 2024 is embracing the dark side and dipping into the shadows. 

Yes, you heard it correctly: this year we’re moving away from the sun-kissed aesthetic and embracing the allure of darker imagery. You can create images like this by using lower exposures, moody shadows, and earthy tones that whisper mystery and depth. 

#Trending Conclusion

Photography will always be an essential medium. There are many ways to make money doing it if you adapt and embrace new photo trends. That may involve sharing more video content, learning new techniques, and prioritizing research time over aimless scrolling.

If you need help, the Influence Agency is a one-stop source for all your digital advertising, marketing, and creative needs. We take custom photography and videography to the level of legends to ensure your brand stands out in your industry.

Contact us today to start leveraging the most current photography trends in 2024!



  • Gabby Frank

    Gabby Frank is a Professional Photographer specializing in commercial and lifestyle photography at The Influence Agency. Follow along some of her adventures @gabbafrank.

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  • Gabby Frank

    Gabby Frank is a Professional Photographer specializing in commercial and lifestyle photography at The Influence Agency. Follow along some of her adventures @gabbafrank.

    View all posts

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