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20 Canadian Nano Influencers On The Rise

Samuel Butcher
Written By
Samuel Butcher
Published On
Feb 14, 2020
Advertising and Influencer Marketing

These influencers are killing their content games within their specific lifestyle & fashion niches, within 2020 these are our top picks for 20 Canadian Nano Influencers On The Rise.

We have faith that these content creators will surpass the 10K mark this year, we can feel it! With quality content, tight-knit communities and engaged audiences, brands should look towards Nano influencers when it comes to their next marketing campaigns. They provide a better level of engagement, they are more likely to produce quality content and deliver it quickly and efficiently, and they cost less.

As a brand, you have a higher chance of seeing a greater ROI using Nanos due to their ability to communicate effectively, a recommendation from a “friend” with authenticity rather than having someone spitting out generic sales messaging for a paycheque.

Let’s get into the list!

Bradley Blaylock – @bradleyblaylock

IN-Magazines Director of Marketing and Sponsorships, he has worked with brands such as Nike, Topman Canada, and Sick Kids Toronto.


Rachel DaCosta – @rach.dacosta

A Psychologist in training, this content creator runs a very successful self-love Instagram called @selflovesupply and on her personal page sticks to fashion, lifestyle and travel.


Tyler Reaume – @reaumetyler

Senior Account Executive at NKPR here in Toronto, Tyler is now a SPINCO Instructor as his side hustle and continues to kill it on his personal social media focusing on lifestyle, men’s fashion, travel & events.


Kayley Reed – @kayley.e.r

Having started within the fashion world, Kayley now works in influencer marketing and has just recently launched her own digital influencer agency called Hermana Agency that helps connect brands with influencers.


Nigel Seeb – @nigelseeb

This creative from Toronto spends his time on Instagram sharing his passion for coffee, design, and travel. He has worked with brands such as Casper, The Mobile Shop, Coca Cola and Swim Co.


Karley Säägi – @karleykosmos

An actor and creator from Toronto, she currently is the Senior Social Media Account Manager at Qode Social. She loves creating original content that is sure to please, and it always has one common theme. Let’s just say, PINK FEED GOALS.


Matthew Da Silva – @matttery

A student at McMaster University, Matthew showcases his cool and edgy personal style on his feed, and showcasing his love for food and brunching on his stories. His account continues to grow and has recently worked with brands such as Nike InRunCrew, Magnolia Wellness, and Daydream.


Bailey King – @baileyroseking

A Community Manager & Marketing Coordinator at HARLO Entertainment, Bailey also works with SPINCO Toronto as part of their social team. Her feed is delicate, natural and effortless!


Steven Tsinokas – @steventsinokas

A YouTuber, cinematographer & photographer. He’s recently started growing his account into an amazing travel feed and has had the chance to work with fellow Toronto YouTuber & fashionista, Allegra Shaw.

Emily Oliviera – @_emoliveira

Co-founder of Nu Beauty Cosmetics here in Toronto, thriving in a sea of mirror-selfies and aesthetic fashion looks, Emily has worked with brands like 437 Swimwear, Nescafe Canada, and Peace Collective.


Sergio Roque – @mrsergioroque

Co-owner of Mister Mister Content Lab in Toronto, this content creator and photographer shows us how it’s done with a vibrant feed and a love for fashion, events & travel. He has worked with brands such as Heineken, Go Better and Febreeze.


Bridget Brown – @briidgetbrown

Consistently serving us fashion perfection, Bridget is all about showcasing her looks, jewelry and all the glitz and glam she has to offer. She’s worked with companies like Drifted Organics, Coach and Mejuri.

Abdulla Khatib – @absdulla

Inspiring the millennial gentleman through amazing fashion and lifestyle content and quality brand partnerships!


Emily Ferguson – @emilyferguson

A Toronto model who hangs with some of Toronto’s biggest socialites and models, she continues to post real and raw content showcasing her fashion style, modeling gigs, and life in general!


Dylan Horner – @dylan.horner

A creative and influencer, owner of The All Gay Design Co. from Toronto. With a keen creative eye, he has a love for quality aesthetic content centered around self-portraits, lifestyle and interior design.


Jessica Sole – @jessicasole_

Often seen wearing a stylish hat, she’s a country music singer and writer from Toronto. Jessica continues to shine with her colorful, bright and airy creative original content!

Danielle Alexandra – @allthingscoveted

A coveted stylist and content creator from Toronto, she focuses her feed around beauty, lifestyle, fashion & travel. Not to mention she has the perfect beach waves!


Lauren Birts – @justlo_

Hailing from Calgary, Lauren’s usually seen up in the clouds traveling somewhere, or stunting looks when she’s on the ground. Her feed is definitely goals, and she knows how to perfectly mix outfits, selfies, filler photos and the like!


Emily Adams – @emadamsxo

An Influencer Specialist and Branding Coach, Emily is usually seen strutting around the streets of Toronto or New York City recreating top celebrity looks in all her fashion-loving glory!


Malcolm Hendricks – @mindofmalcom

A men’s streetwear aficionado and sneakerhead from Ottawa, he keeps it cool on his Instagram showcasing his latest sneaker pickups, vacations, and personal style.


If you’d like to learn more about what we do here at The Influence Agency, feel free to contact us today! Did you find this article helpful? Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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