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10 Ways to Spark Creativity

Gabby Frank
Written By
Gabby Frank
Published On
May 20, 2022
A flat lay of a table covered in art supplies

We’ve all experienced the feeling of being “in a rut” one way or another. If you are a creative person, this could feel like a lack of inspiration, motivation, or desire to create. I’ve been there, and it can be hard to dig yourself out. I wanted to share some tips on what has helped me in the past on how to spark your creativity again:

1. Change Your Surroundings

This could be as simple as going for a walk and exploring a new neighbourhood. Changing your surroundings can enhance your senses and wake up the mind. If you’re like me and love to travel, then maybe it’s time to book a trip! Where have you always wanted to go? Check somewhere off your bucket list and plan an exciting adventure. Exploring unfamiliar environments can open doors to meeting new people and expanding your perspectives. 

Want to know some places to explore? Check out our blog for the best IG spots in Toronto and the GTA!

2. Do Nothing

This might sound counterproductive but hear me out… we all need time to rest and reset. Rest IS productive. You’d be surprised what can come from these quiet moments and allowing yourself to recharge. It’s also a great time to put your devices away and see where your mind naturally wanders. Even for a short time, disconnecting reduces the amount of constant stimulation. Allow yourself to daydream and see where it leads you. 

3. Clean Your Space

A clean and tidy space is good for the soul. Be sure to declutter and remove anything that might be in your way of a focused mind- that includes dust bunnies 😉 When you remove items that no longer work for you, you can make space for new inspiration. I like to organize my desk on Sundays so that I can sit down in a clean workspace first-thing Monday mornings. This includes filing away receipts I’ve left out, wiping down computer screens, and checking tasks off my to-do list for a bit of serotonin boost. 

Along with cleaning your space, adjusting the feng shui is proven to open your life to “greater joys, creativity, and balance.” Switch up your desk orientation and see if you notice any changes.

A man cleaning his workspace

4. Watch, Read & Observe

What is your favourite way to absorb information? Is it watching, reading, or hands-on learning? Whatever it may be, do that and challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone. I’d recommend finding some inspiring documentaries, masterclasses, or diving into youtube, as it’s a great resource. See if a friend with similar interests would like to do a movie night with you. 

5. Make a Mood Board

Maybe I’m biased, but this is a fun one. Although it can take a little tweaking and time, making a mood board is a very tangible way to create your next vision. You might even discover attractions to other art forms instead of your usual medium. Pinterest makes mood boarding easy! You can either start with a concept in mind or just pull visuals you are inspired by to see where it leads. Approach it with an open mind and have fun! 

6. Visit a Local Museum/Gallery

Get inspired at your local museum or art gallery. This is such a fun activity to do by yourself or with some pals. In Toronto, I love to visit the AGO. I’m often overwhelmed walking around all six floors filled with art, so I prioritize the temporary exhibitions. Be sure to bring a small notebook, music to get in the zone, and a water bottle.

7. Try Something New

This is another “step out of your comfort zone” suggestion, but trying something new can be liberating. As a photographer, I sometimes feel intimated by other art forms such as drawing, painting, and sculpture. The intimidation comes from fear of the unknown, and that’s why I love to try new things. Recently, I started to capture videos of scenes that bring a sense of calm. This fun side project I call Moving Chill has become a new passion of mine. Challenge yourself to try something you’ve previously held back on and see where it leads you! 

8.  Schedule “Creative Time”

Creative outlets often get put on the back burner when life gets busy. It’s important to prioritize rest and downtime, but you may be left feeling a bit unfulfilled without time for your passion. Use your calendar actually to schedule “creative time” in your life. Find what works for you, whether it’s a weekly event or a short daily task. My recommendation is to schedule five minutes to begin. This short session will allow you to start with less pressure as you gradually increase the amount of time as you go.

When I was finding it very hard to focus during quarantine, I would schedule creative time each week without any rules or limitations. Some days would involve watching videos; others would be writing. It always left me feeling proud of investing my time into creativity and learning. 

9. Join a Community

We had study groups, class trips, and opportunities to connect on a specific topic back in school. It can be challenging to continue community participation later in life, but there are options! There are online collectives (Freelancing Females), social network groups like (Toronto Photographers), and in-person get-togethers with like-minded individuals. Networking at a gallery opening is a great way to connect and form friendships with other creatives. 

If you are someone who enjoys the assignment of a topic, there are different online platforms that provide prompts. Room Portrait Club and Still Here are great drawing challenges, for example. Having a community as an artist is just as important as it is inspiring. 

Two people at a ceramics painting class

10. Revisit Old Work 

If you’ve been staring at a blank wall for a while, why not reflect on some of the work you’ve done in the past! Revisit these projects and ask yourself what you like/dislike about them and what would you do differently now? This is an excellent opportunity to see how far you’ve grown since that first project in high school or commissioned job. Not only will you spark a little joy but maybe some pride too. 

Just Remember, You’ve Got This! 

I hope some of these tips help you spark a little creativity in your life 🙂 If you lack inspiration, please remember you aren’t alone. Trust the process and approach every opportunity with an open mind! 

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  • Gabby Frank

    Gabby Frank is a Professional Photographer specializing in commercial and lifestyle photography at The Influence Agency. Follow along some of her adventures @gabbafrank.

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  • Gabby Frank

    Gabby Frank is a Professional Photographer specializing in commercial and lifestyle photography at The Influence Agency. Follow along some of her adventures @gabbafrank.

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