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LinkedIn Advertising is a Business-to-Business platform that allows companies to share their content and information with targeted individuals based on industry, company name, company size, skills, seniority, job function, job title, and more.

There are many strong influencers in the form of business coaches, wealth experts, tech mavens (you name it), who in some cases exclusively syndicate some of their most powerful content on LinkedIn. Thinking out-of-the box about ways you can leverage these LinkedIn icons to promote your business and brand, for some, can be the most effective form of advertising there is. When that influencer endorsement is further boosted by a paid LinkedIn advertising strategy, the results often have extremely positive impact.


LinkedIn is where marketers go to share case studies, white papers. LinkedIn is where marketers go to share case studies, white papers, webinars, blogs, vlogs, event news, and to become a “thought leader.”

So what’s the value of LinkedIn Advertising? Well, if you work in a B2B space, the LinkedIn Ad platform offers surgical precision to ensure your content is viewed by the right people. LinkedIn Advertising options include Sponsored Content, Sponsored In-Mail, Display Ads, and standard Text Ads.

Sponsored Content is a form of Native Advertising in which your content is seamlessly integrated into the news feed of a chosen LinkedIn user. This can be used to build goodwill and provide value, or it can be used as a means to generate leads and sales – and sometimes both!

With regards to Sponsored In-Mail, this service allows businesses to send personalized messages to prospects and other people of interest. It could be an invite to a company event, a link to download a case study, or a request to meet. Either way, Sponsored In-Mail messages are only delivered when members are active on LinkedIn, and there are frequency caps in place to ensure you aren’t bothering the individual receiving your message.

A strategic approach to LinkedIn Advertising includes understanding who you are trying to connect with, and what they perceive to be a pain point. If you can figure out a way to offer a solution to the right people, good things will happen.

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LinkedIn is the social community of choice for B2B companies. The Ad platform offers a great deal of customization, and it’s a great tool for prospecting, as well as building brand awareness and recognition.

When you’re producing thought-provoking content that can strengthen your online authority, LinkedIn could be an excellent channel to market your business and brand, especially when that message is further endorsed by an influencer with clout in the business world.

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