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Social Media Marketing is leveraging social media channels to educate, provide value, build awareness, and guide prospects into customers and brand ambassadors.



We identify mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses and influencers to maximize the reach of each campaign, and to ensure we’re communicating with a captive audience on the appropriate social channel.



Maximize the reach of your social media programs with influencer marketing strategies that drive consumer action.

At The Influence Agency, we have access to tens of thousands of influencers that provide brands with direct access to millions of individuals. We provide brands with a platform to tell their story. Looking beyond the influencer, we also have the ability to extend the reach of every campaign through Social Media Advertising.

Our team of industry leading professionals have vast experience running campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Through the use of intelligent customized ad targeting campaigns, we make sure your story is told to your target audience.

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“Social media allows big companies to act small again.”

– Jay Baer