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18 Vancouver Fashion & Lifestyle Influencers to Follow

Kayla Mandel
Written By
Kayla Mandel
Published On
Sep 29, 2023
A collage of five Vancouver fashion and lifestyle influencers

TBH, life’s too short to wear boring clothes and lead a dull lifestyle.

It’s time to start seeking adventure looking absolutely fabulous. But first—you’re going to need some inspiration, right? That’s what these 18 Vancouver fashion influencers are here for you. Keep scrolling and get to know them!

1. Reem | @mrinmoyeeghose 

First up on our list of Vancouver fashion influencers and lifestyle influencers is Reem.
From Instagram to YouTube, audiences know and love this content creator for her stunning OOTDs and “get ready with me” fashion videos. Did you know that she’s also an Industrial Design graduate?

Reem posing in front of a wall covered in grey tile
Image source: Instagram

2. Aurela Nasedskin | @aurelafashionista 

If you’re looking for Instagram influencers who can inspire you with effortless daily style, then you’ve got to start following Aurela Nasedskin. Her great eye for classy, flexible, and retro-inspired aesthetic is sure to win you over!

Aurela Nasedskin in an all-white outfit
Image source: Instagram

3. Krystin Tysire | @krystintysire 

Krystin Tysire is one of the Vancouver fashion influencers whose blog has evolved into a top source of beauty and lifestyle content. Oh, and you’ll also love the helpful travel tips that this fashion marketing grad shares along the way!

Krystin Tysire in blue pants, a white top, and a black jacket
Image source: Instagram

4. Jon Wiebe | @theroadtodapper 

The first step on the road to dapper is following Jon Wiebe. His Instagram account is popular for its focus on “accessible men’s style for the midsize (XL) guy.” This fashion influencer is fantastic proof that you can be stylish at any size.

Jon Wiebe walking beside a parking barrier in a green suit
Image source: Instagram

5. Imaan Saboune | @imaansaboune 

Who else is obsessed with classic black-and-white style? If that’s a “yes” for you, then raise your hand again to tap the follow button of Imaan Saboune. Her Instagram feed is a haven of minimalist and classy styles in that killer colour palette.

Imaan Saboune posing on a black bike rack with a black umbrella
Image source: Instagram

6. Flora Law | @thefloralaw 

Get ready to fall in love with the life and style of Flora Law. All the inspiration you’ll ever need for feminine pieces in pastel palettes can be found on the page of this fashion and lifestyle content creator—she puts other Vancouver influencers on notice!

Flora Law in an all-white outfit outside a Gucci store
Image source: Instagram

7. Derek Jacob Kesseler | @derekjacobkesseler 

Apart from being one of the most popular Vancouver fashion influencers, Derek Jacob Kesseler is also an adventurer and positive mindset advocate who loves to create content that has some comedy in it. You might also know him from making it to the “Final 3” on the reality TV show Big Brother Canada in 2018.

Derek Jacob Kesseler in a purple suit with brown dress shoes
Image source: Instagram

8. The Bawan Sisters | @bawansisters 

These Vancouver fashion influencers initially launched their platform, “The Bawan Sisters,” as a creative outlet while they were in their medical residency programs.

By sharing their evolving personal styles on Instagram—mostly characterized by stunning prints and eye-catching colours—they’ve become true style queens online. These days, you’ll mostly find Samantha’s posts and sometimes a few from Bianka as well.

Samantha Bawan in a pink polka-dot dress
Image source: Instagram

9. Emma Rose | @emmaleger 

With over 621k followers on Instagram alone, it’s clear that she knows exactly how to create exceptional social media content, from style inspiration to travel tips. Her chic outfits have even helped her partner with Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Dior.

Emma Rose posing beside a staircase in a short pink dress 
Image source: Instagram

10. Mykenna Dorn | @mykenna 

We can’t even begin to stress how much we love Mykenna Dorn’s “pack with me” videos. Plus, this Vancouver fashion influencer’s cool yet laid-back style proves that you don’t always need to go for over-the-top fits to look great!

Mykenna Dorn sitting on a sidewalk with an iced coffee
Image source: Instagram

11. Justin Walls | @justwalls 

Within the walls of Justin’s Instagram feed, you’ll find super chic outfits sure to inspire you to go shopping. He also has a penchant for everything home and design, which might just spark inspiration for your next interior projects!

Justin Walls at the Arc de Triomphe in France
Image source: Instagram

12. Tasha | @theopenjournal 

Sometimes, her looks are girly; sometimes, they’re sporty. And sometimes, you just won’t be able to stop scrolling through her fashionable OOTD posts. Luckily, her style story is an open journal that you can easily use as a cheat sheet.

Tasha squatting in a turquoise jumpsuit
Image source: Instagram

13. Kennedy Pinheiro | @kennedypinheiro 

Next on our list of the top Vancouver lifestyle influencers and fashion influencers is Kenney Pinheiro. You’ll find him posting about his life in “digital diaries,” whether he’s travelling the world, sharing skincare secrets, or posting “get ready with me videos.”

Kennedy Pinheiro in an orange top and golden sunglasses
Image source: Instagram

14. Yan Mark | @theyanmark 

This next-level photographer knows a thing or two about putting together ultra-stylish looks. Yan Mark has also travelled to all your favourite destinations in Asia: Seoul, Tokyo, and Hong Kong—he’s even appeared on Esquire Hong Kong!

Yan Mark holding a vintage camera on a black stool
Image source: Instagram

15. Michelle Connor | @michellee.connor 

If we had to describe the iconic style of this fashion and lifestyle influencer, it would be “pastel dream straight out of a fairytale.” Michelle Connor never fails to bring a touch of whimsy to the fashion scene and we’re so here for it. 

Michelle Connor in a flowing pink dress
Image source: Instagram

16. Neil Shibata | @neilshibata 

We’re convinced there’s no look Neil Shibata can’t pull off. Whether he’s donning overalls, a mini skirt, a crop top, or a tracksuit, everything just looks so expensive.

Did you know that he initially rose to fame thanks to his lip-sync and short comedy videos on TikTok? Really, there’s no need to wonder why he’s one of the most famous Vancouver fashion influencers ever.

Neil Shibata on a staircase in a red jumpsuit and black boots
Image source: Instagram

17. Kaya Marriott | @comfygirlcurls 

Kaya Marriott’s your girl for beauty and lifestyle content that’s always on point.

She first captured hearts by reviewing products that are great for natural curly hair. Since then, her followers have been tuned into her daily life as she documents it on social media—from sharing influencer tips to travelling the world and volunteer work.

Kaya Marriott smiling while holding a digital camera
Image source: Instagram

18. Ife Iranloye | @withlovefromife 

So…we spent hours scrolling, just trying to find our ultimate fave OOTD on Ife Iranloye’s page—and then we realized it’s impossible because they’re all a total 💯. Her high-fashion looks will inspire you to put on your best fit every day.

Ife Iranloye on a staircase wearing a pink dress
Image source: Instagram

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  • Kayla Mandel

    Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

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  • Kayla Mandel

    Kayla Mandel is a Client Success Manager at TIA, specializing in Influencer Marketing campaigns. She’s passionate about music, travel and interior design.

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